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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

GoFreeCredit.com is a 'white-labeled' credit monitor, which means its just a reseller of someone else's service. In this case, GoFreeCredit.com is a white-labeled version of TransUnion Credit Monitoring, which we've reviewed here.

Generally speaking, we advise going directly to the source to obtain products and services rather than through affiliates like GoFreeCredit.com, but as always, we encourage users to do their own research. To view GoFreeCredit.com customer reviews, scroll down or view customer reviews here

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The Good

  • Membership Includes TransUnion Credit Monitoring Features
  • Credit Report and Credit Score

Membership Includes TransUnion Credit Monitoring Features

Signing up for GoFreeCredit.com enrolls users in a seven-day trial of TransUnion Credit Monitoring for $1, after which they're charged monthly fees of $19.95. In return, customers gain full access to all of the features of TransUnion Credit Monitoring, including:

  • Daily credit bureau monitoring 
  • Important credit history information 
  • Reports
  • Mobile app and web interface
  • ID theft insurance and credit lock

These features and more are described and reviewed in greater detail within our TransUnion Credit Monitoring review.

Credit Report and Credit Score

GoFreeCredit.com offers a free TransUnion credit score with a $1 credit report as part of its seven-day trial membership. The offered credit report and score are a great option for those who want to try out GoFreeCredit.com's credit monitoring services without major financial commitment. Those who enroll in the trial membership can cancel the service anytime within the allotted seven days.  


The Bad

  • Middleman
  • Information Sharing
  • Tricks
  • Vague Security Precautions
  • No Phone Support


Although GoFreeCredit.com provides account users with access to a good credit monitoring service through TransUnion, customers might find themselves wondering why they would sign up through GoFreeCredit.com instead of going directly to TransUnion. Especially since both services charge the same payment amount. 

We praise TransUnion's service because if you sign up directly with the company rather than through an affiliate like GoFreeCredit.com, it is very good at safeguarding user information and respecting privacy. If you sign up for the same service through GoFreeCredit, your information is not protected in the same way which could expose you to fraud or identity theft situations.

Information Sharing

When signing up through GoFreeCredit.com, before users are ever enrolled in TransUnion's service, the credit monitoring provider collects the user's name, phone number, address, email, etc. According to GoFreeCredit.com's privacy policy, this personal information can then be shared with and sold to undisclosed third parties. 


Additionally, while signing up for TransUnion Credit Monitoring through GoFreeCredit.com, there is a field for account users to enter their telephone number. If one scrolls down past unnecessary whitespace on that page, there is some nice fine print which reads the following:

"By clicking 'Next Step' I consent by electronic signature to be contacted about this request and related services at the telephone number provided above (dialed manually or by auto-dialer). This consent is not required as a condition to purchase services."

In laymen's terms, this means that, unlike every other field on that form, you don't have to enter your phone number, but if you do provide your phone number, they have your permission to bombard you with telemarketing calls and autodialers.

The fact that this disclosure was deliberately placed out of sight unless the user scrolls down (when they have no reason to do so) feels deceptive to us and some customers might be reluctant to work with a company that engages in these tactics.

Vague Security Precautions

GoFreeCredit.com doesn't appear to be certified by any actual data security firm, and while it claims to be a super-secure site, there is no evidence that this is the case aside from its word that the site is "safe and secure." Given the other practices engaged in by GoFreeCredit.com, potential customers might be wary of taking this company at its word.

No Phone Support

GoFreeCredit.com doesn't provide any kind of phone support or online customer service for its users besides email. Instead, it tries to redirect all inquiries to its main provider, TransUnion. Users seeking to obtain phone support may be better advised to look elsewhere, although once signed up for the service, they will be able to receive phone support through TransUnion.


The Bottom Line

GoFreeCredit.com does offer a free credit score with a $1 credit report for those who sign up for its seven-day trial or subscription monitoring service. If you do sign up for this business' credit monitoring service subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time. It does appear, however, that GoFreeCredit.com only works with one bureau out of the three major credit reporting bureaus. Meanwhile, many other paid credit monitoring services will monitor customers' Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit reports. Additionally, several other companies in the credit monitoring industry also offer customers a completely free copy of their credit report whereas GoFreeCredit.com makes customers pay $1. This company's $1 credit report payment might not seem like a downside, but it can't compete with companies that offer a free copy. 

While customers are encouraged to do their own research, GoFreeCredit.com doesn't seem to provide its customers with any additional credit monitoring tools beyond those available for the same cost directly through TransUnion. Given its relatively shady privacy policy, questionable security, and roundabout ways of obtaining consent to be called by telemarketers, we strongly encourage potential customers to do their own research before doing business with this company.

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I am writing first and for most about a charge to my account I called in once I seen the charge this A.M. I have never been so upset with someone the way I was when I spoke to the gentleman this A.M. not only was he rude. Once the information confirmed was not correct and he told me that I "wouldn't have received any email because the email I gave him on the phone was not what was used." He proceeds to tell me that he would also not be able to issue a refund unfortunately because it's now outside of seven days! I am beyond livid and plan on disputing the charge. However I have since asked that he cancel what ever in the system tied to my card and provide me with a confirmation to MY email which I provided and have yet to see that email of confirmation of the membership being cancelled. Even with him telling me that it would go right through in the matter of minutes! I need a refund of the charge to my card that shouldn't have happened, (which I clearly confirmed with him that it wasn't me with not even having correct info on file) and at the very LEAST confirmation for cancellation as they will ask me to provide this once the charge goes from pending to POSTED and I dispute the charge.

6 years ago

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Finally a company with 1 price point with credit scores included! I'm guilty of logging in almost everyday! I am working on getting a loan for a new Ford F-150 tho.

11 years ago

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Barbara Matikas Satellite Beach, FL

This is a scam. I just input all of my personal information and it would not give me one credit score. I am going to email them, and tell them off. I am also going to have a new credit card issued! i don’t trust them!

6 years ago

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Trellis Crawford Atlanta, GA

Ghost site.. information on how to reach customer service is not available. says you can cancel at anytime before 7 days but no way to cancel. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

7 years ago