West Central Wireless is a local mobile provider serving Central and West Texas, and is based out of San Angelo, Texas, with offices in Brady, Texas. They have 29 locations spread throughout their area, and work by using HSPA, GSM and CDMA networks. They currently provide service to 26 counties of West Texas including: Tom Green, Howard Glasscock, Reagan, Crockett, Sterling, Irion, Schleicher, Sutton, Coke, Edwards, Runnels, Concho, Menard, Kimble, Kerr, Coleman, McCulloch, Mason, Gillespie, Kendall, Brown, San Saba, Mills, Comanche, Erath.


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2 Years
$25 - $300

The Good

  • Wide price range
  • Many plans to choose from
  • Great phone options

West Central Wireless offers a wide price range of service packages to benefit as many customers in the central Texas region as possible. The process to get started is relatively simple:

  1. Choose a data plan: customers will choose their home, nationwide, and bonus home data. Monthly charges for these services range from $5-$300 (starting with no data and going up to 48 GB of data).
  2. Choose a share plan: customers will then choose how many minutes, text messaging, or other features they want as part of their service plan. This will add an additional $14-$38 to the monthly bill.
  3. Pick out additional features: these features include voice mail to email, web portal, roadside assistance, wireless equipment repair and replacement. These services range from $2 – $10 per month.

West Central Wireless has a ton of great options for phone choices, including the new iPhone 6 and new Samsung Galaxy S5. They have great home coverage (west Texas area), and nationwide coverage, however there is no data to back up how extensive that is, or whether or not there is coverage throughout rural areas.

West Central offers a lifeline plan for low income residents, and a plan called “Link-up” which is another way to save money for those low income residents. They do offer live chat for customer support, which is nice if you need a quick answer. They offer a lot of different features with their phones including: roadside assistance, equipment repair and protection, and other useful features.

The Bad

  • Plans can be expensive
  • Not great for individual plans

West Central Wireless plans, including data, are extremely expensive compared to other carriers. If you are wanting near unlimited data and need just an individual plan, you will end up paying significantly more than other providers. For a family plan, the West Central Wireless plans makes a little more sense. Still, compared to other phone companies we have reviewed, their plans seem overpriced. West Central also has a bunch of different fees included with each of their plans, including an activation fee, early termination fees, and others.

There are terms and conditions customers should be aware of prior to enrolling in the West Central Wireless service, including:

  • Unlimited Minutes Restrictions: The unlimited minutes feature is restricted to the home area only. This home area covers a few counties in Texas.
  • Change in Rate Plans: If you use your service outside of the home area 50% of the time, West Central Wireless can change the rate plan or refuse service entirely.
  • Processing Fee: There is a $20 processing fee that is applied on all upgrades and new activations.

The Bottom Line

For a family plan, West Central Wireless plans may be a decent deal. But compared to some of the other phone plans, their plans are not the most affordable options. They do not offer an unlimited data plan, which makes purchasing data extremely expensive.

West Central Wireless does offer iPhones and Apple products, while other small mobile providers often do not. They also have a ton of different fees, including activation fees, data overage fees, airtime overage fees, and more. It is also unclear how good their coverage is outside of the state of Texas. Based on the cost of their data plans, the lack of transparency about their nationwide coverage, and the amount of fees they include with their plans, customers should conduct thorough research prior to enrolling.


For the Simple Share Plans, you have the option to choose any data plan, and the corresponding minutes plan. Here are the options for data and minutes.


Simple Share Plans range from:

No data–$5/mo

500 MB home, 120 MB nationwide –$25/mo

2 GB home, 240 MB nationwide–$40/mo

6 GB home, 360 MB nationwide–$65/mo

12 GB home, 480 MB nationwide–$90/mo

20 GB home, 600 MB nationwide–$110/mo

30 GB home, 720 MB nationwide–$130/mo

40 GB home, 840 MB nationwide–$150/mo

60 GB home, 960 MB nationwide–$225/mo

80 GB home data, 1 GB Nationwide — $300/mo


For unlimited minutes, if you have a phone with less than 12 GB, it is $24/mo with a phone lease.

If you have a phone with more than 6 GB, it is $14/mo, with a phone lease.

A monthly charge with a 2-year agreement is $38/mo.

With all plans, you receive 500 nationwide minutes, unlimited texts and picture messaging.


Fees. The following fees are found on their website:


Activation/Processing fee for activating/upgrading–$20

Early Termination Fee–$300 within the first two years and $200 within the final year.

To use Directory Assistance there is a $1.45 per call.

Airtime overages– $.12 per minute.

$3 charge for printed bills on all plans.

Data overages– $12 for 1 GB home data, $12 for 100 MB Nationwide Data



Additional Services Prices

Voicemail to Email and Web Portal –$2.00/mo

Roadside Assistance–$2.45/mo

Wireless Equipment Repair and Replacement–$6.00, $8.00, or $10.00/mo

Wireless Equipment Repair–$5.00/mo

Wireless Equipment Protection

WEP I is a $3.95 per month with a $50 phone replacement cost

WEP II is a $3.95 per month with a $100 phone replacement cost

WEP III is a $5.95 per month with a $200 phone replacement cost

West Central Wireless also offers Lifeline and Link-up services. Lifeline offers an $8.25 flat discount in addition to not being charged some regulatory fees. Link-up will refund half of the activation fee you paid, but only for brand new accounts.



Contract Length—West Central Wireless offers a two-year contract or you can sign a lease agreement.


Company Selling Points They pride themselves on being number 14 in the nation for national post pay customers exclusively switched by carrier’s facilities based wireless mobile network, and they pride themselves on offering their customers ability to keep their unused data. They also offer free data with each of their plans, almost doubling the amount of home data customers will receive per month.


Phone Selection (just a breakdown of what operating systems they work with):

  • They have Apple products, including the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Alcatel, HTC, Motorola, CoolPad, Ascend, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Snapfon.


Ease of Use Overall, the website is easy to use. Their plan page is extremely confusing, especially because some of the wording included is vague. You are able to sign up to use bill pay online, but you are unable to purchase phones or plans online. Overall, the only page that was really missing on their website would be the “about” page, so we weren’t able to find out a lot about how the company was formed.



Customer Support types For customer support, they offer email, live chat, and phone customer support. For email, see the link below for a form. When we were on their website, during the middle of the day, live chat was not available, but we sent an email, and they were able to help us by the next business day.






Please see the below link for home coverage in Texas. West Central Wireless does have nationwide coverage, but there is no map that shows where coverage begins and ends.




Additional Features and services


Company contact information (Address, phone number, email)

Main Store

3389 Knickerbocker Rd.

San Angelo, TX 76904

Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Call Toll-Free:  1 800-695-9016

Internet Support: 325-234-5678

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