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Republic Wireless, also known as, Inc., opened its doors in 1999. launched Republic Wireless in 2011, when they realized that WiFi connections could be optimized for so much more than just the Internet. When they first started their business, they launched in BETA to discover what their customers really want. Their mission is to “make enjoying the features of a smartphone more affordable and accessible for everyone.”  

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The Good

  • Low prices
  • Wifi and cell coverage
  • Easy to use website

Republic Wireless strives to make the lowest prices available to its customers. Because they've created a way to use WiFi and Cell coverage seamlessly, their customers get a good price, with similar amounts of coverage to other big name carriers.

  • Flexible phone plans with data refunds
  • Ability to change plans at anytime
  • Tools available to track usage
  • Nationwide coverage

Their website is easy to use, with account management directly on the site, as well as billing made easy. Republic Wireless includes a feature called Maestro, which is a project intended to make coverage easier, and cheaper for their customers. Their most expensive plan is only $60 per month, and their cheapest is $5. They do not require contracts and their add-on fees are considered minimal.

The Bad

  • Limited mobile devices
  • Limited coverage
  • Network speed reduction

While Republic Wireless offers a selection of 10 total mobile devices from Nexus, Samsung, and Motorola, many cell phone providers in the industry have a much wider selection-some as many as 50 or more.

  • Device Selection - limited to just 10 cell phones
  • Limited 4G Coverage - spotty 3G and 4G connection
  • Only unlimited talk and text plans

If you end up using more data than 5 GBs, your network speed will be reduced except for the first time you go over. The coverage is limited, especially in rural areas. Coverage is better on the East and West Coasts than it is in Midwest regions. Republic Wireless doesn't offer family plans, or any sort of combined plans.

The Bottom Line

Republic Wireless is a simple and inexpensive wireless phone option, especially for those not interested in the latest technology who want the basic cell phone services. Their customer service is very prompt, and they are very open to listening to their customers, including starting projects that are meant to lower their low rates even further.

  • Plans starting at $15/month
  • No contracts
  • Spotty coverage
  • No hidden costs

Republic Wireless coverage is not great, especially in rural areas, so unless you live in an urban area, Republic probably isn't for you. They have great communication with their customers, and have very few complaints. With no contracts, very flexible payment plans, and a 30-day money back guarantee, Republic Wireless can be a good solution for some consumers.

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Bill Rhodes

May 16th, 2017 Richmond, KY

Mis-leading web site information on compatible phones that they will not correct. Bought a Samsung J3, per both their bring-your-own-phone and their buy-from-us pages, bought their SIMM card, then, after multiple contacts with "customer service" and having someone finally piggy-back on my phone, they decided my J3 won't work. I told every contact I had a Samsung Galaxy J3, per their web site, and never once was asked what "model" of J3. They list nothing by Samsung J3 and do not list the model on their approved list on either page. I'm stuck with their SIMM and a phone I can't use. But, despite my naivete and/or technical ignorance, the unforgivable thing is they will do nothing about it.