5 Reasons Why Cell Phone Insurance Is Worth It


Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Guest post by David Rodriguez

Are you thinking of upgrading or updating your mobile phone or your tablet soon? There are a lot of things to consider when looking into a new mobile purchase. But you might have not weighed the benefits of mobile phone insurance or a cell phone protection plan yet. Is it really worth it?

This insurance can usually be purchased from the carrier of your choice at the time you purchase the device. The premium depends upon the worth of the cell phone purchased. The coverage period typically is for one year, but coverage can also be purchased for a two-year period or paid month-to-month.

What does mobile phone insurance cover?

Basically, mobile phone insurance is just like any other insurance covering maximum damages. In such a case, it covers all risks resulting from events such as theft, loss of your phone, and damage, among many others.

The scope of coverage offered typically includes the following:

  • Physical accidental damage leading to complete breakdown
  • Loss due to personal negligence: phone is lost, misplaced, forgotten, fallen, or missing
  • Damage/theft during riots or strikes
  • Theft and robbery from a break-in to a home, other building, or vehicle
  • Damage due to fire, explosion, or lightning
  • Exposure to fluid leading to damages in internal parts
  • A loss suffered at the time when the device being used by a third party
  • The loss during criminal activities such as terrorist activity or cyber attacks
  • Damage due to incorrect set-up and installations

Why should you get mobile phone insurance?

New cell phones come with a default warranty of one year, which covers some of the damages. But what about after the warranty is terminated? At that point, you’ll need mobile phone insurance for your device if you don’t want to pay for problems with your phone out of pocket.

As with many types of insurance plans, mobile insurance has its naysayers like those who believe that securing or protecting your phone in the event of theft, loss, or damage is a waste of money. But consider these five reasons why a mobile protection plan is actually worth it.

1. A good phone case does not cover everything

Spending money on a really good protective mobile phone case is a smart move, since it is all that comes in between your cell phone and the sidewalk in an unfortunate fall.

However, a phone case does not prevent your phone from getting stolen, lost, or ruined from liquid damage. Approximately 75 million phones are lost, damaged, or stolen each year at a rate of 2.4 phones every second. Mobile phone insurance covers most of the damage you can possibly imagine, including accidental damage, liquid damage, and normal wear and tear.

2. The deductibles are lower than the cost of a new cell phone

Even when you add up the upfront, monthly (if month-to-month), and deductible costs of phone insurance, it’s still cheaper than needing to buy a new cell phone.

Sometimes, people with mobile phone insurance are surprised to find that they have to spend an additional deductible when filing a claim. But with insurance, you still come out ahead. The average cost of a non-contract mobile phone is approximately $540. The average deductible is somewhat lower even factoring in the monthly insurance price.

3. Claim filing is very simple

Contrary to what you might think, filing a mobile insurance claim is not much of a bother and you won’t be on hold for very long. You can make a claim with your cell phone carrier or a third-party provider 24/7 online or over the phone. Additionally, third-party insurance companies send approximately 95 percent of their replacement phones out for next business day delivery.

4. Outside fixes are unsafe

If your smartphone breaks, your only option aside from buying a new phone (or going without one) is to get it repaired. However, third-party device fixes frequently void the manufacturer warranty on your mobile phone. Generally, a manufacturer’s warranty does not cover lost, stolen, or waterlogged phones anyway. And if something happens to your phone after the warranty ends, the manufacturer is free and you are stuck with a bill.

5. Peace of mind

Sometimes insurance doesn’t seem worth it at first glance because consumers think “It won’t happen to me.” That is possible: you may never lose your cell phone. You may never drop your cell phone in the toilet or from a fifteen-story building.

Similarly, you may never get into a car accident. But you still need auto insurance. The point is, you are taking a risk by going without mobile phone protection. But when you do get a service protection plan, you get the peace of mind from not needing to worry about the “what ifs” regarding your phone.
Cell phone insurance is worth the money and the hassle. Plus, when you purchase device coverage insurance, there are usually other add-on services available as well, including the following:

  • Virus protection
  • Phone location service apps
  • Live technical support
  • Automatic data backup

Do your research and thoroughly read through the fine print of mobile insurance plan terms and conditions prior to purchasing coverage.

David Rodriguez is a writer living in Texas and currently working for EverythingBreaks.com i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers mobile phone insurance plans. He is very passionate about his work. Also a fan of technology, travel, and programming, he likes to write on various topics.

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