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LAST UPDATED: October 11th, 2019
Warranty Direct is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and offers home and vehicle warranties to its customers, either directly or through a dealership. Having provided warranties for the last several decades, the company has become a trusted leader in the industry.

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The Good

  • Basic Warranty Features
  • Powertrain Warranty
  • Other Features
  • Time in Business

Basic Warranty Features 

Warranty Direct offers their customers several choices in warranties. For new vehicles, the customer can select from three plans: the Elite Advantage, Wrap Advantage, and Premier Advantage. The Wrap Advantage Plan is designed to complement the existing manufacturer's powertrain warranty, so coverage for the engine, drive axles, and transmission is not included with this plan. These new vehicle warranties by Warranty Direct are very comprehensive cover parts and systems including steering, engine, transmission (except Wrap Advantage), brakes, anti-lock brakes, electrical, fuel delivery, and seals and gaskets. Warranty Direct also offers three plans for both used and high mileage vehicles as well. For used vehicles, customers can select between the Standard Advantage+, Preferred Advantage, and Premier Advantage plans. These cover many of the same parts and systems as the plans for new vehicles, with the exception of the Standard Advantage+ and Preferred Plans not covering anti-lock brake systems. Lastly, the company offers three plans for higher-mileage vehicles: the Standard Essential, Standard Advantage, and Standard Advantage+ plans. These plans cover the least and have many exclusions. Prospective customers can compare plans for themselves by visiting a comprehensive chart, Warranty Direct Auto Warranty Plan Comparison. When ready to receive a quote, prospective customers will be directed to their options when providing information about their vehicle either online or by phone.

Powertrain Warranty 

Plans from Warranty Direct cover parts of the powertrain, with different plans offering different coverages. All plans except the Wrap Advantage plan cover the vehicle's powertrain. The Wrap Advantage Plan is one that is coupled with a new car's existing powertrain warranty, so additional powertrain coverage is not needed. As with all vehicle warranties, improper maintenance of the vehicle and poor record keeping can result in claims being denied by the provider, resulting in customers paying for something which they will not be able to use and learn that they have unknowingly voided the coverage when they need to file a claim.

Other Features 

Warranty Direct does not limit the number of claims which one can file. Repairs can be completed by an ASE certified mechanic, giving the user significantly more choices than some other service plans. Those purchasing a new warranty for their vehicle are protected by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Similar to many used and new warranties, Warranty Direct offers its customers 24/7 roadside assistance. This coverage includes emergency fuel delivery of up to two gallons of gasoline (customer must pay for the cost of the fuel), flat tire service (with owner's spare), lockout assistance and towing to locations of the owner's choosing. The first $100 of all roadside assistance service calls are covered, with subsequent expenses being the owner's responsibility. The cost for parts, fluids, replacement keys, etc. are all the owner's responsibility. Warranty Direct reimburses vehicle owners for the cost of a replacement rental car if their car is being serviced. Car rentals reimbursements are limited to $35 per day, with a total of five days, or $175 maximum per breakdown. This coverage included as a covered benefit for all plans and is common among many providers.

Time in Business 

Interstate National Dealers was founded in 1983, making it one of the most experienced providers of auto warranties in the current market.


The Bad

  • Warranty Cost
  • Basic Warranty Length

Warranty Cost 

The cost for an extended warranty from Warranty Direct varies and the company does not disclose sample pricing online. As Warranty Direct discloses sample contracts and specifics for its plans, the absence of this information, while typical for the industry, is surprising. Some anecdotal reports suggest that the coverage is $1,300-$2,500, but there is no corroborating evidence from the company to validate these claims. Customers can pay for their coverage upfront or with monthly payments. There is a $100 deductible for most repairs, with an option to opt into a disappearing deductible option. When a covered repair is made at a Firestone or AAMCO service center, there is no deductible for the visit if the customer has elected to include the disappearing deductible option.

Basic Warranty Length 

Warranty Direct does not disclose the different options for the length of its warranties.


The Bottom Line

As is the case with many similar products, it is critical that the owner maintains the vehicle with proper oil changes and manufacturer-recommended maintenance. Failure to do so, and keep records will result in future claims being denied by the company. For those willing to follow these practices, purchasing an extended warranty is a good option. Warranty Direct is more transparent than many of its competitors, yet still, has areas in which it could enhance its transparency. The company is recommended by BestCompany.com as one worth considering when purchasing an extended vehicle warranty.

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Scott Coeur d'Alene, ID

One star is Too much for Warrant Direct. I purchased an after market plan from Warranty Direct in 2017 to cover unexpected costs I might have with my 2008 Ford F-150. Three weeks ago my 5.4 triton V-8 failed do to internal parts failure requiring the engine to be replaced. I told the local Ford dealer to contact Warranty Direct and process a claim which they did. After two weeks of the company adjusters going back and forth with Ford both myself and Ford were told the claim would be denied since I had a mild Fab tech lift kit on the truck. When speaking with their supervisors it was like talking to a brick wall. Everyone agreed the lift kit had Nothing to do with the internal engine part failure which totally damaged the motor but since I had a lift kit on the truck, the claim was denied. Read your contacts carefully, they tell you nothing about any potential disclaimers while they are taking thousands for there extended plan but are quick to deny claims. Beware of Warranty Direct. It'a a sham

5 years ago