Royal Shield

Royal Shield

Royal Shield was established in 2000, and based out of Massachusetts. Royal Shield works with several partners to ensure that their customers receive great quality service. They offer plans for new and used cars. Royal designed their plans to meet customer needs. They did this by studying the information gathered from customer claims so that each plan would be tailored to meet customer expectations.

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The Good

  • Protection plans
  • News section

Protection Plans

Royal Shield offers several protection plans that cover all types of car issues depending on your needs. These varied plans allow customers to pick and choose what types of coverage they need for their vehicle. They even offer an Ancillary Program that can be added to other protection plans for additional protection. These plans include the following:

  • Sentinel: complete powertrain plus
  • Service Shield: includes roadside assistance and repairs
  • Select: complete powertrain, also covers AC, fuel, and electrical systems
  • Integrity Automotive Protection: covers mechanical failures
  • People's Vehicle Protection: fully insured program
  • Ancillary Program: extra coverage for GAP, tire and wheel, theft deterrents, keyless remote replacement, paintless dents, and total loss protection

News Section

The News section of Royal Shield's website gives some fun and interesting articles. They offer small articles on different topics such as risk management, car repairs in the summer, and happenings in the company. While this section is new, it has potential to be helpful for customers who would like to know more about the company or about different automotive topics. While we see the potential for this section, we would like to see this section develop further and be updated more frequently.

The Bad

  • Lack of transparency
  • Contract policy
  • Warranty coverage

Warranty Coverage

While Royal Shield claims to cover every expectation a customer may have, they do not discuss the specifics of the warranty coverage. This is very important information for any potential customer to know before deciding to work with Royal Shield. Items to look for are the maximum age of the car they cover, maximum car mileage, deductible, and the price of the warranty. Not only does it make it difficult for customers when deciding which company to work with, it is difficult for our team to rank the company based on the lack of information.

Contract Policy

Royal Shield has a similar issue with their contract policy. This information is critical for customers to know before signing up for any services. The contract information that potential customers should look for are a cancellation grace period, any associated fees, and what is the price of the transferred contract.

Lack of Transparency

The total lack of information is very concerning to us, and should be considered to any potential customers. Not only is Royal Shield missing information for their warranty coverage and contract policy, but other information that should be present as well. We would like to see more information regarding their roadside assistance and car rental coverage.

The Bottom Line

Royal Shield offers a lot of different packages for automotive protection. While we like that these packages are tailored to fit several customers needs, the company leaves a lot to be desired. There is a great lack of transparency that is very concerning. We would like to see more specific information regarding their warranty, contracts, and rental car coverage. For this reason, we cannot recommend working with Royal Shield at this time.

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