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Prime Auto Care was established in 2011, and based out of Pennsylvania. Prime cares about their customers, and tries to show it with great customer service that is available 24/7. They offer warranties that do not have a a max year or max mileage, this is extremely rare in the industry. Prime offers rewards and benefit programs for customers as well as different types of contracts, warranties, and programs to cover any needs. Prime's coverage is nationwide, making it easy for customers to use their products and services. Their goal is to give their customers peace of mind with all of their service contracts.

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The Good

  • Great customer support
  • Protection plans
  • Coverage on most vehicles

Great Customer Support

Prime Auto Care offers phone, and email support 24/7. They also allow online claims which is very convenient to customers who need to make a claim. Most companies in the industry only offer support during regular business hours. Prime shows they care about their customers by putting in the time and money to make sure their customers have care whenever they need it. Not only is their support 24/7, but so is their roadside assistance. This is also a great benefit to their customers.

Protection Plans

Prime Auto Care offers four protection plans that cover all types of car issues depending on your requirements. These varied plans allow customers to pick and choose what types of coverage they need for their vehicle. Prime also offers Ancillary Programs that can be added to protection plans for additional protection. These plans include

  • Exclusionary: 84 month extension on the manufacturer's coverage
  • Select: protects all key components of your car such as engine, transmission, and suspension
  • Royal: same protection as Select, but offers additional coverage on all vital systems
  • Wrap: match the term of your manufacturer's Powertrain coverage by protecting all the other components

Coverage on Most Vehicles

Many companies in the industry only cover vehicles within a max year and max mileage. This allows companies to pick and choose. Older cars or cars with more mileage will most likely run into more issues than newer cars. It is profitable for these companies to restrict their coverage. Prime Auto Care does not restrict the age or the mileage of the cars they will cover. They offer coverage regardless of these factors. This is very convenient for customers who enjoy the makes and models of older cars, or who have to drive a great deal of miles and require coverage. Prime Auto Care is a great choice for people with older cars with a great deal of mileage.

The Bad

  • New to the industry
  • Lack of transparency
  • 10% penalty fee

New to the Industry

While Prime Auto Care has a lot of great aspects, they are not without issues. One of the issues we see is how new they are to the industry. Prime Auto Care was established in 2011, giving this company just six years in the car warranty industry. While this is not a deal breaker, they do not have the experience that other car warranty companies have. Customers may want to deal with a company that has more time and experience in the car warranty industry.

Lack of Transparency

Prime Auto Care is upfront about a lot of information, and we appreciate that. A lot of companies are not forthcoming with specific details that are important for a customer who is shopping around for a car warranty company. However, Prime is lacking some information that is pertinent such as warranty prices, warranty deductibles, and how many days they will cover a rental car.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult for potential customers to compare services and make a final decision on what fits their needs. It also makes it difficult for our team to rank their services fairly without having all of the information. We would like to see Prime Auto Care be more transparent overall on their website.

10% Penalty Fee

Prime Auto Care requires a 10 percent penalty fee for cancellations. Most companies in the industry have a flat fee between $25 to $50. We would like to see Prime Auto Care offer a flat fee so that customers know what to expect when canceling.

The Bottom Line

Prime Auto Care offers four great packages for automotive protection. Prime offers great customer service that is available 24/7, and covers older cars with more mileage. However, Prime is new to the industry and lacks some transparency. We would like to see more specific information regarding their warranty prices, warranty deductibles, and length of time they will cover a rental car. For customers who drive older cars with high mileage, Prime Auto Care would be a great fit. For customers who drive newer cars with low mileage, we recommend checking out other great car warranty companies on our list.

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