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LAST UPDATED: April 15th, 2024

Founded in 2006, Elite Auto Protect is a car warranty provider that offers multiple options for consumers looking for vehicle protection plans. Car repairs can be costly, and Elite Auto Protect acts as a consumer advocate to help car owners cover the cost of repairs based on the level of coverage they have.

Elite Auto Protects service plans will cover mechanical breakdowns after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out.  Some plans include free annual vehicle maintenance. All plan holders are offered rental car service for repairs that require five or more hours of labor. Elite Auto Protect has been in business for more than 15 years and has customer service available 24/7.

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The Good

  • Warranty Plan Options
  • Customer Service 
  • Rental Car Benefits
  • Transferable Service Plan
  • Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Warranty Plan Options

Elite Auto Protect offers auto owners three levels of warranty coverage protection plans: Basic, Plus, and Elite.   
The cost for each of these plans varies, and free quotes are available.  

  • Basic Plan — The Basic Plan is designed for vehicles with higher mileage and owners can purchase this coverage for cars that have up to 150,000 miles and 10 years old or newer. Its terms include coverage for costly repairs of the automobile’s engine, transmission, cooling and electrical system. 
  • Plus Service Plan — For cars outside of the requirements of the Elite plan, the Plus service plan is a great option. It covers pricey vehicle repairs including the heating and cooling systems, transmission, engine, steering, 4x4, AWD, steering system, fuel system, and ignition system.  
  • Elite Service Coverage — The Elite Auto Protect Elite Plan is this company’s bread and butter. It offers the most comprehensive automobile protection. It is designed for newer and lower mileage vehicles. The Elite plan offers vehicle coverage for an additional five years and 100,000 miles. This warranty plan includes repair coverage for ABS brakes, seals and gaskets, turbo and supercharge autos, and vehicle electronics.  

Vehicles do not need to be inspected to qualify for this warranty service as long as the vehicle is running fine on the day the warranty plan is purchased. Each warranty with Elite Auto Protect includes 24-hour roadside assistance, which covers towing, jumpstarts, fuel delivery, and lockout services.

Customer Service 

Elite Auto Protect has customer service representatives available 24/7. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on plans. Online reviewers appreciate the ease of being able to reach a live company representative at any time. 

Rental Car Benefits

Elite Auto Protect offers rental car service for all repairs that require five or more hours of labor. This is not standard and a great perk for those shopping for auto warranties. 

Transferable Service Plans

If you choose to sell your vehicle before your service plan term is up, the service plan is transferable to the new owner. 

Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Elite Auto Protect includes a maintenance package with its Plus plan that covers oil changes and tire rotations.


The Bad

  • Limited Coverage Plans

Limited Coverage Plans

Elite Auto Protect offers three levels of warranty plans, but no plans are offered for vehicles older than 15 years or with high mileage. Some other vehicle warranty companies offer plans for older vehicles with higher mileage. 


The Bottom Line

Elite Auto Protect has a fabulous reputation with many positive reviews online. The company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, which not all companies offer. The company's services are available nationally, and there are plans to fit most vehicles on the road.

Warranty holders can transfer the warranty if they sell the car before the warranty period is over. That may be an incentive for potential buyers to know the vehicle has had an extended warranty giving confidence the vehicle has been maintained.

If you are in the market for an auto warranty, we recommend giving Elite Auto Protect a call or filling out a free quote form online to see if its prices are competitive and fit what you are looking for. 

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Bradley Harris Salt Lake City, UT

Updated Jan 30th, Shawn M didn't work my dealership, He didn't pay on a claim that we agreed upon. Won't answer the phone and won't return my calls... Based on my experience I say the is a total rip off I'll ask for a refund and cancel my policy and post the results Post date is 11/7. all documents were sent.. no response see image... update. The day after this review was posted I got call back saying that they would pay me that day, if I would agree to sigh a document and agree to remove this review. The other option was to wait until the end of quarter and I would get payed for my $519 claim.. End of quarter came and went... Called told them i would re-review them... they call back, was told a check was cut Jan. 5th.. Have not received the check so of course more calls and no answer .. all documents were provided as requested. You saw Shawn's replay to my original post...Claim was to be paid paperwork was sent. This will be you if you give this company any money.. anyone can quote the lowest price and why not , if you don't intend to pay claims. You can see this is not a simple misunderstanding. This is dodge, delay, deceive and don't pay.

7 months ago Edited January 31, 2024

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Martin Ramirez

If you are thinking of buying an extended warranty for your vehicle, look at the reviews this company has. They are the absolute worst, I made the ultimate mistake of taking out not one but two policies for both my vehicles. When I took my vehicle in for repair they told the mechanic that I had not ran my vehicle more than 1,000 miles therefore they could not cover the repairs. After numerous calls and emails (two days later) I finally was able to speak with someone. I sent them a picture of the odometer which showed that I had ran the vehicle over 3,200 miles, the representative promised to get back to me before the end of the day. They called me about 4 hours later and stated that they could not cover the repairs because they ‘believe’ it was a pre existing condition. So now it wasn’t the miles it was what they ‘believed’ was a pre existing condition. ?????. This company is a SCAM!!!! An absolute SCAM. Before you give any money to them I urge you to read the reviews. Run away from this company as fast as possible. I made the biggest mistake of NOT reading the reviews. Trust me, you will thank me. I Never write reviews but I just had to warn everyone about this shady business that is SCAMMING innocent consumers.

10 months ago

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Steve Struthers Tampa, FL

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had. I'm currently trying to get a refund on my policy. It took them months to get the parts in and now over 4 months later the vendor still hasn't been paid and they do not answer calls or return emails so it's an absolute scam. You have to call from a different number otherwise they will see your caller ID and not answer and then when they do answer they tell you the check was just mailed out this week. I have done this three times now. I would not recommend. Please do not believe any of the perfect reviews that you see as you can clearly see that they were all from the same month which shows that they are fake more than likely

11 months ago Edited August 9, 2023

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LBPA18 B Herriman, UT

A shady company. I recommend against use. I was approached by them when I purchased a used vehicle. I asked for a copy of their contract to read the fine print. After reading the fine print thoroughly, I wrote ten questions for Shaun to answer in writing via email that I told him would become part of the contract file. Basically, if you write it, it better be true because it could be used against you later. He sat on them over a week stating he had had the flu. Thats OK. I resent them to him and he went dark never to be heard from again. I even sent him a couple more emails, but he never replied. This is what I would expect from a company making promises but then not living up to what they said they would. Their contract left them too many escape clauses that generated the questions I sent him. A reputable company would stand behind their word. This company ran. I have copied the email and list of questions below for anyone interested. Good morning Shaun, I have had the chance to read your contract. I took some notes as I did so in the form of questions as I did so. I like what I see here so far. I have attached the questions so you can provide some answers and we can go from there. The following questions, in no specific order, are ones that I had as I read through the extended warranty contract. They and your subsequent answers to them will be included supplementary to the contract in the permanent file for EliteAutoProtection in the event we enter a contract for extended service. 1. How long have you been doing business under this name? 2. How long does it take to get authorization for a repair and repair claim #? 3. How long does it take to pay for covered claims? 4. How many claims have you declined vs approved? 5. Have you or your company been named in a lawsuit regarding failure to perform under the terms of the contract? 6. Do you have a live 24/7 contact in case of a middle-of-night roadside assist request? 7. Have you or your company dropped or terminated an insured customer from being insured prior to the contracted date or mileage? 8. If so, for what reason(s)? 9. What is the definition of “Failed vs Worn” on Suspension repairs? 10. Are diagnostic charges covered by contract?

1 year ago

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Anonymous Johnson City, TN

30 day money back guarantee. Don't believe it. Made a report to Reportfraud ftc gov (put a period in the blanks as I can not use a link in a review). Next is Department of Justice(or who ever handles wire fraud and state's attorney general. Their email used Best company logo stating top 10 companies yet the only review they actually have is one star. Need I say more

1 year ago Edited May 30, 2023

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Glenn Ramdas

One of the worst companies out there. People need to understand their contracts before purchasing.

3 months ago

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Amelia González (AmeMiami.) Miami, FL

Élite auto protect is a scammers. Never covered a claim so I canceled! Never refunded my remaining portion! Beware! NOT AMAZING AT ALL.

9 months ago