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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2022

Since opening up shop in 2010, autopom! has been a trusted car warranty provider. Extended warranties can help defray the cost of car repairs resulting from a mechanical breakdown. autopom! will help you choose an extended car warranty that is right for you and your vehicle, depending on the mileage driven on the vehicle how old the vehicle is. 

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Customer Review: Anonymous from Long Beach, CA

"They're very fast and very professional and even the service shop said that they had never dealt with a carrier who was so quick about everything. They were just very good to communicate with, they were on top of it and weren't too pushy."

While autopom! is not an insurance company, all of its representatives are licensed insurance agents. autopom! enjoys a good online reputation among warranty companies. It is BBB: A+ Accredited, with positive reviews and few complaints. The company offers many vehicle service contract or extended vehicle warranty options for individuals looking for an auto warranty. The warranties cover cars and pre-owned vehicles with up to 200,000 miles. autopom! deductibles range from $0 to $500.

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The Good

  • Warranty Plans
  • Thorough Resource Page
  • Coverage Benefits
  • Customer Service

Warranty Plans

autopom! offers customers four main extended car warranty levels: Exclusionary, High-Level, Mid-Level, and Powertrain Plus.

  • Exclusionary plans are comparable to a manufacturer's warranty. Exclusionary coverage includes almost all mechanical and electrical components of a car.
  • High-Level plans are a great cost-effective alternative to the exclusionary plan. They cover an extensive amount of components within the following major systems: Engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, steering, electrical, air conditioning, braking, cooling, fuel system and seals, and gaskets.
  • Mid-Level plans cover named-components within the major systems: engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, and differential assembly. A Mid-Level warranty covers named components like steering, suspension, fuel delivery, as well as the cooling and braking systems, too. 
  • Powertrain Plus plans cover specified components for the major systems. However, there are several plans that offer additional coverage for electrical, air conditioning, and fuel systems components. 

Underneath each coverage level is a grouping of specific plans and customers can click on each plan option to view more information. Potential clients can also view a sample contract to get a better feel of what they can expect if they choose a plan from auotpom!.

Thorough Resource Page

autopom! includes a resources page on its website with several printable checklists. These checklists provide information on common situations customers deal with when owning a vehicle. There is a checklist for buying a car, taking your car on a road trip, selling your vehicle and more.

Also located on the resource page are articles on how to avoid auto repair scams and how to determine if a vehicle protection plan is right for you.

Coverage Benefits

Choosing a Vehicle Protection Plan (VPP) from autopom! will include the following benefits:

  • Choose Your Own Repair Shop—autopom! allows its clients to take their vehicles into any repair shop when their vehicle needs repairs. Whether customers prefer to take it in to the car dealership or their hometown shop, it’s completely up to them.
  • Rental Vehicle Assistance—All of the plans at autopom! offer rental vehicle assistance while a car is being repaired. However, be aware that terms and conditions will vary by plan.
  • Affordable Payment Plans—Customers can speak with an autopom! agent to find an affordable payment plan. 
  • Nationwide Breakdown Coverage—If a vehicle breaks down, autopom! allows their customers to go to any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee—If clients are not satisfied with their coverage autopom! will issue a full refund within the first 30 days.
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance—Clients can call the 24/7 roadside assistance number in case of emergency.

Customer Service

autopom! focuses on providing a consultative sales approach. Instead of pushing products that customers aren’t interested in, the team strives to put the customer's needs first. autopom! also assigns a vehicle protection specialist to help you with any questions during the entire course of your service contract. Potential and current clients are well informed and treated well.


The Bad

  • Limited Coverage Plans
  • Cost of Service Plans
  • No Coverage for Exotic Vehicles

Limited Coverage Plans

While auotpom! has a selection of warranty options, be aware that each has its own set of stipulations that your car must meet. For example, it is important to perform proper maintenance on your car, like oil changes; otherwise the warranty contract can be voided. If your car needs an expensive repair and you didn't properly maintain your car, you would pay for the repair yourself.

Additionally, most car warranty providers do not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear. 

Several of the coverage options offered by autopom! are only available in specified states. Others aren’t clear on the states in which they are available. autopom! has a few options that state they are currently unavailable and does not say if or when they’ll be available. However, potential clients can learn this information by contacting autopom! directly.

Cost of Service Plans

Since each extended vehicle plan depends on numerous factors, autopom! does not disclose any pricing for its plans. Each plan takes into account your vehicles make/model, mileage, year, and the customer's state of residence. Also, the cost will depend on which coverage level you choose and which plan.

Potential clients can receive a personalized quote for their car by working with autopom! directly.

No Coverage for Exotic Vehicles

While auotpom! covers most vehicle makes and models, it does not offer coverage for luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, etc.

Potential clients with other car brands can find a good extended warranty from autopom!.


The Bottom Line

Choosing a trustworthy warranty company from the many warranty providers available is important. Warranty protection is a major purchase because it is an investment.

autopom! offers extended service contracts to help bring clients peace of mind with their vehicles. autopom! provides many coverage plans and benefits, including roadside assistance, choice of repair shop or car dealer, and rental car assistance. Customers looking to buy an extended warranty should make sure their car is covered under their desired plan and that they meet all the requirements.

autopom! recommends that potential clients call and speak with an autopom! specialist to help find the best service plan for them. autopom! is available in most states nationwide, but potential customers should call and check to see if their state is covered or fill out an online form to receive a quote. Overall, autopom! is a reputable and reliable company for those looking to protect their vehicle and avoid costly repairs. 

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Dana Johnson. San Diego, CA

I have not had a good experience with autopom and royal administration. I have had to fight to get repairs covered and have had a claim denied. And it caused additional damage that they did not cover. Not a good customer experience.

2 years ago

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Reply from autopom!

In this case, I have to agree that the customer did not have a good experience.  There were mishaps made by the shop and by the policy Administrator.  The claim was called in on 10/26/2020.  Due to a computer error, unfortunately, the policy Administrator failed to recognize that Mr. ***** had purchased the optional Seals & Gaskets and his claim was initially declined.  Thankfully, Mr. ****** called autopom! directly and we were able to get that problem resolved on the same day.  The customer's vehicle was subsequently scheduled for inspection on 10/28/2020.  When the inspector arrived, the technician assigned to the job was not available so an alternate was assigned to accompany the inspector.  This was not an ideal situation and I believe this was the primary factor responsible for the customer's poor experience.  The alternate representative was unable to properly demonstrate to the inspector the cause of failure on the initial visit and ultimately, required a second inspection.  A good claim experience requires accurate communications between the inspector and the shop to communicate diagnosis and demonstrate failure of related components. During the claim process autopom! advocated on behalf of the customer.  We contacted the policy Administrator multiple times to escalate Mr. *****'s claim to higher management..  We communicated with the customer multiple times to answer his questions and coordinate. While the failure of the shop to properly diagnose and demonstrate component failure on the first inspection was outside of our control at autopom!, I'm very sorry that the customer's claim was initially denied due to a computer error with the policy Administrator's system. By way of some compensation for Mr. ****'s inconvenience, autopom! sent a courtesy check today to the customer in the amount of $200.00.  I truly appreciate Mr. ******'s continued business with autopom! and trust his next claim will go smoother.  

Jan. 4th, 2021


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Andrij Rudko

Having trouble actually getting a claim going. I'm disappointed I have to be the middleman yet I have no authority to move it along. My provider has called and provided dish. Warranty reps say he didn't?

4 years ago

autopom! Logo

Reply from autopom!

autopom! is the broker/seller and Mr. Rudko's contract was administered by UCC. Unfortunately, the Administrator determined that the issue with the customer's vehicle pre-existed the purchase of his contract. I personally assisted and advocated on behalf of the customer but in the end, the administrator was firm and their decision was final. I was however, able to get the customer a full refund instead of the pro-rated refund that was called for under the contract. The customer understood that his complaint was against the Administrator and not autopom! and subsequently retracted his BBB complaint against autopom! but this one is still standing on so I thought I should respond. Mike Jones, president & CEO, autopom!

Jun. 8th, 2019

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Steve Hagar Fairbanks, AK

NO, AutoPOM did NOT provide me with "Peace Of Mind" While the POM in autopom may stand for "Peace Of Mind" for others, for myself, it was nothing short of "Promises Of Malarkey", or autoPOMP, that being "Preying On My Pocketbook". Having seen all the Car-Shield commercials over the last year, I decided to do my research, and found that Car Shield had a very low BBB rating, whereas there were many other providers rated I decided to send some business to autoPOM for my newly-purchased (used) 2009 Dodge Journey, with just short of 100,000 miles on it. Edward B. was the agent I was put in touch with for the sale of the extended warranty, and he was competent and friendly enough. I asked for the plan that provided the most coverage (apparently Powertrain Plus, though I now see there's an "Exclusionary" category), and agreed to the over $3K purchase price, paid over 2 years, providing coverage for 4 years total. I then did the 1000 miles of driving post-policy purchase, followed thru with a Jiffy Lube run for all the fluids, and I was good to go (or so I thought) Fast forward to early last month (Dec 3) engine light comes on, and the temperature light at the same time, about a mile after I left home. pulled over, lights went off, turned around and went home, and parked the car until I could get it into the shop on Dec 23. used my AAA for the towing (vs. autoPOM), and in the shop it was. This is where I was put in touch with Alan R....who I believe is an Omega agent. and this is where it goes sideways and gets a bit shady....on December 28, I was asked to send a copy of the most recent oil change records to Alan and a 2nd email address...which I did within an hour. Two ***weeks*** later I get a call from Alan, asking me to send those records. though my email clearly shows that those attachments were sent weeks both email addresses...having done what I was asked prior, the two week time frame seemed a bit strange/long, to say the least. Longer story short (taking about another week), my claim was denied (after talking to Cori at my shop, who Alan raved about, btw), due to "seal or gasket failure". that was the reason given to Peger Auto. However, all of my seals and gaskets are intact! Apparently, there was a mix of two different coolants 12-18 months prior to my purchasing the vehicle, and it slowly turned to peanut butter in my coolant system soon after my purchase of the vehicle. So where I'm at now is: -----I owe $1400 to the shop for the teardown, and need to get the vehicle off of their property within 2 weeks -----there are $26,000+ in repairs to be made to the vehicle, thru no fault of my own. the ***only*** covered repair, according to Alan, is about $900 for the driveshaft -----AutoPOM has done ***nothing*** for me, right down to even zero alternate suggestions to salvage some sort of value out of my ruined vehicle that they refuse to cover. . . -----Cori, at Peger Auto, on the other hand, has been fantastic in at least giving me some starting points of where to go from here. If I could give AutoPOM zero stars, I'd do so heartily, but I do not believe that is an option. Buyer beware, as when I hear stories about "insurance being a scam", this full experience fits quite neatly into that box. No idea why their customer service is rated an "A" either, as my experience was a far cry from such. My experience: stay away from AutoPOM. they do not care about their customers whatsoever, at least in my instance regards, -Steve Hagar

1 year ago Edited January 16, 2022

autopom! Logo

Reply from autopom!

I first learned of Mr. Hagar's unfortunate situation with his Dodge Journey when I was notified of this review posting. I immediately called the policy administrator and Mr. Hagar to get the details of the claim. First, it is important to understand that autopom! is the marketer / broker and the policy administrator, a 3rd party, makes claim approval and denial decisions per the terms of the contract (emphasis on the word "contract"). Autopom!'s position as a broker/marketer provides us with zero incentive to see claims denied. We want to see our customer's claims paid. A vehicle service contract protects your vehicle from unexpected mechanical and electrical breakdown per the terms of the contract. One of the terms of Mr. Hagar's contract under the section titled "Exclusions From Coverage" states the following is excluded from coverage: "For any repair cost due to contamination of any kind". Mr. Hagar's coolant had become contaminated, apparently due to mixing of two different coolant types which overtime, caused a chemical reaction resulting in a thickening of the coolant which clogged the engine and cooling system causing catastrophic damage. Chrysler has published a Technical Service Bulletin (07-004-120 warning about topping off or mixing coolant types. This was due to no fault of Mr. Hagar. The incorrect fluid mixup occurred during the previous ownership of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the contract does not state that the cause of contamination has to have occurred during the current owner's ownership - it just states that repairs for contamination of any kind are excluded. In my experience claim denials due to contamination are rare. In fact, Mr. Hagar's was my first. Due to the age and mileage of Mr. Hagar's vehicle, the Powertrain Enhanced policy was the only coverage plan the vehicle was eligible for. Repairs due to contamination are excluded in all plans we offer regardless of coverage level. autopom! represents multiple policy administrators and contamination of fluids is specified as an exclusion in all their contracts. As to Mr. Hagar's admonition for buyers to beware, that is good advice. There are scams out there but autopom! and our BBB A+ Rated and Accredited policy administrators are not a scam. As to Mr. Hagar's statement that autopom! does not care about its customers, well, that is not true. I think Mr. Hagar was referring to the policy administrator not realizing we are two different companies. A little online research will illustrate that autopom! cares deeply for its customers and as Mr. Hagar noted in his review "autopom!'s customer service is highly rated. I was and am extremely sympathetic to Mr. Hagar's unfortunate situation. On behalf of the customer, I spent several hours making many calls to the claims supervisor at the policy administrator and the service advisor at the repair facility in an attempt to see Mr. Hagar's claim covered. I also had several conversations with the customer. In the end, there was nothing I could do except give the customer a prompt full refund for the entire cost of the policy. Lessons learned: 1) Mr. Hagar's case reminds us that buying a used car comes with risks and you cannot transfer all that risk to a third party. The reason we exist here at autopom! is to mitigate or minimize the risk of buying a used car. As this case illustrates, a vehicle service contract does not entirely eliminate your risk as certain conditions are excluded from coverage. Read the contract! 2) When buying a used car, along with having it inspected by a qualified mechanic, I would recommend getting the coolant flushed because you just don't know if some well-intentioned technician, at some point in time, has topped it off with the wrong coolant!

Feb. 20th, 2022

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Jason Fairfax, VA

I submitted my request for a quote for my 2015 BMW M5 on November 13th, 2018. It is now December 12th, 2018, and I have not received any response. Very disappointed. Will not be doing business with a company that can't even bother to reach out.

4 years ago

autopom! Logo

Reply from autopom!

Hi Jason, I'm so sorry to hear that you have not receive your quote. We try very hard to respond to every quote request within 24 hours. I checked our system and could not find a quote request from Jason in Virginia with a 2015 BMW M5. Sometimes missing quotes can be found in the users junk or spam folder. Did you check these folders on your computer or phone? Occasionally one of our quotes will wind up there. For immediate personal service, please call us at 800-724-8141 during our business hours 9 - 5 PM PST Mon - Fri. One of our friendly consultants will be happy to assist you.

Dec. 13th, 2018

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Steven Inglewood, CA

Bought their premium warranty, and recently took my car to the dealer to use the warranty AFTER I was told that my plan covered the needed repair, only to be told by the dealer that the repair was declined.

3 years ago

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Ernest Davis Berkeley, IL

I was never contacted by autopom after feeling out the request for info

4 years ago

autopom! Logo

Reply from autopom!

Hi Ernest, Please accept my sincere apologies. We try to respond to every quote request that we receive. Did you check your spam or junk folder? Sometimes email winds up there. I tried to locate your name in our database but I have not been able to find your request. Please give me a call at (800) 724-8141 x4 and I will personally prepare your quote. Thanks, Mike.

Dec. 6th, 2018