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LAST UPDATED: July 8th, 2021

Assurant Solutions is an industry leading insurance company headquartered in New York City. It has been in business since 1892 and offers many kinds of insurance products internationally, including mobile device protection and extended car warranties.

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The Good

  • Service Contract Plans for Specific Motor Vehicle Types
  • International Reach
  • Community Involvement

Service Contract Plans for Specific Motor Vehicle Types

Assurant Solutions provides a wide range of warranty plans for regular automobiles, recreational vehicles, watercraft, and motorcycles. Whether a consumer seeks an extended warranty beyond a factory warranty for a car or motorcycle, they can find coverage with Assurant Solutions.

International Reach

Assurant Solutions offers its products and services in 21 countries across North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Customers across the globe may be able to purchase a car warranty policy through Assurant Solutions.

Community Involvement

Assurant Solutions is a service provider that values community engagement. It encourages community service and donates to charitable organizations through the Assurant Foundation. The company also cares about the environment and has several initiatives to minimize its footprint, like recycling, monitoring power usage, and encouraging carpooling.


The Bad

  • Warranty Plan Specifics Unavailable Online

Warranty Plan Specifics Unavailable Online

Potential customers are unable to see warranty plans with coverage and benefit information or receive quotes online from Assurant Solutions. Specific information about per month cost and terms of coverage, like what the warranty covers, what is considered normal wear and tear, how long the warranty period is, or how extensive the coverage for electrical breakdown, is not readily available online. 

Additionally, specifics about the kinds of warranties offered, like whether Assurant Solutions offers basic warranty, limited warranty, lifetime warranty, powertrain warranty or limited powertrain warranty, are also unavailable online. Customers must contact Assurant Solutions themselves to learn more about what they offer.


The Bottom Line

A vehicle service contract offers peace of mind and financial security to car owners because they help offset some expensive repair costs for certain car repairs. Assurant Solutions offers vehicle protection warranties for almost any kind of vehicle. It also offers warranty coverage internationally. 

However, its contract options and benefits are not readily available online. Customers must work with an Assurant Solutions representative to get more information about its vehicle warranty plans are. When considering warranty companies, Assurant Solutions is an insurance and warranty provider worth taking the time to investigate for people in and out of the United States.

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Otto von Fehlsoße Dallas, TX

As others have noted, Assurant is a complete and utter scam. Bought the platinum extended vehicle warranty (8 years/100,000 miles) and have filed three claims now. The first two were denied out of hand and the third has been in limbo for several days now. I sat with the dealership repair advisor for several hours while we sat on hold for two hours and the Assurant representative didn't care what the mechanic said needed to be done to repair my vehicle. After demanding that video and pictures be uploaded for their review, we discovered that the email address given was bogus. The next day, my dealership called and sat on hold for almost two hours again and were finally given the correct email address. Since uploading the pictures and video, no response has been received from Assurant. Horrible customer service and a bad all around deal. Avoid them...

6 months ago

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ProsePoeter Akron, OH

If I could give negative stars, I would. HORRIBLE company, HORRIBLE customer service. This company is beyond awful, and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. I had one repair covered under my warranty that I paid for when I bought my car when there should have been more. The other repairs that should have been paid for were paid for by me. When I wrote to them on December 18, 2019 to speak to someone regarding these issues, I did not receive a response. A follow up email on December 19, 2019 also went unanswered. When they did call, they hung up on me and never called back. On January 20, 2020, I sent a follow up e-mail including the previous two, and finally received a response on January 21. The gentlemen, Brian (if that's what you can call him) was very rude and condescending to me. He did not listen to my issues, and also did not read the e-mails I sent, even though it was "escalated up to him." He kept talking over me and saying "per the language of your agreement." I received absolutely no help or solutions to my issues with them. I would never recommend them nor give them any kind of positive review. I would like my money paid back to me that I paid for the warranty, as I did not receive any of the benefits that I was to receive. DO NOT USE ASSURANT. It is a scam and they're a horrible company.

1 year ago

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joseph hibdon Crosby, TX

this company is a joke! Please do not purchase their extended warranty. I have spent 4 hours on the phone with "ivory" and "juan" trying to get a simple claim done. They were both very nice, but I asked them both if they bought a car would they purchase their company's service..... their response was "I chose not to answer that question." If their own employees don't trust the company you shouldn't either . neither of them would give me their last name or transfer me to powers to be. I am going to pay $6,200 tomorrow for an over heating issue that this company will not cover. bad business and they will go out of business.

2 years ago

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Vicki Tobel Greeley, CO

They do not call the service facility back, they state that this is the shop's responsibility. For example I sent photos of the failed component as requested, and instead of calling back like a normal professional business they tell us we need to check back. So they will only cover a certain amount of the repair, and also take hours of time that the shop does not get compensated for. Like most warranty companies they want to pay as little as possible and make life as hard as possible.

1 year ago

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Sari Frias-Estell Spring, TX

This company is the worst. RUN AWAY!!!! Customer service is very poor or nonexistent. It was that bad that I called USAA and make a formal complaint to them about it this affiliated company. The account payables department is very rude. I tried to make a formal complaint with their supervisor and never hear from them again. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY PERIOD. VETERANS DONT MAKE BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES!!!!!

1 year ago

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Kristopher Elliott Portland, OR

Terrible. My repair shop was on hold for 2 weeks and a total of 12 hours and could still not submit a claim. Really shocking customer service, happy to take money but won't provide any service. You suck!

1 year ago

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Andre Moore Las Vegas, NV

Shipping out replacement parts, train their service personnel

3 years ago

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Joe Huth Littleton, CO

Save your money and just pay to fix your own car... Nothing is covered.

1 year ago