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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2021

AA Auto Protection is a newer car warranty or vehicle service contract company. Its founders were experienced in the industry and wanted to provide affordable and comprehensive car warranty coverage. AA Auto Protection has become a trusted and reliable provider of car warranties for vehicle protection.

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The Good

  • Warranty Plans
  • Benefits
  • Online Quote

Warranty Plans

AA Auto Protection’s car warranties fall into three categories: full warranty coverage, state component coverage, and powertrain plus coverage. Full coverage plans, sometimes called bumper to bumper plans, cover all vehicle parts except those stated in the contract. 

State component covers many vehicle parts, but is more limited than full coverage. Powertrain coverage is the most limited extended warranty and only helps with major things like engine, transmission, drive shaft, and water pumps repairs.

The company offers four full coverage plans, eight state component coverage plans, and five powertrain plans. This variety of choice allows customers flexibility when purchasing a vehicle service contract. They can find the coverage they need at their price point.


AA Auto Protection includes several additional benefits along with their car warranties, like nationwide service, live customer support, and 24/7 roadside assistance. These features are helpful for consumers who travel and make an AA Auto Protection warranty a great choice for anyone in the United States.

Online Quote

AA Auto Protection offers instant online quotes with no obligation. Potential customers can also call a representative for a quote without having to worry about pressure to purchase.

AA Auto Protection also has a best price guarantee and a money-back guarantee. Car owners can buy a car warranty through them knowing that they will be satisfied with their service and are getting excellent service at a good price.

AA Auto Protection accepts all major credit cards and has easy payment plans. These services make the payment process easy and convenient for customers.


The Bad

  • Some Vehicles May Not Qualify

Some Vehicles May Not Qualify

AA Auto Protection limits the kind of vehicles that it offers full coverage service plans for. Depending on the mileage and age of a vehicle, it may not qualify for the kind of coverage a customer is seeking. However, with several other plan options, car owners can still find good car warranty coverage for their vehicle.


The Bottom Line

While some cars may not qualify for certain kinds of coverage, AA Auto Protection has many vehicle warranty plan options that allow customers to find good coverage for their price point. AA Auto Protection plans also come with additional benefits, like 24/7 roadside assistance. The company has great customer service. Its warranty plans are available throughout the United States, which makes it a good warranty provider for almost any car owner.

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ElizaH Deer Park, TX

Don't choose this one if you have other options. Everyone who has worked on my car under the warranty says this company is the worst they've dealt with. I've been told by various auto repair entities that the best warranties are sold by credit unions. I've had my car worked on several times and AA Auto Protection never pay near the amount that the car parts can be found at a reasonable regular public auto parts store. They told my mechanic to order it online and they'd cover the cheapest price available. Also, they always take a long time to approve the coverage and the labor. They pick on every single thing, even asking the dealer repair shop for pictures. I've called them twice in the past to discuss the coverage issues and they never return my calls at least not in a reasonable time to prevent further delay of additional days on repair of my car and additional days required for my rental car. Yes, you'll save initially upon purchase compared to the cost of other warranties, but you are more likely to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket later if your car actually needs repair.

4 years ago

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Marlon Jamaica, NY

I have purchased and had a great experience with AA Auto Protection for my first car and I just had to have them again because of the convenience and the rep Bruce that helped me was very knowledgable. I then referred many family and friends to AA Auto because I like them and several Friends did sign up. But now are leaving. However, for my new car, I brought my car in because it was making a weird noise all of sudden one morning and I had it towed to a nearby trusted facility right away. I get the call saying that I needed to have the rear differential replaced. I then was told that they are sending out an inspector. After the inspector looked at the car I was then informed that my contract was being rejected because it was modified. I have no clue what that meant and asked for further explanation. When I bought this service contract, I was never asked or told to get my car inspected so they can confirm that it is insurable. So this whole time 5-6 months I was paying for something I technically couldn't use anyway because the car was purchased as is. I was then told by ROYAL Administrator Supervisor that I would be getting a full refund back because they are the ones that canceled my contract. I said ok. This was in January of 2019. I called to follow up with AA Auto as I was told to do by Royal because they sent my refund to AA Auto. I then Spoke with a lady named Deana, who was of no help and never got back in contact with me or sent me anything as a follow up for 5 months (May). So I HAD NO CONTACT FROM THEM AT ALLLLLL FOR 5 MONTHS. I Tried calling and no one answered my calls or Voicemails that I left for AA Auto. After Speaking with Deana about 2 weeks ago I informed her that I would be taking this further and getting the New York State Attorney General involved if no resolution is found. She said do what I want to do. A couple of days ago I then get an email saying I'm getting back $100 as my refund after their cancellation fees are applied. This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and SHAMEFUL AS A COMPANY to take 5 months of no contact what so ever and then send me back $100 after I've paid well over $600+. ******DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. ******

4 years ago

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Beth Appleton, WI

AA Auto Warranty had not upheld their contract. I cancelled back in May 2019 and I still have not received a refund. I have been calling since July. It is now December 2019 and I still have no refund. I was told today AA is under new ownership and the previous owner is responsible to pay me. It is my responsibility to follow up for my refund. This company, it’s new owner and past owner are criminals. They will just take your money.

4 years ago

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Mark Zipeto St. Petersburg, FL

They never pay 100%. Buyer beware! Crap!

2 years ago