National Business Capital opened its doors in 2009. Based in New York, the company customizes business finance for every size and type of business by offering many loan options. Loans include small business loans, accounts receivable financing, commercial mortgage financing, equipment leasing and financing, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, and more. Customers enjoy zero upfront fees and knowing within 24 hours of the approval decision. National Business Capital holds a 90 percent approval rate. The approval process is not just based on your credit score, and business owners with poor or no credit history have been approved. National Business Capital is a member of the National Restaurant Association, a member of ETA, and an ASA associate member. The company is also an approved vendor with

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The Good

The National Business Capital platform helps a majority of the businesses who apply for a loan through them. Business owners should be able to gain access to necessary funds relatively quickly as well. Benefits of the National Business Capital business model include the following items:

Loan Approval Rate

National Business capital holds a 90 percent loan approval rate, with 70 percent of clients being previously turned down by a bank before reaching out to National Business Capital.

Alternative Financing Industry

Leaders such as National Business Capital are utilizing newer, faster ways to process and approve loans which make the financing experience far simpler for business owners. Many small business owners are turning this direction because bank decline rates for business loans.

The Bad

While National Business Capital offers a number of quality financial solutions to businesses, there are some limitations that need to be addressed as well. Prospective borrowers should be aware of the following items prior to signing off on a loan:

Lack of Information

There is a definite lack of important information on the website. Under each loan’s description, there are links to apply now or to call an agent if you have further questions. Someone looking for a business loan should have all the details laid out without having to take further steps. There is no information on interest rates, nothing about prepayment penalties, maximum loan amounts or terms on each loan type. When able to speak to an agent, you learn they offer an early payoff discount for a loan, but that information it not on their website readily accessible to clients. You will however not learn what interest rates are for loans being acquired till after it has gone to underwriting.


The complaints found online for the company are about mailers the company sends out. Customers have also complained about the company’s lack of clarity regarding eligibility requirements, and whether National Business Capital’s services are available in every state.

The Bottom Line

This is a company with multiple years of experience in the business finance industry. Not being a traditional bank, they have regulations that are less time-consuming and not as harsh of guidelines as a traditional bank. National Business Capital claims that 70 percent of its clients were turned down previously by a bank. Although National Business Capital has a 90 percent approval rate, business owners need to take into consideration the company’s lack of information on their website. It may or may not be worth the time to apply and learn of loan details that your company could potentially benefit from.

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