First Financial is a small credit card processing and merchant service company that was founded in 1996. They specialize in offering personal and business services. Personal services consist of auto loans, cash advances, credit cards, student loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, and low credit score loan services. Business services you can find at First Financial are high-risk merchant accounts, merchant service, merchant advance, and business loans. The consumer loan deals and consumer services are not provided by First Financial, but rather from an independent third-party company. The credit card services are issued by a third-party credit card company as well. First Financial claims to help those with low credit scores to get a loan, credit card, or other financial services.

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The Good

The First Financial business loan service offers a number of loan types to business looking to finance a new project or service. There are varying company qualifications, but most businesses are approved. Benefits of the First Financial platform include the following:


Customers with low credit scores may have a shot through First Financial to be approved for a loan. The higher your credit score the better the chance you have of claiming a loan or other products, but the company says even credit scores below 499 have a chance.


While there are no offices or branches to visit, the convenience of First Financial is applying and being approved in the comfort of your home. Most applications are done online and in a matter of minutes.

High-Risk Solutions

First Financial offers high-risk merchant accounts to many types of businesses. The company maintains that all businesses, whether they are in the high-risk category or not, should have the perk of obtaining credit cards for their business.

The Bad

For being an online loan provider, there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed. Prospective borrowers considering First Financial for a business loan should consider the following limitations prior to signing off on a loan:

No Fee Transparency

No fees are listed for the different services offered. In the company’s disclosure, it states:
“First Financial makes every effort to update the rates and fees listed. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information as the companies may change their pricing without notifying us. Be sure to read and understand the important terms and conditions before you apply for a consumer service or any loan product.”

Poor Website

The company’s website features several typos, as well as areas with either duplicate content, or missing content (such as an “about us” page, etc.). These suggest that the website is not well-maintained, and customers may have difficulty finding critical information.

The Bottom Line

The bad outweighs the good on this company. First financial is not a direct lender, but rather works with third-party providers. Other companies in the industry will work with low-to-no credit consumers, but they are much more upfront with fees, as well as the information you will need to provide to actually get a loan.

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