Advantage Leasing is an equipment financing company founded in 1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It now refers to itself as Advantage+ after the company decided to change its name in 2014. The company specializes in the leasing and financing of business equipment for manufacturers, franchises, restaurants, and distributors across the United States. The company does not offer any other lending options, such as SBA Loans or lines of credit.

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Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers through Advantage Leasing are small business owners that need capital for purchasing equipment. Borrowers should have excellent credit histories to avoid high-interest rates and be in business for more than three years with consistent income. Borrowers are expected to select business equipment prior to submitting a completed application for a short-term lease through Advantage Leasing.

Best Uses

Small business loans from Advantage Leasing are typically used for the purchase of business equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Three or More Years in Business

The Good

  • No closing fees
  • Full disclosure
  • Positive customer feedback

Full Lender and Fee Disclosure

The company provides a full list of trusted lenders it works with on its corporate website. Full details are disclosed on the website and the company is transparent with its loan application process. Interest rates appear to be low for the industry and payback terms are under two years. Borrowers are also able to calculate monthly payments based on the length and amount of the desired equipment lease. The company also does not charge closing fees, and no prepayment penalties.

Positive Customer Feedback

Third-party reviews regarding the company’s customer service experience are mainly positive. The financial services company also offers results from surveys conducted with past customers for the last six years. The company also spotlights customer service experiences on its website.

The Bad

  • Limited leasing and loan options
  • Strong application requirements
  • Potential credit and overpayment issues

Limited Leasing and Loan Options

Borrowers are only able to apply for funding for equipment only up to $200k. This amount may not be enough and other types of funding may also be needed for some business types. Companies who do not require an equipment loan or need more than their $200k will need to look elsewhere for their loans.

Strong Application Requirements

Small business owners are required to be operating for three or more years, which is a lengthier time than required by many other online lenders. Companies that have been in business under three years will need to find another company to receive and equipment loan through.

Potential Credit and Overpayment Issues

While customer reviews are mainly positive, a couple of complaints have been posted online that may be of concern for a potential borrower. One customer has issues with credit inquiries that the company acknowledged was their fault. The company stated in an online response on Yelp that the issue arose when a customer service representative failed to follow through “in a timely manner.” Another customer overpaid for leased equipment, which the company attempted to resolve to customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Advantage Leasing is best suited for small business owners looking to finance equipment only. The company offers low interest rates on short-term leases and has positive customer feedback regarding its customer service. However, it may be difficult for some business owners to qualify due to strict application requirements and no other lending options are offered by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive funds from Advantage Leasing?

The company is able to approve and transfer funds within approximately one to two days.

Does Advantage Leasing require collateral with its loans?

The company does not require collateral.

Does Advantage Leasing have prepayment penalties?

The company does not have any prepayment penalties after 12–18 payments made on-time.

Does Advantage Leasing charge origination fees?

The company charges a 4 percent origination fee due at closing.

Does Advantage Leasing charge closing fees?

The company does not charge a closing fee.

How can I contact Advantage Leasing?

Consumers can contact the company by phone at 1-800-949-7040.

More Information

Types of Loans Offered

Equipment Loans and Leases, Short-Term Working Capital up to $200,000

Rates Offered

9–12 percent

Term Lengths

12–24-month terms

The Borrowing Process

Small business owners first pick out the necessary equipment they need and then fill out an application for funding. A company representative will contact the borrower to discuss available lending options. The approval process will then begin and results will be delivered within one business day. If the applicant is approved, lease documents are then signed and the company works with the vendor to pay for the selected equipment. Company representatives are available to answer potential questions and provide other assistance as needed.

How to Apply

Small business owners first select the equipment they need and then fax or email the company with a completed leasing application. The application can also be filled out online through the corporate website. A company representative will then contact the borrower by phone to discuss available options. Borrowers are able to apply for equipment leasing amounts between $15,000–$75,000. If borrowers require funding that exceeds these amounts, they will need to speak with a customer service representative by phone.

The underwriting process can be completed along with funds transfer in less than one to two days once approved. Advantage+ will then email the lease documents to the borrower and request an invoice directly from the equipment vendor. When the lease documents are signed and returned back to the company, a pre-funded purchase order is sent to the vendor and the company emails a check to the vendor when equipment delivery and installation is completed.

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