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LAST UPDATED: June 14th, 2022

Bath Fitter has completed more than 2 million installations since the company began in 1984. Its unique service model is centered on covering existing surfaces in the bathroom with durable acrylic shower and tub liners. These liners are guaranteed to never peel or crack, making Bath Fitter bathroom remodel renovation process low maintenance yet high quality. 

In addition to installing a customer's shower or tub liner, Bath Fitter can rip out the unwanted bathtub and shower, a service offered if customers choose to tackle a more laborious bath and shower remodeling project.

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The Good

  • Unique Remodeling Process
  • Cost friendly options
  • Custom Choices
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Design Tool

Unique Remodeling Process

Whereas tub, shower, and wall replacements require demolition and removal of existing parts, Bath Fitter simply installs new parts over the existing ones. Existing surfaces are measured, cleaned, and repaired where necessary. Bathtub faucets are removed, then, walls, tubs, and shower bases are installed, followed by accessory installation. Cleanup is minimal compared to what is required after demolition. The installation process is quick and simple; technicians usually take just one day to install parts.

Cost friendly Options

Cost will always vary based on the products used, the size of the tub or shower, as well as if there is a need for a tub or shower to be removed. With that being said, the cost of the acrylic material used by Bath Fitter is typically lower than the cost of using traditional tile or stone materials, when refinishing the tub and shower area. 

In addition to material cost differences, installation cost is typically lower for the acrylic tub and shower wrap compared to a tile or stone backdrop installation. The installation cost for tile or stone is typically more expensive because first, the contractor must demo and bathroom and remove the existing tile as well as prep lay and grout each tile or stone. On the other hand, an acrylic wrap backdrop simply wraps over the existing tile, no demo, grouting, or meticulous tiling necessary. The price difference in labor cost could be moderate to severe depending on the scope of the bathroom remodel.

Custom Choices

Bath Fitter offers a number of custom choices in each renovation category:

  • Bathtubs: 12 tub-front styles
  • Showers: white, pearl, white marble, and ivory marble bases
  • Wall patterns: brick style, tile style, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, etc.
  • Faucets: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze
  • Bathroom ceiling: dome and flat
  • Trims and moldings: bullnose trim and flat trim
  • Accessories: grab bars, soap dishes, corner shelves, and shower rods

The company can also install a slip-resistant coating on baths or showers or cover existing walls with wainscoting.

Lifetime Warranty

For as long as you own your home, your installation of Bath Fitter’s acrylic bathtubs, tub surrounds, replacement showers, and shower conversions are covered for life. This guarantee is an element of Bath Fitter's excellent customer service that helps customers to trust the products being used in their home.

Unlike porcelain, fiberglass, or enamel, which show scratches — acrylic can be maintained and kept looking new with a buffing compound product. Silicone elements used in your bathroom remodel should be cleaned with a mixture that is 50% water and 50% bleach. Check the Bath Fitter website for more detail on proper cleaning instructions. 

Free Design Tool

The Bath Fitter website features an interactive design tool that allows prospective customers to experiment with the design of their future shower or tub liner renovation. Users begin the online design mock-up by first choosing from various tubs and showers. Next, the detail decisions work their way down from accent wall colors and styles right down to the faucets and towel bars, all without hiring an interior designer, a huge money saver. Users can even save and download designs to revisit later. 

Once customers have a better idea of their desired design direction, they are encouraged to call Bath Fitter for a free initial consultaion. This consultation helps to iron out the bathroom design details as well as provide customers with an estimate of how much the Bath Fitter renovation cost will be.


The Bad

  • Special Maintenance Required
  • Not a Comprehensive Remodel
  • Limited Design Options

Special Maintenance Required

Though Bath Fitter’s acrylic products have advantages, they do need to be maintained with particular cleaning products and systems. For example, soap and other residue needs to be regularly removed from the tub and shower, and silicone needs to be cleaned with a bleach compound regularly. Installing third-party accessories or using cleaners not approved by Bath Fitter, such as any type of aerosol spray, can void the lifetime warranty. This sort of specified up-keep may not be realistic fo a specific type of consumer.

Not a Comprehensive Remodel

Bath Fitter does not offer a complete bathroom remodel, as the company’s installation services do not include toilets, sinks, or flooring. If a consumer is looking to do a full bathroom renovation then Bath Fitter is not the comprehensive bathroom remodeling company that can take care every single detail. Coordinating two different bathroom remodel companies to finish the job could possibly make things more complicated.

Limited Design Options

Since Bath Fitter is strictly a shower and tub liner company the standard product used is a large acrylic wrap that covers the existing tile or plastic bath and shower enclosure. Potential consumers who a have a specified design ascetic, tile or stone they wish to use on the bathroom wall, cannot be accommodated through Bath Fitter. 

Having limited options to pick from is an issue for those that are wishing to use textiles other than the standard acrylic inventory that is produced by Bath Fitter.


The Bottom Line

This company is a sound choice for homeowners looking to remodel a bath or shower, especially for those who want to avoid the time-consuming and messy process of demolition. Bath Fitter’s process of fitting its products over existing features is unique and appealing. However, the company does not offer installation of cabinetry, sinks, flooring, or toilets.

For those looking for a more comprehensive bathroom remodel experience, it is wise to check out other bathroom remodleing companies that cater to customer's entire wishlist.

Please leave a review or check out Bath Fitter reviews below.

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Katie Marshall New York, NY

The company is not as advertised, I used this company for a bathtub/turn-in shower plus sitting area and shower door, but after 2 installers, and failed attempts the supervisor had to come and complete the job, this was 4mos ago. I hope no issues happen was a inconvenience because my mother-in-law could not access the downstairs bathroom.

1 week ago


Review Source

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Bess Wilfong St Louis, MO

I was impressed with the job they did on an old tub. And I was even more impressed with the time they completed the job: 1 day.

3 weeks ago

star star star star star_border

James Richards Las Vegas, NV

Great for my mom. She loved it . To hey did what they said they would do . She has had it her new bath for a year or so and has no complaints.

1 month ago

star star star star star

Kristiane R Durfey Orem, UT

We used Bath Fitter to remodel my mom's bathroom tub and shower. I feel like the cost was reasonable and the outcome was great. They did good work and were able to get it done in one day.

4 months ago

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DealStar Salt Lake City, UT

Bath Fitter is great for fast upgrades. I paid to have Bath Fitters renew my mother's bathroom while she was convalescing after a major heart attack that required rehabilitation. She wasn't happy with the results, mostly because the replacement handrail was not the stainless steel she was used to. She also didn't approve of the replacement for the tile, which is sheets of acrylic that replaced her previous daltile. In time, she grew to appreciate how easily that shower was to keep clean given there is not all that grout to scrub, and all was forgiven. Bath Fitter did a smooth and easy transaction, and I do recommend them.

11 months ago

star star star star star

ramesh pothuru Morrisville, PA

best company, remodeling bathroom & tub. very professional, efficient technicians.

2 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Betty Brigham City, UT

The salesman who came to our home to give us a bid was very nice and gave us all the necessary info. The installer was ok but had a few minor glitches. When he applied the silicone calk he left globs of silicone in a 2 foot area. When I called the Bath Fitter company to tell them about the problem they were very accommodating and had another person come and fix it the day after my phone call. Thus the five star review. The silicone fixit man was able to make it look perfect and he also found a problem with the faucet and fixed it at the same time. We appreciate the amazing customer service and the lifetime warranty. Take a bath!!!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mary Marod Grand Haven, MI

We signed a contract in March 2021 with a change again in April. Were told because of Covid there was a delay with materials. Finally on July 12th and 13th we had a tearout of our existing bathtub. They had completed everything except the shower doors which had not yet arrived. After loading all of their equipment into the van they said that they had damaged the pan and would have to tear it out and redo it. Upsetting because we had a contractor who was scheduled to tear out all of our main floor flooring 900 sq ft and install new vinyl plank throughout with new baseboard, wrought iron spindles and new rails. Also a new vanity in this bathroom. After some arguing Bath Fitter agreed to coming back within a week to reinstall a new pan which they damaged. The cut the shower wall about 5 inches above the damaged pan so they could pull the damaged one out and replaced with an identical new pan. Then they installed new walls over the ones they cut off. Did not have the finishing corner pieces so was left unfinished until the doors arrived. However by that time the new flooring was installed and the new vanity and quartz top, mirror, new light fixture and towel bars, etc. Turns out the pan did not sit on the new floor correctly, over a 1/4" gap, too large to caulk. So a 3rd tear out happened, this time both walls and pan and a 3rd unit installed and this occurred on 10/18 and 19. They insisted that I pay them and after all of this disruption, no shower for almost 4 months and multiple tear outs causing mess and disruption I was only compensated with a $750.00 discount. None of this fiasco was our fault and I felt it was a pittance of a discount for all of the headache and mess involved. So I paid them with my Master Card which I felt would give me recourse if further problems arose. The installers had left about an hour when my husband and I really examined the workmanship. The glass door that was the entry door slid very hard and you had to force it to open, consequently the door fell off as well as the door guide attached to the pan at the bottom. By this time I was furious and I tried to call Mark (the district mgr for Grand Rapids MI area) . So I steamed most of a sleepless night (one of many thru this disaster). I called them again the following morning and told them if they did not return my call and address this issue, I would be calling my credit card company and cancelling the payment made the afternoon before. I was called back within a 1/2 hr and they had a man come just after noon who said, the holes had been drilled too large and so the guide failed which resulted in the door falling off. There were 4 holes drilled in the pan all the wrong size for screw they put in which was very tiny and did not look strong enough to endure the tugging required to slide this door. Installer could not find screws that were larger, so my husband found some stainless steel screws in his tool chest which were perfect and installed. While this was all going on I also noticed that the drain cover did not fit properly as it did not line up with the sewer drain they installed, will be addressed later as well as a black scratch on my new vanity drawer which they will also address. My evaluation is that the shower is not the quality that I expected with all of their promotion that it was. The glass doors are quite thin and difficult to clean because of the sliding bars making complete access to the glass impossible without removing part of them each time you want to clean the glass. For the original cost of over $8,000.00 I could have had a tiled shower (per my flooring contractor who does this, had I only known beforehand) I feel what you are paying for is a lifetime warranty on things that don't hold up and need fixing and all of the inadequate installing snafus that they end up redoing. I do not recommend Bath Fitter to anyone.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Toni Montuori

These guys were great. The end product was exactly as expected and looks 100% BETTER. They we prompt, they cleaned up and were finished when they said they’d be. The choices and options are also excellent.

10 months ago

star star star star star

Flora Canal Winchester, OH

A little bit pricy but for the overall outcome it’s worth paying the price

2 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Demetrace Williams Milwaukee, WI

Bath fitter is like a one size fit all. They were really expensive. I went with a different company.

2 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

cj thor Greenville, SC

I have called them NUMEROUS TIMES to set up an appointment to look at our project and they dont show up as scheduled, then when calling again, they claim we had no appointment scheduled. The Customer Service is HORRIBLE to say the least. I would never do business with this company in the future nor would I recommend them to any of our family or our friends

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mike Koball St. Petersburg, FL

On Jul 10th, we had a sales rep come see us, gave us a quote, and we signed a contract for a shower stall refit. She took measurements, and told us we could expect a tech to begin the installation in 2-3 weeks., On Aug 3rd the tech came and ripped out the old shower stall. Only then did he realize that they had ordered the wrong size shower base. He told us that it would take about three weeks to get the correct size from the factory in Canada. So no shower available to use. On Sept 2nd, the tech returned with the correct base, and installed the base and surround. He told us it would take about two weeks to get the glass in to finish the installation. So still, no shower. On Sept 23rd, we were called and were told the glass was in, but could not get an appointment to have it installed until 10 days later.. So, another month went by. On Oct 2nd, the tech returned and finished the installation of the glass. Therefore, we were without use of this shower for a total of 8 weeks. I contacted the dealership and requested a discount equivalent to 15% of the total price as compensation for out inconvenience and loss of use, The owner/ manager flatly refused and only offered us a discount that equaled 7% of the total price. I considered this an insult. I. attempted to contact the corporate headquarters a total of 4 times. No one would respond to my emails, or talk to me on the phone. No one would return messages left. The product we got is satisfactory, and the tech did a great job of installation. However, I would recommend you using a different dealership than the Clearwater, Fl one if you want a timely job done. And I was very disappointed with the Customer suppport from this company.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Bettye Griffin Fairfield, CA

The company was friendly, but there was a problem with a water pipe or something when the were working on one of the bathrooms - that left me and my two children without water for a bit. Once that was taken care of I was pleased with the completed job.

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Doug Foerch Libertyville, IL

Very good value for what you get. Although it’s not real tile, it is good quality lining and looks real.

8 months ago

star star star star star

seanth57 Columbus, GA

I have a walk in shower installation, my mother needed assistance getting in the tub, the end result was fabulous.

11 months ago

star star star star star_border

Richard J McEntire Decatur, AL

Work done in one day by one person. Excellent work and materials. Price is high.

11 months ago

star star star star star

Wanda Stevenson Orangeburg, SC

it was fast, cost effective and our bathrooms are beautiful!!!!

2 years ago