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LAST UPDATED: March 17th, 2024

StayDry Waterproofing is a family-owned business that opened in 2006. The company focuses on being friendly, honest, and having a strong work ethic. StayDry is a small company and is proud of it. It  works to give customers the kind of personal attention they deserve.

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The Good

  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

StayDry offers a fully transferable, lifetime warranty on all of their interior waterproofing services. All areas that are waterproofed by StayDry are warranted to stay dry; StayDry does not charge a maintenance fee for this warranty. Once the area is waterproofed, it will always being covered. Customers don’t have to worry about any additional fees if something does go wrong.


The Bad

  • Covers Three States
  • Time in Business

Covers Three States

StayDry covers areas in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. You can find StayDry locations by going to the company website and going to the service area tabs.  With only three states covered, the company still is quite small, and isn’t able to provide services for that many people.

Time in Business

StayDry has only been in business since 2006. This company is fairly new compared to other companies in the industry that have been in business for 35 years or longer. With the company also being very small, the company may not have the same experience as other companies have had.


The Bottom Line

StayDry Waterproofing is a fairly new company to the industry and is still small, but continuing to grow. If you are in the Michigan, Northern Ohio, or Northern Indiana area, StayDry is a good company to look into for all your basement waterproofing needs, as well as other services for your home. The company doesn’t have the most experience, so it would be beneficial for customers to research the exact services they need done and if StayDry can offer that. StayDry has a great warranty to back up its products though, so you will always be covered if something does go wrong.

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Cormac McKenzie Columbus, OH

Customer Beware – please do your research and take the negative reviews and all of the BBB and Attorney General complaints regarding SDW seriously. Should you hire them, be sure to document their work yourself with photos, videos, and names of all staff present. In August of 2023, we chose SDW for their warranty and apparent reputation to install 4 slab piers to stabilize an area where 2 supporting columns were holding up a load bearing girder in our home. We asked SDW to document, photograph, and video the work done (pier depth, footer depth, footer attachment, column padding attachment, slab thickness, soil PSI, etc) so once completed, we could move forward w/ repairing the columns, dry wall, and flooring. During the process, SDW staff showed us the documentation they were collecting to make sure that's what we needed, and we thanked them! We were told that all that documentation would be emailed to us with the invoice. We were told that a staff member would be out to examine the filled holes to give us the go-ahead, activate our warranty, check for movement, and to give us a timeline to reinstall our floors. For months, we repeatedly asked for the documentation, a walk-through inspection, and warranty information via email and phone calls. We received a variety of contradictory excuses about missing data, unanswered emails, and outright refusals. We never even received call backs. We asked for a structural inspection which they said they didn’t do. We asked for a recommendation for a structural engineer which they provided. The entire week prior to the appointment we called SDW nearly every day to request the documentation to provide to the engineer. We asked them if they could not get it to us before the appointment if they could send an SDW representative out to speak to the engineer. I provided SDW with the time and name of the engineer. SDW did not show up. The structural engineer attempted to call their president, Mark Minton, while inspecting the property and was redirected. Without documentation or a representative willing to speak to the engineer, they were unable to determine the true effectiveness of SDW’s claimed work. We demanded a refund and SDW procured an attorney who also has ignored our pleas for documentation. All we've ever asked for is the documentation the workers collected the day the work was done to start making our house a home. All we've received is a lighter bank account, threats from their attorney, and refusal after refusal for assistance. Here we are, seven months later, still without documentation, unopened moving boxes, living on a slab w/out flooring, and no refund or assistance of any kind.

2 months ago

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John lara Grand Rapids, MI

Don't ever hire this company. 1st of all they are so disorganized. They kept changing the day they suppose to do the job. They told me they were going to show up on a monday afternoon and they did but then the next day they show up till like 1pm in the afternoon and basically did nothing. Wednesday came thru and they never show up. And of course it was Thanksgiving that thursday so they never show up the rest of week. What upset me is that they never called me to let me know they were not going to show up on the rest of the week. They came back on monday and the job was finish till Wednesday. The job was done good. But their clean up was horrible. They left concrete mix on my porch, and basement stairs. They also broke my latch for my storm door in my porch. Their employees also were opening my fridge and left concrete mix all over the handle. My laminated flooring in my kitchen had footprints of their workers with concrete mix. I got hold of their manager and he said to email him the pictures of the problems and i never heard anything back. Their work was good, but their clean up is horrible. Beware of this company.

5 years ago