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TD Bank, N.A. was founded in Portland, Maine in 1852. Today, the bank includes over 1,300 branches and employs over 26,000 people. They are known as "America's Most Convenient Bank" and the current president and CEO is Mike Pedersen. The TD Bank headquarters are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. TD Bank offers a number of banking solutions and services the East Coast. 

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The Good

  • Investing options
  • Personal accounts
  • Lending options

Investing Options

Whether a financial situation involves planning for higher education, investing in a new opportunity, or managing homeownership, TD Bank has found a way to help. They offer a number of banking and investing situations to couples, families, business owners, and individuals. Additionally, TD Bank will help their customers make more informed everyday financial decisions to help reach any and all long-term goals.

Personal Accounts

TD Bank offers a number of different personal accounts. All of these accounts come with standard features including: online banking, mobile banking, bill pay, online statements, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Each of the various accounts offered through TD Bank are broken down as follows:

  • Checking Accounts: there are three different checking accounts to choose from in addition to specialized accounts.
    • TD Simple: basic checking account with $5.99 monthly fee and no minimum balance requirement
    • TD Convenience: low minimum balance requirement of $100 to waive the $15 monthly maintenance fee and discounted first full order of checks.
    • TD Premier: keep a higher balance, earn interest, and use non-TD ATMs. Must maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 to waive the $25 monthly maintenance fee.
    • Specialized Accounts: TD Relationship, TD 60 Plus, and TD Student
  • Savings and Money Market: smart savings options and savings more money market accounts can be opened online.
    • TD Simple Savings: build savings with this basic account and ability to waive the monthly maintenance fee.
    • TD Growth Money Market: get rewarded for growing savings each month with tiered interest rates.
    • TD Select Savings: earn more with a higher balance and links to eligible accounts. Compiles tiered interest rates and non-TD ATM fees waived.
  • CDs: there are both twelve month and five year TD Choice CDs.
    • TD Choice CDs: enjoy competitive interest rates, a wide variety of terms, and rates that increase with your balance.
    • TD No-Catch CDs: enjoy the security of a CD, with the flexibility of making one withdrawal per term.
    • TD Step Rate CDs: Benefit from guaranteed returns as the interest rate on your CD increases every year. You'll also have the option to make one penalty-free withdrawal at each anniversary.
  • IRAs: four individual retirement accounts available to choose from for retirement.
    • TD Simple Savings IRA: Great for starting your retirement savings, with easy monthly automatic transfers.
    • TD Select Savings IRA: Earn more when you keep a higher balance and maximize your earnings.
    • TD Choice IRA CDs: Enjoy competitive interest rates, as well as a wide variety of terms to help you achieve your retirement goals.
    • TD IRA Add-Vantage CDs: Add to your retirement savings easily with the option to make deposits whenever you want.

Lending Options

Lending options are also available to help finance life's opportunities and milestones. Loans available for all TD clients include: personal loans, home equity, and mortgages. There are requirements that will need to be met in order to qualify.

The Bad

  • Maintenance fees
  • Personal investment options

Maintenance Fees

TD Bank charges monthly maintenance fees on all checking and savings accounts. While this fee can be waved if requirements are met, that will not be the case for all TD Bank clients. The requirements and restrictions that must be met in order to satisfy the monthly maintenance fee waiver includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Monthly balance limits
  • Minimum monthly deposits amounts
  • Links to various TD Bank accounts
  • Loans with TD Bank

Personal Investment Options

TD Bank only offers three personal financial services as it pertains to investments. These services include: affiliate investments, safeguards, and fixed deferred or income annuity. While there are a number of solutions available, the features do not compete with other banks.

The Bottom Line

TD Bank provides standard banking, investing, and lending options to wide-range of clients. Depending on the financial background and current situation, opportunities may vary. Prospective clients who decide to use TD Bank for their financial solutions can expect the following from their platform:

  1. Multiple savings and checking account options
  2. Solutions for investing and retirement
  3. Loans and lines of credit available for those who qualify
  4. Fees associated with accounts
  5. Some international banking solutions

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