Everbank was established in 1961 and now has a total assets of 21.6 Billion. Their form of banking is different than the traditional style of banking. Their goal is to give the consumers high APY both for checking and for savings. They have committed to be within the top 5% of APY in the nation. Their banks are located throughout Florida but they are accessible everywhere through online banking and have lending offices across the country.


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The Good

  • High APY
  • No ATM fees
  • Services

High APY

Everbank is not the traditional bank where the APY is next to nothing. They provide high APY for the first year and still keep it to .30% after the first year.

No ATM Fees

They also do not believe in ATM fees when consumer use other bank ATM’s Everbank will refund you completely as long as you have $5,000 balance in account.


They provided services with checking, CD, Money Market, FDIC insurance, Premium Visa, and Global deposits.

The Bad

  • Rates drop
  • Some fees

Rates Drop

Your savings account is your checking account which can be converted to an IRA account but no savings account. The APY that they advertise at the top of their web page 0.85%-1.01% is only available for the first year with Everbank and then after that the rates drop to 0.30%-0.61% depending on the balance of account.

Some Fees

There are still account fees with overdraft or wire transfers but no ATM fees if you have 5,000 in account which means if you want that benefit the opening deposit is 5,000. For the other accounts there are high deposits as well.

The Bottom Line

This is a unique bank that is not the traditional kind. It has progressive ideas that have the goal to help the client grow money in their bank. For loans there are still high interest rates like other companies because that is how banks earn money. Everbank is a good bank to invest in if consumer is focused on accessing ATMs anywhere and have money saved up to invest.

Time in Business

Everbank was founded in 1961


Mobile Friendly

Yes. Everbank is online and has mobile banking


Could not access their annual report online to find ROA and ROE


Call Company


Yes. There are the same fees that you would see with other companies but the opening deposit is $1,500 and there are no ATM fees if your account has or exceeds $5,000. Overall there are less fees with Everbank than found with traditional banks.

Ref. have to click on details for bank


They are located throughout florida, have online banking, and a consumer can use any ATM as long as there is 5,000 in account.

Services Available

There is a checking account, CD, money market, global finances, lending options, online banking, and common bank requests that you can do online

Contact Information


301 W Bay St,

Jacksonville, FL 32202


(904) 281-6000


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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