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Farm Bureau Financial Services was founded in 1939 as a property and casualty insurance company specifically for farmers and to meet their unique needs. They are currently headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. Currently, the company only offers their property and casualty (including automobile insurance policies) to a limited geographical region. Some customers have reported difficulty getting information from independent agents, but this varies widely, and does not appear to be a universal condition for the company.


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The Good

The coverage provided through Farm Bureau Financial Services is to be respected for their service area. Those that decide to use Farm Bureau Financial Services for their auto insurance can expect the following from the service:

Coverage Features:

Primarily, prospective customers are concerned with how a policy compares in its available features as well as the pricing of the policy. Auto insurance by Farm Bureau is comparable with industry standards with respect to their features and coverages. As each state has in their minimum requirements, customers may find slight variations.

They offer the following coverages for their customers:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Insured
  • Underinsured
  • Medical payment
  • No fault
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Replacement cost

Price Range:

Farm Bureau Financial Services has not disclosed pricing information.


Farm Bureau Financial Services does not offer as comprehensive discount policy as do many other companies. They offer their customers the following discounts:

  • Farm bureau member’s choice
  • Good student
  • Safe driver
  • Continued in-force credit
  • Low mileage
  • Safe young driver

File/Track Claims:

Customers may file and track their auto claims online. However, doing so is not as straightforward as it is for other companies. Customers report that depending on which page they are visiting that that there may be several steps which are needed and multiple clicks to get to the correct screen.


Iowa Farm Mutual Insurance Company, which is now known as Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company was founded in May, 1939. The company has offered automobile insurance policies continuously since that time.

The Bad

While there are a number of redeeming services and features to consider with Farm Bureau Financial Services, there are also limitations that need to be analyzed as well. These drawbacks include:

Service Coverage:

At the writing of this review (March, 2016), Farm Bureau Financial Services Automobile insurance is only available for residents of the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

Those living in other states are not able to buy an auto insurance policy from Farm Bureau Financial Services. This limitation is significant, compared to other companies and their ability to insure people in all 50 states.

Missing Discounts:

Farm Bureau Financial Services does not offer as comprehensive discount policy as do many other companies. For example, Farm Bureau does not offer accident forgiveness, which is a common discount offered by its competitors.

The Bottom Line

Farm Bureau Financial Services offers an automobile policy which is fairly average in the industry. The company’s offerings are predominately average. As such, it may be difficult for some consumers to change companies to subscribe in their policies without being able to take advantage of the multiple-product discounts. There is simply not enough there to motivate most customers to change insurance companies.

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