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  • Covers All 50 States
  • Find Your Dispenser Feature
  • Three Stage Approach
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    Waterlogic was founded in 1992 and was one of the first companies to introduce point-of-use water dispensing systems. Waterlogic has grown over the years, and now reaches over 50 countries around the world. The company’s mission is to be the best global provider of drinking water solutions to all businesses. 

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    The Good

    • Covers All 50 States
    • "Find Your Dispenser" Feature
    • Three Stage Approach

    Covers All 50 States

    Waterlogic not only covers all 50 states, but it also covers more than 50 countries around the world. The company has offices and service centers all across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and also has a network of distribution partners. This means that Waterlogic products are readily available to anyone who wants to invest in its products.

    "Find Your Dispenser" Feature

    Waterlogic has a feature on its website called "Find Your Water Dispenser" where you can answer four questions, and it will match the best water dispenser for your needs. Customers choose the number of users that will be using the dispenser, the type of purification they are looking for, the water type they want dispensed, and any additional features they want. This is a good feature for customers to use to ensure they get the product that will work best in their home or office. 

    Three-Stage Approach

    Waterlogic works on a three-stage approach to ensure their products are high quality. First they work on their filters, which have the Water Quality Association Gold Seal of Approval. Second, they use a firewall UV purification technique to fight against viruses and bacteria. Last, the material Waterlogic materials are made of are infused with a silver additive called BioCote, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. This three-stage approach allows customers to know exactly how Waterlogic products are working to filter their water. 

    The Bad

    • Not Easily Accessible 
    • International Sales Office

    Not Easily Accessible

    To know where to purchase Waterlogic products, you have to fill out a form first. Then Waterlogic will reach out and let you know where you can buy the products. Although the company can assist in finding Waterlogic products in your area, you do have to wait until they contact you about where the nearest location is. This can be inconvenient for customers, especially if Waterlogic doesn’t respond quickly. 

    International Sales Office

    The Waterlogic sales office is located in Dublin, Ireland, which can be inconvenient for anyone living outside of Ireland. Their office is inaccessible and they do have an international phone number, so it is difficult to get ahold of them besides contacting them online. This can be difficult for customers that are needing immediate assistance or who prefer calling or in-office visits.

    The Bottom Line

    Waterlogic is a good company to use that has many good benefits including the international coverage, the feature that helps customers find water features, and Waterlogic’s three-stage approach that ensures quality filtered water. If you don’t mind working with the company over the Internet, this is a good company to use for water filtration.


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    September 19th, 2018 Saratoga Springs, UT

    The water softener we had installed by this company 10 years ago is still running strong. Nice, reliable machine.

    October 5th, 2017

    AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL Company, steer clear, they never delivered water when we asked them to leaving us without any for over a week. Awful customer service - avoid - seek local company