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LAST UPDATED: February 28th, 2024

Quality Home Services offers comprehensive solutions to ensure clean and safe water for households. Established in 1985 by Bart Richey and Donna Holstein, the company has consistently aimed to provide top-notch services and state-of-the-art products.

Notably, Quality Home Services received the Better Business Bureau's 2019 “Distinguished Ethics in the Marketplace” award. This reflects the emphasis on providing not only quality products but also ethical and transparent services.

While based in Fresno, the company extends its services to areas like Bakersfield, Castroville, and beyond, making it accessible to a broad customer base in Central California.


The Good

  • Extensive Product Range
  • Experienced and Certified Staff
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction 

Extensive Product Range

Quality Home Services boasts a wide array of products, including water softeners, air purification systems, tankless water heaters, and solar power systems. This versatility allows customers to address various home needs through a single, reliable source.

The company's preferred water treatment and filtration product is the water system offered by RainSoft®. This system can eliminate hard minerals in your water and improve the taste and smell of the water. 

Experienced and Certified Staff

With over three decades of experience, the company's staff is well-trained and certified to handle a range of issues related to water softening and conditioning.

The team's expertise is reflected in its ability to install, maintain, and repair systems efficiently.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Quality Home Services takes pride in offering personalized service to its customers. From free estimates to seamless installation processes, the company ensures that customers feel valued and informed throughout their interaction.


The Bad

  • Needs More Customer Reviews

Needs More Customer Reviews

A robust repository of customer testimonials on third-party sites, including BestCompany.com, could help build trust and confidence among potential clients.


The Bottom Line

Quality Home Services stands out as a reliable and experienced provider of water softeners and conditioning systems.

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, a diverse product range, and a history of ethical business practices, the company is a solid choice for those seeking water-softening solutions in Central California.

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Chris Martinez Sanger, CA

I sought out a new water treatment replacement for my home and found ( ) the salesman still try to salesman me even though I told him to leave his cheesy tactics at the door.. all I want was truth for what I wanted and yet I still was bamboozled on the sale., I was sold a faucet installation for drinking water and was given the impression it was a constant flow faucet it was said I could fill up my pots for cooking so that I could cook with clean filtered water for rest of my days or for as long as I kept up the filtration system that is…. Instead I come to find out it only allows maybe 64 once’s at a time , that it’s controlled by a small pressurized tank that has to replenish its pressure back up once the nearly 64 once’s of water is out each time, I feel for the price I paid and note, don’t mind paying the price that I paid only if it was for a product that I wasn’t duped and believing that I wanted and needed. if the sales person would’ve been honest, like I asked him to then I would’ve made sure that there was a faucet feature in my home that I can rely on to my needs and not some crappy pressure tank that puts out a small amount of water out of a faucet that got drilled through my sink that I’m not satisfied with .

1 month ago