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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

The experts at the Pristine Water Company recognize the value of access to quality water and have helped clients achieve this by implementing high quality purification and softener systems. 

Since its founding in 2020, Pristine has helped customers recognize the benefits associated with high quality water. Not only does clean, soft water provide benefits to the home and appliances, it also has profound impacts on the daily lives of those who live there.

In order to provide the best services and solutions to its client base, Pristine has partnered with quality softener and purification partners for equipment needs. 

In addition to providing water softener and purification solutions, Pristine also provides start-to-finish residential solar power installation and air purification solutions. Those looking to utilize clean energy and enhance the overall health of their current living environment can turn to Pristine.

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The Good

  • Water Testing Service
  • Purification Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Additional Services Offered

Water Testing Service

Pristine offers a complimentary residential water test. This initial analysis will provide each customer with the details about their current water supply and offer suggestions for improvements. 

The analysis conducted by Pristine will provide customers with all of the information and details necessary to make informed water softener or purification decisions. Many companies will charge for this service or require some sort of obligation for future service. Pristine offers this as a hassle-free service. 

Purification Systems

Refining water used in the home is a main focus of the services provided by Pristine Water, Solar, and Air. Water quality is something that is routinely tested by state and federal powers. Texas consistently ranks as one of the lowest performing states as it pertains to water quality.

To reverse poor water quality effects, Pristine has helped clients pick out and install quality purification systems. Many water softener companies solely focus on the installation of softener equipment, but Pristine also offers quality purification systems. 

Water Softeners

Hard water can lead to clogged pipes when detergent and other cleaning products do not dissolve properly in hard water. Water softeners can decrease the limescale build-up and improve the lifespan of all of the home’s appliances.

Pristine partners with high-quality manufacturers to bring clients the best products possible. Pristine installs Westinghouse Progressive and Aqua Life systems. Customers can choose from a number of water softener types including:

  • Salt-free softeners
  • Ion-exchange softeners
  • Magnetic softeners 
  • Reverse osmosis softeners

The professionals at Pristine Water, Solar, and Air will help clients determine the best solution depending on the customer. Not all water softener providers have access to the varying types of water softener systems like Pristine does. 

Additional Services Offered

While Pristine primarily focuses its efforts on its water purification and softener services, the company's primary goal is helping clients live healthier and more sustainable lives. In order to meet this goal, Pristine also offers residential solar power design and installation as well as air purification solutions.  


The Bad

  • Geographical Service Area
  • Undisclosed Warranty Details

Geographical Service Area

Pristine currently services the Haslet, Denton, and Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company is based in Haslet and remains a local supplier of water, air, and solar solutions. 

While there are benefits associated with working with a local company, it does limit the customers that can access its services. For those not in the DFW area, Pristine will simply not be a viable option for water softener and purification system installation. Other companies offer a larger geographical service area than Pristine currently does. 

Undisclosed Warranty Details

Any time a new system is installed, particularly one that is offering a service as essential as water purification or softening, there are typically associated warranties or guarantees that come with the product. These are generally offered through the manufacturer and relayed through the sales or installation team.

Unfortunately for Pristine clients, there is no public mention of associated warranties or guarantees on its water products. It is unclear whether or not there are any sort of associated protections or performance guarantees with the systems installed by Prisine. Other water softener providers disclose warranty details for prospective clients to analyze prior to purchase. 


The Bottom Line

Pristine Water, Solar, and Air cares about improving the overall health of its customers. As a full-service water purification, solar, and air treatment entity, Pristine has helped countless families improve their home and family’s overall health.

The expert team at Pristine provides complimentary water testing services to provide a detailed analysis of the current state of the water in the residence. Those results will help Pristine professionals as the staff can recommend the best purification systems and install high-quality water softeners.

In addition to helping improve the quality of the water in residences throughout the Fort Worth area, Pristine also offers residential solar power installation and air purification solutions to interested clients. 

Despite offering a number of high-quality services that have benefited its customers, there are limitations associated with the Pristine Water, Solar, and Air operation. Interested clients should be aware that the geographical service area of Pristine is limited to Haslet, Denton, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Outside of these cities, Pristine is not an option.

Additionally, Pristine has not disclosed any information on manufacturer warranties or guarantees as it pertains to its purification and softener products. It is unclear whether or not warranties are applicable to Pristine clients.

Considering all that Pristine Water, Solar, and Air offers to its clients, those looking for an experienced team to advise and install high-quality water purification and softener systems should consider Pristine. 

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