Advanced Water Filters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and the company policy is to always go the extra mile for the customer. Advanced Water Filters works hard to take suggestions from customers, so they have options and not compromises. 

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The Good

  • Thorough FAQ Page
  • 110% Price Guarantee
  • Product Comparison

Thorough FAQ Page

On the Advanced Water Filters webpage, there is a section for frequently asked questions. On that page, there are many different questions separated into categories. Each of the questions is very thorough, making it easy for customers to find the information they are looking for. They also have very clear ways to contact them for any questions, making their customer service readily available to anyone. 

110% Price Guarantee

Advanced Water Filters works hard to ensure its customers get the lowest price possible. They have a 110 percent guarantee where the company will give you 110 percent of the difference on any identical product listen on the internet for a cheaper price. 

Product Comparison

Advanced Water Filters offers a comparison guide for all of the different brands they sell on their website. This allow customers to see what different types of filtration systems will offer the service that fits their needs the best. 

The Bad

  • Average Cancellation Policy

Average Cancellation Policy

Advanced Water Filters offers a 30-day 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee. Even though it is a benefit to have a trial run on the company’s products, the 30 days is quite short compared to other companies. Thirty days is not a lot of time to test out the water treatment system in your home.

The Bottom Line

Advanced Water Filters is a good company to use when you are wanting to compare products. It is also nice if you find another company that offers the same products for cheaper because you get 110 percent of the difference. Advanced Water Filters is also good for getting answers to questions since the site is full of information. The cancellation policy is not the best compared to other companies though, but it could be a good company to get a good price of a water system treatment.

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