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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

TeleCMI provides comprehensive phone system services for companies in need of global enterprise communication solutions. The most beneficial aspect of the TeleCMI platform is its smart cloud contact center that allows its clients to effectively manage and access all service features. The TeleCMI services can seamlessly be integrated with CRM and other helpdesk tools as well. 

To date, TeleCMI has over 1,500 industry leading companies utilizing its platform to manage a host of responsibilities. Some companies rely on TeleCMI for sales and objective purposes. Others use it to unite business teams locally and abroad.

Many use it for its answering machine and call filtering solutions. Whatever a company is in need of regarding phone communications, TeleCMI likely offers a crafted feature that will more than satisfy that need. 

In addition to offering a high quality VoIP phone system, the conversational AI aspect of the platform provides call centers and other companies with the AI technology needed to automate certain tasks, sales, and even customer service.

Getting started with a cloud phone system through TeleCMI is simple. All clients need to do is purchase a phone number, register all employees needing access, start handling calls through the internet, and track performance and responsiveness.

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The Good

  • Pricing Structures
  • Features 
  • Service Resources
  • Platform Access

Pricing Structures

With TeleCMI, companies can choose from two different pre-determine pricing packages per user. For business phone services, the two available pricing options break down into separate plans as follows:

Premium: $14.99–$19.99 per user

  • 1 local number or toll free number
  • Unlimited calling U.S. and Canada (with exceptions)
  • Call transfer capabilities
  • Basic IVR services
  • Access to SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp (with exceptions)
  • Call recording

Enterprises: $24.99–$29.99 per user

  • Everything from Premium package included
  • CRM Integration (Salesforce, Hubsport, Pipedrive, Zoho)
  • Local number available from over 57 countries
  • Call queue technology
  • Advanced analysis for tracking purposes
  • Live call feed
  • Office hours included

Where TeleCMI then goes above and beyond is offering customization options to companies that need more or less of certain features available through the platform. Prices for these packages will vary depending on what each company/user needs. Not all companies offer both designed monthly packages and customization solutions but TeleCMI does. 


The services available through TeleCMI allow for complete and total access to all necessary phone and communication solutions. The features offered through TeleCMI can help businesses increase sales or bolster customer interactions. Depending on what users are looking for, TeleCMI likely has a solution. TeleCMI features include:

Voice Features

  • Toll-free number
  • Virtual Number
  • International Number
  • Indian Number
  • User Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Personalized greetings and music
  • Call conferencing
  • Call masking
  • Virtual call center
  • Call forwarding
  • Business hours
  • Custom caller ID
  • Internal calls (app to app calling)

Call Routing Features

  • IVR
  • Skill based routing
  • Ring teams
  • Sticky agent
  • Call queuing
  • Call routing
  • Concurrent calls
  • Instant modifications
  • Time based routing
  • Multiple call flow


  • Tags
  • Click2Call
  • Call notes
  • Call back
  • Call transfer
  • After office hours
  • Desktop notification
  • Blacklist
  • Agent status
  • Customized report
  • Missed call analytics
  • Answered call analytics
  • Agent login

Statistics and Monitoring

  • Supervisor login
  • Call analytics
  • Call monitoring
  • Call whispering 
  • Call recording
  • Live call feeds
  • Custom filters
  • Call barging


  • Webhooks and API
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile SDK
  • Web SDK

Not only does TeleCMI offer premier cloud based phone calling services, the platform then allows users to gather data and statistics to determine best practices, make improvements, and train team members.

Additionally, these features can be seamlessly integrated to ensure a proper flow of business. Not all comparable competitors in the space are offering all of these features at a fair market price.

Service Resources

For more advanced purposes, there are resources available to TeleCMI users with particular needs. Whether it is a call center that utilizes phone calling strategies all day or a salesman in need of professional presence when handling clients, TeleCMI likely has resources available to suit those needs. Platform resources include:

  • Coverage — Users that take advantage of the TeleCMI service will have global coverage when making calls while maintaining a home base presence. With cloud communications through TeleCMI, users can communicate with over 70 counties.
  • Github — With the TeleCMI Github service, users can see projects and quickly access most used topics of discussion. 
  • API Documentation — The TeleCMI API documentation resource allows companies to build out their own analytics and access all call information done through the platform. This data will all be logged onto a personal dashboard.

These advanced resources are another key indicator of the commitment TeleCMI has made to ensure its users have complete access to quality services and key data points to ensure peak performance. 

Platform Access

The TeleCMI services can be easily accessed from a number of devices and locations. When utilizing a computer, TeleCMI offers desktop applications where users can make calls and access all plan features. While on the go, TeleCMI users can download the mobile apps and still utilize their purchased phone number and voicemail.

Finally, while at their office desk, TeleCMI users can have their own IP phone fully connected to the TeleCMI platform.

There are a number of VoIP services that require users to solely use platform equipment. This can only be accessed in person at the office though which limits where and when calls and communication takes place. TeleCMI ensures that its users can access platform features whenever they want from literally anywhere. 


The Bad

  • Missing Services
  • Contracts for Pricing Discounts

Missing Services

While TeleCMI has created a comprehensive phone communications platform, there are still some services that its competitors offer clients that TeleCMI does not. Two of these common services features include team chat and online fax capabilities.

This may not be a drawback for some companies looking strictly for phone and integrations services, it could be an issue for other prospective clients looking for a quality VoIP service. TeleCMI seems strictly focused on providing the best cloud-based phone calling service it can offer. There are basic SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp services available but not necessarily an instant chat feature offered.

Contracts for Pricing Discounts

Many VoIP companies have clients or users pay for service on a month-to-month basis. In fact, this is the most common payment structure for VoIP providers. There are a select few that lock clients and users into contracts. While TeleCMI does offer a monthly structure with no long-term commitment, the pricing can be deceiving.

Companies that want access to the cheaper TeleCMI monthly rates will have to sign on to use the service for at least one year. The difference in the cost is 30 percent, which is enough for some companies to get locked in for a full twelve months. Companies looking to save on each user on a monthly basis will have to purchase the annual TeleCMI plan. 


The Bottom Line

TeleCMI provides integrated cloud phone services to companies looking for a full-fledged calling and communications platform. Users that opt in to the TeleCMI service will have the option to choose between two different pricing structures or opt in to a customized plan. Features of the TeleCMI service include: voice features, call routing features, productivity solutions, and statistics and monitoring.

Additionally, the resources available to TeleCMI users are competitive and allow for ideal integration. Access to TeleCMI services is simple and straightforward with desktop, mobile, and desk use all offered.

While there are a number of voice and calling features that set TeleCMI apart from its competitors, there are drawbacks to be aware of as well. For example, there are related services not available to TeleCMI clients that other VoIP companies provide like team chat and fax services. TeleCMI users will also be locked into a year long agreement if they want access to the 30% pricing discount.

Companies in need of cloud based phone communications should consider TeleCMI as a provider. The company offers a host of features and services that will cover all phone calling needs business typically need.

However, those in need of inter-office communications and faxing abilities may want to look elsewhere for services. 

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