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LAST UPDATED: November 8th, 2022

MightyCall is one of the fastest growing cloud-based communications and customer service companies in the country. Providing VOIP and communication solutions, MightyCall specializes in small business phone servicing and communication needs.

Based in Palo Alto, one of the world's major tech hubs, MightyCall currently helps over 25,000 small and very small businesses worldwide achieve the best and smoothest customer communications possible.

MightyCall has no long term contracts, allows you to change your plan anytime, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

If your company already has a virtual phone number, MightCall can port it in for free, so your company can keep using it.

MightyCall has been awarded Hot IT Company of the Year 2019 (Gold Winner), IT Products and Services for Small and SOHO Business 2019 (Silver Winner), and the Seattle Awards - Telecommunications 2019 Award.

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The Good

  • Work from Anywhere
  • Sound Professional
  • Separate Business from Personal
  • Save Important Contacts

Work from Anywhere

Being a communications and VOIP systems company, MightyCall provides users with the ability to make and receive calls on any device of your choosing. Whether it be a phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc, whatever your device may be, MightyCall works wherever you are. MightyCall is compatible with all systems and is available for use on any devices you need. You truly can work from the beach, the pool, your home, or even the office. Keep everything in one place, and utilize the cloud capabilities to access wherever you are.

Sound Professional

MightyCall provides an autoreceptionist to help make all of your important business calls professional. No need to worry about managing call flows — the autoreceptionist does it all for you. Easy to set up and easy to use, the autoreceptionist professionally greets clients and manages call flow straight from your device. The autoreceptionist has your business needs covered.

Separate Business from Personal

Managing your business can get tough and it's even harder trying to manage your personal life as well. Easily separate your business from your personal life, even on your own device with MightyCall. Get toll-free numbers and local numbers or even vanity numbers for branding and identifying your business.

Save Important Contacts

With MightyCall, you can easily organize a list of your contacts and separate them from business to personal. Add notes and keep track of them for each contact and business deal — wherever you are, whatever device you have.


The Bad

  • Automated Messaging
  • Lack of Control
  • Slow

Automated Messaging

Prior customers have noted that they had difficulty recording automated messages. It was noted that sometimes the messages would glitch and not allow the user to mark the messages as resolved. However, the error could have just been a computer and microphone glitch. With the customer service team reaching out, the automated messaging could be fixed pretty easily once identified.

Lack of Control

Having the autoreceptionist is a blessing for some, but others see it as a lack of control over who handles their business and personal calls. Some people prefer having more hands-on experience with the client. Prior customers noted that answering each telephone call interrupted their work flow and affected their ability to generate more income. The customer service team responded with updates for adding Caller ID to help manage more of the incoming calls.


Prior customers mentioned that MightyCall's app was terribly slow for both Android and Apple. Even on a forwarded phone, the app was still slow and led to numerous dropped calls, recordings not being sent, or not going through to clients. Some clients even said that the audio portion didnt even go through and that led to many frustrations. Even the customer service team was slow to respond to errors and messages and typically mentioned that there was a bug in the process of being fixed, leading to slower than normal services. A prior customer also mentioned that troubleshooting took forever and the answer always came back the same as being a bug on their end.


The Bottom Line

If you a small business owner, definitely use MightyCall. With affordable pricing plans that match excellent service, MightCall helps take out the additional stress and functions with its autoreceptionist and allows you to travel and take care of business wherever you need to be. The app works on any device and is easy to install, set up, and use. No more confusing instructions — MightyCall takes out all of the frustration and allows for seamless setup.

If you are a larger business, make sure you research ahead of time which plans and pricing would be best for you to avoid any lack of control features and any miscommunication from having a centralized autoreceptionist. 

MightyCall is recommended to those who enjoy lots of added features such as softphone, accessing messages, voicemail, email, and phone calls wherever you are and on whatever device you have.

Take advantage of MightCall's free trial offer to access unlimited calling, visual call flow configuration, call forwarding, toll free or local numbers, call queues, VIP/Black-list call routing, call recording, voicemail and transcription, visual voicemail, softphone, the mobile app, and call screening. All of these features are worth the price and will make your business journey much easier. These features help your phone system work quickly and reliably whether you are in the offic or on the go. Everything is designed to make a modern business experience for modern times. Excellent customer service is availble 24/7 to troubleshoot and assist with all of your VOIP and communications needs.

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Jordan Davis St Petersburg, SPE

I highly recommend MightyCall! This service drives my business. All calls and text messages are answered by my team. I always know who's calling, why they calling and who handles the call. I got the middle plan with a voicemail transcription and it's the best one I've seen, nice accent catch! I can't complain about anything, everything is so smooth. I absolutely love their support, so helpfull! My team is growing and I'm happy that I have a service I can count on.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Mary Block Weehawken, NJ

I have been using MightyCall for a few months now. I love the way it looks, interface is clean, app run smoothly. Technical support is great, always answer all your questions. I looked into a few services and so happy I gave a try MightyCall. For my business it works great, I never miss a call or a text message.

2 years ago