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LAST UPDATED: August 16th, 2023

Flagman Telecom is a Voice Over Internet Protocol provider based in California. The company aims to customize and provide phone systems that complement any business structure. Flagman Telecom services are available at a monthly rate per individual user, and have helped some clients save up to 40 percent on communication costs for their business. 

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The Good

  • Unlimited Calls in North America
  • 1-Month Free Trial
  • No Contract Required
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Mobile App and Phone Equipment

Unlimited Calls in North America

Flagman Telecom allows its users to have an unlimited number of phone calls each month, anywhere in the United States or Canada. This allows businesses to reach a national audience and support customers no matter where they are. Unlimited calls allow companies to be reachable by customers and provide top notch service. 

1-Month Free Trial

Flagman Telecom can provide a free business analysis, which helps clients select the number of phones and extensions they need. This free analysis also helps Flagman Telecom know how to route calls based on the roles of the client’s employees. The company can set up monitoring, recording, and phone statistics to aid clients in increasing customer satisfaction.  

In addition to the free business analysis, potential clients can try out the Flagman Telecom system for one month at no cost. This allows companies to ensure that Flagman Telecom has all the VOIP services needed. 

No Contract Required

At Flagman Telecom, the representatives do not try to lock customers into a long-term contract. There is no contract required when subscribing to Flagman Telecom services. Users can cancel at any time without any penalty. 

Transparent Pricing

Pricing at Flagman Telecom is based on the amount of individual users using the service. The lowest price starts at $19.99 per user per month, and ranges up to $29.99 per user per month. The more employee users a client has, the better rate they will receive on Flagman Telecom services. 

Mobile App and Phone Equipment

Flagman Telecom also uses “soft phone” or a mobile app. This requires no hardware installation at the customer’s business. Rather, it does all the phone transfers through the cloud and allows employees to use their personal cell phones to answer business calls. This makes voice calling much simpler for businesses — especially those with remote employees. 

For those customers who still want to use phone equipment in an office setting, Flagman Telecom can help with that as well. The company has a variety of equipment available for purchase online and will install the phone equipment for you, to ensure a seamless transition to the Flagman Telecom system.


The Bad

  • No Video/Web Conferencing
  • Lack of Reviews

No Video/Web Conferencing

All of Flagman Telecom’s services are focused around voice calling, messaging, and faxing. Unfortunately, the company’s service does not include video conferencing. Video conferencing has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and can add a needed layer to some business’s customer and employee communication. Some businesses may not need this feature, but depending on the industry, some businesses may require it. 

Lack of Reviews

Flagman Telecom has been in business since 2012, yet the company has only received a handful of reviews. Granted, the reviews that Flagman Telecom has received are mostly positive. However, it is unclear how many clients the company has worked with and how much experience it has. 


The Bottom Line

Flagman Telecom offers all of the basic phone services that a company would need. For voice calling, the services are extensive — even advanced. Flagman Telecom offers many perks: the free business analysis, a free one-month trial, statistical reports, auto-attendant and greetings, easy call routing and transfers, etc. However, if your business needs the added element of video conferencing, Flagman Telecom may not be the best option.  

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