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LAST UPDATED: March 18th, 2022

CallTools provides an array of tools and services to help its customers make their business operations more efficient. The company’s mission is to provide excellent customer service and help customers have an excellent experience with its product. It offers two distinct plans: CallTools predictive and CallTools preview.

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The Good

  • Readily Available Customer Service
  • Many Included Features

Readily Available Customer Service offers many different options to get a hold with customer service for help with its product. The company has a 24/7 chat feature on its website where you can ask any necessary questions. It also has a 1-800 phone number that you can call. CallTools also offers a service where you can provide your company information, and they will send you the cost estimate.  

Many Included Features

The two plans that are available through CallTools offer many features: 

  • Predictive Dialer — This features uses an algorithm to increase worker’s efficiency, enabling them to reach more customers and prospects in less time. The predictive dialer automatically transfers live calls to available employees.
  • Power Dialer — Automatically dials through a predetermined list of numbers to connect employees to live calls.
  • Click-to-Call/Preview Dialer — With this feature, employees no longer need to dial by hand. Instead, upload the list of customers into the system and dial them directly through that list.
  • Group Local Match — With this feature, companies can purchase a bank of phone numbers from different states and areas, so when calling a potential customer, it appears that the call is coming from near the customer’s location.
  • CRM Integrations — This feature makes it possible to integrate third-party CRMs so as to not lose your data when switching dialing platforms. 
  • Cloud Based — This feature allows speed and reliability and allows for an affordable setup and maintenance. 
  • And more!

The Bad

  • Only Two Main Plans to Choose From
  • Doesn’t List Pricing for Specific Plans

Only Two Main Plans to Choose From

Many other VoIP companies offer a wider range of plans to choose from that can fill a variety of different types of businesses needs., however, only offers two main plans to choose from. predictive — This plan offers all the features that offers including predictive dialer, power dialer, click-to-call/preview dialer, cloud based, web phone, CRM included, local and state matching, and SMS. preview — This plan offers fewer features than the predictive plan and includes click-to-call/preview dialer, cloud based, web phone, CRM included, local and state matching, interactive voice response, email templates, and SMS.

Doesn’t List Pricing for Specific Plans

The’s website lists the plans and the features that it involves but it doesn’t give any particular pricing ranges. This is not uncommon, as VoIP providers usually do not provide  exact prices because they vary so broadly for the size and specific needs of each company. However, differs from other sites because it doesn’t even give a range of possible prices, while most other VoIP sites do.


The Bottom Line

Overall, offers a wide range of features and ensures that its customers can contact customer support in a variety of ways so they can get the help that they need. Although only offers two main plans, the available features in each of the plans will often be sufficient for the company looking into getting VoIP services.

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Exclusive Telemarketing Evansville, IN

Calltools always handles our needs with the quickest and best team members. I would recommend them over any predictive dialer system on the market! They get it done and with the best tools we can find anywhere!

2 years ago