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AT&T has been in business since 1885 and is one of the most well-known and respected names in the communication technology industry. AT&T now offers VoIP (Voice Over IP) services that allow you to transform your existing phone system into an advanced, internet-based structure. This service is designed for residential, small business and enterprise owners. The options and features vary greatly depending on the type of voice service you choose.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus AT&T VoIP reviews from real users.

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The Good

  • Bundles
  • Business Options


AT&T's VoIP service can easily be added to any existing phone or internet package already provided by AT&T. The best choice for residential users is the U-Verse bundle pack which ranges from $29.00 to $89.00 and includes TV, internet and phone service depending on the package. Customers who choose both TV and Voice are given the Call History and Click to Call features for free. These features display missed, answered, and incoming calls on your TV screen and allow you to make phone calls using your remote control.

Other cool features include Caller ID that appears on your TV screen, an online address book that can be accessed from any PC and a single voice mailbox that streamlines voicemail messages from both your wireless and landline phones into one location.

Business Options

Small business owners will probably want to use AT&T's Business In A Box bundle package, which allows you to switch your company over to the VoIP service while still using your existing landline phones. This system can connect with existing key systems or PBX, so it minimizes equipment costs. You'll enjoy features such as an integrated router, built-in firewall, built-in wi-fi access point, VPN termination, and a built-in LAN switch.

Although AT&T offers support for VoIP services, you can easily manage your own system preferences by using a web-based tool that allows you to edit user lines and features of the system on your own. Choose between SIP trunking that uses an existing PBX or key telephone system, or hosted VoIP that will be fully managed by AT&T as a cloud-based service. There are several options for enterprise users that can help you to simplify your company's phone system.

The Unified Communications options are probably the best for large enterprises. There are several to choose from, including AT&T Connect, a service that allows you to streamline video conferencing in real-time while sharing web, audio and video files. The Unified Communications services are cloud-based, which makes all the features easily accessible on a single user interface. The IP toll-free option is a managed VoIP communication system that supports inbound toll-free calls, which can greatly increase customer satisfaction by making it easier and cheaper for customers to reach you directly.

The Bad

  • Lack of Online Pricing Info
  • Must Purchase Other AT&T Services
  • International Calling Rates

Lack of Online Pricing Info

The biggest concern with using AT&T's VoIP services is the lack of online pricing information. The fees associated with adding this service to any existing phone or internet service is left unclear. There may also be additional fees for certain features. You will have to call a customer representative to gain all the pricing details before proceeding with the service.

Must Purchase Other AT&T Services

Another point of concern is the necessity to purchase AT&T telephone and broadband internet service before you can use the VoIP system. The basic internet options that are compatible with the VoIP system range from $19.95 to $35.00 a month. The U-Verse system may be economical for residential users who desire TV, phone, and internet all in the same bundle - however, this is not the best choice for someone who isn't already using AT&T services.

International Calling Rates

AT&T's international calling rates are considerably more expensive than those of other VoIP service providers. Rates can be as low as $.07 a minute but can range as high as $1.07 a minute depending on the country you are trying to contact. If you make international calls frequently and are looking for a way to minimize costs, there are probably cheaper options available.

The Bottom Line

AT&T is well-established in the telecommunications industry, so you can rely on their trusted brand and consistent service. There is ample customer service, including live telephone support as well as online resources such as product documentation and training materials. However, the company website does not have clear-cut information regarding pricing and additional fees. We suggest calling customer service to clarify the full details before committing to any AT&T VoIP service.

This system seems like it would be most suitable for residential users, as it can greatly enhance the functionality of your existing TV, telephone and internet services. However, it is an expensive choice if you plan on making international calls frequently.

It is best to use AT&T's VoIP service if you already use other AT&T services. If you currently have another internet provider, you will have to pay the fees and monthly payments involved with switching your service over to AT&T.

If you use AT&T in your home or business already, then this VoIP system will best offer features to meet your needs.

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April 30th, 2018 Provo, UT DETAILS
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There customer service is the best. The employees at the store were super helpful and friendly.

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