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LAST UPDATED: May 28th, 2020

8x8 is a cloud-based VoIP provider that offers residential and business services to help you enhance the quality of phone communication and call management. This cloud-based system offers business continuity and disaster recovery protection, making it one of the most reliable systems available. 8x8 offers business phone systems, cloud contact center services, and unified communications. 8x8 also sells a large array of equipment, including IP phones, headsets, and accessories.

Read on for 8x8 VoIP pros and cons. 

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The Good

  • Pre-Designed Solutions
  • Features
  • Cloud Contact Center

Pre-Designed Solutions

8x8 offers pre-designed VoIP system solutions for specific industries including government, education, healthcare, high-tech, insurance, transportation, outsourcing and consulting. There are also solutions designed for small and medium businesses as well as mid-market and enterprise businesses.


You also have the option of building your own business solution by choosing the available features that suit your needs. The Business Phone Service plans include features such as unlimited calling, international and toll-free virtual phone numbers, mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, auto attendants, online call management, conference bridge, music on hold, softphones, voicemail-to-email notifications, SMS texting, instant messaging and chat, web conferencing with video, internet faxing and call recording. There are also optional features such as switchboard, virtual attendant, power key service, overhead paging, branch office, 4-line appearance, call queuing and additional ring groups.

Cloud Contact Center

The 8x8 virtual cloud contact center offers features such as skills-based routing, IVR, virtual queue, web callback, call recording, historical reporting and real-time monitoring. Disaster recovery is available as a companion service to the 8x8 virtual contact center or as a back-up service to any premises-based call center system. The Unified Communications service combines the best of all these services by bundling phone services, collaboration, virtual meetings and contact center solutions. This can be a great tool to synchronize your business if you have multiple offices or locations.

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The Bad

  • Pricing and Conditions of Service
  • Termination

Pricing and Conditions of Service

The 8x8 website is unclear about pricing and conditions of services. Customers are prompted to contact a company representative for a quote to determine the price of service for your particular system. Although the length of the service agreement is unclear, it appears that service agreements can run for as long as 12-24 months. Once your service agreement is over, the service is automatically renewed for another 12 months unless you contact the company. There is, however, an option of switching your agreement to a month-to-month service plan after your initial service agreement is up.


If you choose to terminate service early, you must give the company at least 30 days notice. You will be held responsible for that month's service charge. Expect to pay a disconnection fee of $59.99-$200.00 depending on the type of service you originally purchased. Additional cancellation fees may also apply. Another point of concern is the fact that 8x8 reserves the right to change rates and service charges at any time without warning. Even though 8x8 is capable of making international calls,  the rates per minute are somewhat pricey and can range as high as 70 cents per minute depending on the country or region.


The Bottom Line

8x8 offers both residential and business plans, but its services and features are best utilized by businesses. 8X8 is capable of supporting business phone systems ranging from small businesses to large-scale corporations. This service can likely be used with your existing equipment but you can also buy equipment upgrades from 8x8 if you need to.

Using the 8x8 system can enhance your professional image and quality of customer service by providing customers with features such as music on hold and call forwarding.

A great thing about using 8x8 is the ability to choose specific features that suit your needs without having to pay for additional features that may not be necessary for your business.

The biggest drawback is the somewhat vague pricing and service agreements on the website. Make sure you are given clear terms and conditions of service when you sign up with 8x8. Also, keep in mind that you may have to pay somewhat hefty cancellation fees if you decide to terminate early.

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Michael Burnham Watertown, WI

This is a deeply unethical company with a barely-passable service and bad customer service. The configuration user interface of the product is hideous and trapped in a 640x480 world while everyone else has moved on to responsive webpages. Technical support is virtually non-existent and the technology and reporting lags behind most of their competitors. Once you sign up, you are basically forgotten. Four years later, I cancel and attempt to leave for a better and less-expensive service, and they spring over $2400 of early termination fees because "I didn't terminate on my anniversary date". This being based upon hidden terms buried on a terms/conditions page that isn't referenced ever during the month-to-month renewals. Run away from these guys.

4 years ago Edited September 14, 2021