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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Based in Edmond, Oklahoma and with over 40 years of telecom industry experience, 1-VoIP is a leading voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service provider. With a wide range of residential and business services that include SIP trunking services for business owners.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus reviews from real 1-VoIP customers.

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The Good

  • Residential Plans 
  • Business Plans
  • Premium Features 

Residential Plans

1-Voip has three different residential VoIP plans, offering you barebone options with limited minutes, all the way up to unlimited international calling service. Here is a breakdown of your options: 

  • Value - $8.97 per month 
    • Unlimited incoming calls
    • 500 minutes of outbound calls to the US & Canada 
    • Phone adapter rental
    • No contract commitment 
    • No cancellation fees 
    • $14.95 activation fee 
    • Free hardware rental, but a $14.95 shipping fee
  • US & Canada Unlimited - $17.97 per month
    • Unlimited minutes for incoming calls
    • Unlimited calls to the US & Canada 
    • Phone adapter rental included, but with an upgrade to free shipping
    • $14.95 activation fee
  • World Unlimited - $23.97 per month
    • Unlimited calling to 30+ countries. 
    • Phone adapter rental included with free shipping
    • $14.95 activation fee

Depending on the VoIP service plan, you can opt to sign an annual contract that will lower your annual costs, if desired.

Business Plans

VoIP service plans tend to range in price depending on the number of minutes, tools, users, and benefits. As a service provider, 1-VoIP offers a variety of calling plans with flexible month-to-month payments and a variety of usage options to cater to the needs of a range of customers. Business phone systems have the following options: 

  • Metered - $14.97 per month, per extension 
    • No commitment needed 
    • Pay 2 cents per minute on top of the monthly fee.  
  • Corporate $24.97 per month, per extension 
    • No commitment needed
    • Unlimited minutes
  • Professional - $34.97 per month, per extension 
    • Hard phone rental & phone number included

The company offers month-to-month, no contract options. The ability to try the product and cancel without a long-term contract is a great selling point.

Premium Features 

The feature package of any VoIP company is essential. Offering 19+ business phone features ranging from cell phone forwarding to personal auto attendant, the features play a major role in creating a great experience for clients and customers while reaching out to the business. Both residential service and business plans come with 1-VoIP free premium features.

Some of these include:

  • voicemail to email 
  • digital call forward
  • music on hold
  • virtual number
  • configurable caller ID 
  • customer service support
  • anonymous call rejection
  • virtual fax
  • 3-way calls

Business class service features also include: 

  • auto attendant
  • extension transfer
  • call record
  • digital queues
  • custom music on hold 

The Bad

  • Activation & Shipping Fees 
  • 3rd Party Phones & Apps 

Activation & Shipping Fees

One-time activation fees are charged in your first month's bill. Residential lines have a one-time $14.95 activation fee.  For 10 lines on the Corporate plan, the activation fee is almost $100, at $94.65. For 10 lines on the Professional calling plan, the activation fee is $169.40. 

Third Party Phones & Apps 

1-VoIP doesn't have its own SIP phones, softphone software or apps. So, you will have to either use a hard phone VoIP adapter, which they can provide and is included in some plans, a SIP phone from one of their partners (Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink, and Polycom), or use a computer or smartphone with a softphone app.  Zoiper, a free softphone app for your computer, iOS or Android device, is pre-configured for 1-VoIP.

Using third-party equipment can be a good thing if the customer has already invested in SIP phones or you have a favorite mobile calling app. The one thing that you may need to keep in mind is that customer support may not be able to assist you if you aren't using a supported partner device. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, 1-VoIP is an excellent, low-priced VoIP service provider choice. A big standout in both their residential service and business VoIP options is the month-to-month billing option, allowing you to avoid long-term contracts. However, be aware that there will be activation fees, and you will have the option to use third-party equipment for calling which can make technical support a difficult task.

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Norm W Culver, IN

We have found 1-Voip to provide us with excellent service at a minimum price -- even providing the necessary hardware shipped free. The only problem we had was getting AT&T to port our original phone number without charging us a nearly $50 fee, but since we're Direct TV and internet customers of theirs, they eventually waived that excessive fee. When I called them for assistance, i found them prompt and helpful in connecting our answering machine. What more can one ask for @ $8,97 a month AND no-contract?

5 years ago

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Larry Wayne, PA

We have used 1-VOIP for our business phone since opening about 2 years ago. While VOIP is a great idea and should be very easy to use the available features, 1-VOIP is terrible at providing the service. Every time we make a change to any part of the telephone configuration it takes days for 1-VOIP to get our system working correctly. Currently, our system rings first in the office then transfers to a cell phone. If the call is not answered, it transfers back to the office number to take a message. Every time we change the cell number (ie someone goes on vacation), our system does not work properly and it takes 1-VOIP days to fix the issue. And, some basic features on the system will occasionally stop working. Just last week we lost the ability to transfer calls between extensions. It took 1-VOIP almost a week to correct the problem. 1-VOIP will also play the "bait and switch" game if you are not careful. We recently added another extension to our system. When the new telephone arrived, 1-VOIP had configured it with the wrong extension number. When we called to correct, we discovered 1-VOIP had another device on our system we were unaware of and never used. Alex, from 1-VOIP told us they made a mistake by not billing us for the device for a year and they would start bill us for that device unless we returned it AND we would be bill additional fees for the new telephone. We use our system as a business phone. Every time we call with problems (frequently), we are transferred to the business tech support who are often not available (not in the office or “on call” and we are told they will return the call, which has taken up to 3 days). While the concept of VOIP is a great idea, 1-VOIP has not figured it out and does not offer good/honest service. We are currently looking for a new provider and there a lot of them to look at.

4 years ago

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ednjudy Macedon, NY

TERRIBLE. was switched from low cost plan to more expensive plan. REALLY??? was sent to a website to FIX my modem myself??? REALLY??? difficult and next to impossible to need to learn all about modems. DROPPED CALLS. repeatedly would drop calls. my doctors office could not call my home. voip said this was their phones problem. NO. IT VOIP's problem. actually at my doctors office and they called my home number and it would not work. called before voip ok, called after voip ok. bad voip. bad. retired and on SS, so i need to be able to talk to my doctor. same problem with my sister in Florida. just terrible voip. no need to learn about modems and such. calls would be dropped. sometimes had NO SERVICE AT ALL...

6 years ago