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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2023

Davis Vision was founded in 1964 and started out as an optical store. Today, it has grown to service millions members across thousands of client groups spanning all industries, trades, and professions.

Partnered with Visionworks, one of the premier optical eyewear chains, Davis Vision offers exclusive frames and lenses.

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The Good

  • Authentic Transitions® Lenses Coverage
  • Large Network
  • Individual Vision Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance

Authentic Transitions® Lenses Coverage

Davis Vision's plans offer coverage for Transitions® Lenses. These lenses offer excellent protection against UV light and blue light. Since these lenses are beneficial, Davis Vision's coverage of them is a stand-out feature.

Large Network

Davis Vision has a network with tens of thousands of providers, and several major national retailers are included in the network. The company's large network means that you should be able to find a provider in network. However, if you can't, Davis Vision insurance also provides out-of-network coverage.

It's easy to find an in-network eye care professional using Davis Vision's "Find a Provider" tool, which helps you save money on out-of-pocket costs on covered vision care.

Individual Vision Insurance

Davis Vision offers individual and family vision plans through SuperiorVision. These plans include an eye exam and set allowances for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Plan members also benefit from other discounts. Discounts vary. Some include discounts for factory scratches, Lasik surgery, and more.

Group Vision Insurance

Davis Vision also offers group vision benefits that employers can offer. Davis Vision's plan options help you keep costs for you and employees low, including balances out-of-pocket expenses. Plans also include LASIK and hearing aid discounts.

If you are an employee, you will want to check with your current employer to see if Davis Vision is your employer's vision benefit provider. You can learn more about coverage, monthly premiums, and out-of-pocket costs (e.g. copays) that way as well.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Insight
  • Limited Availability

Insufficient Customer Insight

Davis Vision has not received many customer reviews on Best Company. Due to the lack of reviews, we have minimal insight on the customer experience and a full recommendation is not available.

Limited Availability

Davis Vision insurance plans are not available across the United States. Fortunately, it's easy to check from the website whether or not a plan is offered in your area. Once you input your zip code, you'll either be notified that there are no plans for your area or see the plans available. If a Davis Vision plan is not available, you'll need to consider other options.


The Bottom Line

If you're an employer or an individual seeking vision coverage, a Davis Vision insurance plan is a nice choice. Although there is limited information on the customer experience, Davis Vision's plans are worth considering.

Some of the company's biggest draws include the deals on frames, exclusive frames and lenses, a large network, and out-of-network coverage.

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Rhea Rahman Cleveland, OH

I previously had good experience with Davis Vision - I was able to be reimbursed for my out of network glasses. This year, my plan has changed and I called Davis Vision to make sure of my plan. I waited more than 40 minutes each time to talk to a representative and in neither call was I offered any helpful information. The first person told me I would be covered at a Davis Vision and that there were SO MANY in New York. There are two and neither are within 15 miles of where I live. I called again to ask about in-network providers and of the 3 providers I was offered, the first phone number I was given was out of service, the second, the receptionist explained they were specialists and didn't even make eyeglasses. I wasted so much time trying to talk to a representative at Davis Vision and have not only not received any useful information, I also felt disrespected.

5 days ago

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Ginger Houston, TX

This company is a joke. I have not once heard from or talked to anyone who works for Davis Vision since I’ve been a “member”- I have never been sent a card or an email with my member ID. I can’t get anyone to respond to the contact us form and no one will answer the phone. How am I supposed to use benefits I pay for twice a month without any service, information or communication? How long could it possibly take to look me up in their system to send me my ID number? I’ll be contacting my HR to complain about this company in hopes that my employer drops this provider.

5 days ago

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Jason Atlanta, GA

I have been waiting over 2 months now to be reimbursed. I was told my check was mailed to me a month ago but still have no received it and can get no help at all from anyone at Davis Vision. Also whenever you call make sure you have at least 10 minutes to sit through all the options and finally find an extension that will connect you to a human. Then plan on sitting on hold for at least 30-45 minutes. I pay for vision insurance every month and get absolutely no benefit from doing so with Davis Vision. If they weren't the vision insurance my company uses I would never use them again. Worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

3 weeks ago

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J N Washington, DC

Frustratingly aweful. They don't respond to email questions/contact forms; they don't show you basic information about your coverage online (literally says I have to call for my benefits); doesn't tell you your member ID number online; tells me online I can use my benefits at a specific glasses company and then when I go in to that shop I'm told I need to submit an out-of-network reimbursement, which I do an then have been waiting 9 weeks to hear anything back. Waste of time and money.

4 weeks ago

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Kathleen Reilly New York, NY

Useless, maybe fake? This is the only vision insurance linked to Healthfirst NY and I will likely downgrade to a plan without vision insurance, if paying more for vision insurance means getting nothing from Davis Vision.

2 weeks ago

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Alex Weirton, WV

As I type this I am currently on hold for the second straight hour, this of course is after I was on hold for thirty minutes and got an agent who placed me on hold and then hung up. My reason for calling is that under my plan I am supposed to have coverage for an eye exam and one pair of glasses per year, I do not wear glasses. I went to an in network provider earlier and was told that Davis Vision would cover the exam but wouldn't contribute a penny toward my glasses.

4 months ago

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Sarah Somerset, NJ

I have Davis Vision through my work and have used them for the past 3+ years. They don’t have many choices in providers and I pay double what I was paying before with my last insurance for an exam and contacts. The first year I used this insurance they refused to cover an in network provider (VisionWorks)for contacts and claimed that it was out of network. So I paid way more for contacts than I should have and was only partially reimbursed. I shouldn’t have signed up again but I didn’t find another insurance in time and got stuck with them. I will definitely not be signing up again next year

7 months ago

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KP Austin, TX

The coverage that Davis Vision provides is adequate. The member portal on Davis Vision's website is HORRIBLE. One of the online retailers listed for my plan DID NOT ACCEPT Davis Vision. The customer support online form apparently tries to send an email to their customer support inbox, which BOUNCES back the email to me. It is obvious that Davis Vision doesn't care to have even a decent online customer experience.

8 months ago

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Amanda V Ottawa, ON

THE WORST. They are fraudulent and their list of in network providers will all say you're out of network. Doesn't work anywhere. Absolutely THE WORST

1 month ago

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AnonymousforPersonalPrivacy Rochester, MN

Davis Vision is a deceptive fraudulent company that claims to cover contact lens fittings, but apparently if you go for a contact lens fitting at an in network provider and want to try different lenses, buy those lenses somewhere else, or do anything at all other than buy them from that provider on the exact day of your fitting, the contact lens fitting isn't covered. Good luck ever finding a doctor that is willing to do this without letting you try the lenses first - they just don't do that, so you're never ever going to be covered.

6 months ago

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Rw Hayward, CA

I needed pre-approval for contacts so my eye car provider has to fax my paper work to them. Over a span of 2 months ,on 3 separate occasions to 2 different fax machines, after speaking with 4 different people, they claimed they didn’t receive the faxed information from my eye care provider each time. Its weird that they never follow up and say that they didnt receive my pre-approval info. Its been 3months and im still not sure if they approved my contact lenses after speakin with 6 different people in total. And they keep trying to redirect me to the app which doesnt provide any type of info. Terrible

9 months ago

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honest Leesburg, VA

If I could give a minus star review, I would. I've been working to get my $39.00 claim resolved for over 5 months. I've spent days online, on hold...the endless circle. They're the WORST I've ever ever dealt with. Kind folks that are clueless and get nothing done.

6 months ago

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Ann Adams Fresno, CA

I would not ever sign up for Davis Vision again. It has been very difficult to get accurate coverage information for my Dr. who is listed as an in network provider. We also have not been able to orders covered contacts for over 2 months even with calling the Davis vision customer service multiple times. Even their staff can't do anything to assist! Super frustrating and I will pick back up the other vision provider as soon as my open enrollment comes as this was a nightmare. Stay away from Davis insurance!!

10 months ago

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X XYZ Queens Village, NY

In September 2020, I ordered a pair of eyeglasses from Davis Visionworks, 254-69 Horace Harding Exp., Little Neck, NY 11362. For decades I have ordered a new pair of eyeglasses there every year. My requirements have always been the same, that of “Progressive” bifocals and “Transition” (photochromatic) lenses, which are self-darkening in sunlight. The glasses took several weeks to produce. Over the next few months it became obvious that these were not Transition lenses. I made an appointment and returned to the store with the glasses in January. A woman on the staff asked me what the problem was. I explained it, and said that I wanted to see the work order, please. To which she immediately became agitated and replied “Oh, don’t SAY that! I’ll go get Adam!” I thought her reply was oddly inappropriate, but I did not ask her name. Ten minutes later Mr. D, who is an optician there, came over to me. We remembered each other, and he also remembered and confirmed that he wrote the order for the glasses. He stepped outside to hold the glasses in sunlight and verified that they were not Transition lenses. He then went to the back of the store and discussed this with his colleagues. Mr. D was very polite and courteous to me, as he always is. Next, another employee came over to talk with me. I later learned his actual name (withheld to protect the guilty). He noted that one lens was scratched and I said that that was not the issue. He told me they would be giving me new lenses in a new frame. I mentioned that I didn't need or want a new frame, only the correct lenses. Before I could say anything else he told me he was going to talk without my replying to him. During his lecture he mentioned that Transition lenses would cost me more than $50 per lens to make. He then stood over me and proceeded to attempt to intimidate me condescendingly, saying I could reply to him only when he was through. At one point he asked me a question, and I answered it, assuming he was through with his long harangue. He immediately snapped "I'm not through yet" and again repeated what he intended to do. I remained silent. Eventually I asked to see the original work order. He then went to the back of the store and returned with a computer-generated printout. It became obvious that it was not the original work order. I reviewed it and said that there was nothing on that page that mentioned anything about Progressive or Transition lenses. He said angrily "I'm not going to discuss this any further." I replied that we could continue the discussion when the glasses were ready to be picked up. He then said "NO! I will be mailing these back to you." He then began ranting loudly at me “You're condescending! You're a jerk!” Throughout this entire encounter I remained calm and said as little as possible, never raising my voice. There were other customers in the store and I only told him that his calling me names would not help the situation any. That infuriated him. He stormed off to the back of the store and then sat at his desk. I walked over and requested a business card, and asked for his name. He replied “I don't have to tell you my name.” He then exploded, yelling at me, “Go home! Leave the store! You're a jerk! You're a LIAR!!” This entire scene enfolded in view of other customers in the store. Before leaving, I said only this: “If I am a liar, why did you agree to remake the glasses? That's something for everyone here to think about." I have done business with retail establishments for over 50 years. I have never encountered anything remotely like the verbal abuse I endured from this guy. Considering his volatile demeanor and his abusive bullying of me, on display before other customers, he deserves to be fired. The irony here is that my insurance would have covered the higher expense of Transition lenses IN FULL, as they always have. All and every other pair I got from them, about 20 pairs over decades, all have Transition lenses. They could have determined this by reviewing my yearly transaction history with them. Obviously someone made an error in placing the order. But this firm would have generated a larger profit for themselves if the order had been correct. Now they are in denial and attempting to shift the blame to me. On 1/21/2021 I received an email notification from Visionworks saying my order is ready for pickup: “GOOD NEWS! Those GREAT new glasses we picked out are ready!” followed by their store address. Since Mr. Abusive said he would be sending them to me, I waited a week. Since they didn’t arrive it was apparent that Mr. Abusive was the liar that he accused me of being. I then returned there for the glasses. I was greeted loudly with “Do you have an appointment?” With a copy of their notice in hand I replied that I received their notice. Another employee angrily asked me “What’s your name?” I stated my name, which he referenced by computer and said “you don’t have an appointment.” I said: here is your notice. They refused to look at it. They eventually realized that I was there to pick up the glasses. The atmosphere and hostile attitude projected by their staff is beyond rudeness. After my standing and waiting for ten minutes Mr. Abusive appeared and handed me the glasses. I tried them on and told him they are much too loose. He said “You’ll have to make an appointment for that.” I said nothing in reply, picked up the glasses and left the premises. Apparently they replaced the scratched lens with another clear lens. Now I am left with a pair of glasses that I cannot wear outdoors in sunlight, as they are not photochromatic. The replacement frame that I did not need or want does not fit me. I just want the glasses to have the correct lenses that I originally ordered.

1 year ago

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Stockton Hiatt Johns Island, SC

I can't fathom how in this day and age your customer service could be this awful. Davis Vision is as worthless as a flip phone on top of Mt. Everest. You can't talk with a human, you can't use their app to do ANYTHING, you can't file claims online. I'm starting to wonder if this is even a real company? Like do people actually work there and do anything? Or am I just paying for a phony service? This was the employer my service picked and I hope they change soon. These guys are a joke

1 year ago

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Matthew Cohen Poughkeepsie, NY

Stay away unless you like being on the phone with their useless customer service agents once you try to use the plan. It took me and both my doctor and my materials provider a total of seven calls over the course of a day until a very simple issue was rectified. On top of that, the first six people lied and said they could not help me because they did not have the authority to—the seventh person gave me an authorization code, which any previous agent could have done, to fix my issue. Truly, you are better off just paying for everything yourself than paying this company for "insurance."

2 years ago

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Heidi Loutzenhiser Astoria, OR

They pay for very little. They won't let you go to an ophthalmologist, only an optometrist, so if you have an actual eye problem, it isn't covered. The vision center cannot get a hold of them to get pre-approval (two stints on hold for 3 hours each - then they told me they wouldn't try anymore.) I paid 250$ for glasses, they were wrong, an now Davis won't allow me to switch out the lenses. They suck, and using this insurance is actually WAY more expensive than paying cash. Useless.

3 years ago

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Desiree Arrambide San Antonio, TX

The worst customer service. Go elsewhere !

1 month ago


Review Source

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anna blaser St Louis, MO

Pretty good! I get a pair of glasses every year which is nice. Not a bad deal at all.

1 year ago

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Mark Mallard OH

vison coverage that no one takes, and doesn't cover anything.

1 year ago