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LAST UPDATED: July 27th, 2021

Cancel Timeshare is a timeshare cancellation company based in South Carolina. The family-owned business has a mission to end the abuse of timeshare owners by timeshare companies. Services include cancelling timeshares permanently and legally for clients who want to get out of their contracts. This offers a way out of timeshares with no hefty upfront fees and a 98 percent success rate. For customers with timeshare problems, Cancel Timeshare provides supportive resources to move forward.

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The Good

  • Ethical Standards
  • Transparency
  • Affordability
  • Results

Ethical Standards

Cancel Timeshare is 100 percent committed to the highest ethical standards and is proud to be BBB Accredited. The company’s values are visible in customer reviews, as well as results. The company posts results in terms of money saved and cases completed prominently on the website.


The company's website has a timeshare cost calculator that can help clients calculate what their timeshare actually costs. This can help clients decide if they should cancel or go ahead with their contracts. Many customers sign up for timeshare opportunities without a clear vision of what the costs versus the benefits, and Cancel Timeshare makes that information accessible and easy to calculate.


The company charges a standard amount that covers everything. All clients pay the same price with no hefty upfront fees required. Customers appreciate the affordable prices compared with the services offered. For anyone locked into an expensive and multi-year timeshare agreement, having an affordable way out is a lifeline.


The company reports a stellar track history with securing results — $2.5 million in resolved timeshare contracts, 881 contracts canceled, and 642 cases completed. This should bring hope to clients with expensive timeshare contracts ranging in the thousands. Cancel Timeshare has the ability to help clients secure results in an otherwise lengthy, costly, and frustrating situation.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Time in Business
  • Lack of Online Presence

Undisclosed Time in Business 

The company's website does not disclose information about its longevity in the market. 

Lack of Online Presence

In today’s digital media world, brands need to be present across all social media platforms. Currently Cancel Timeshare operates only two social media platforms. Compared to other brands, the company could invest in marketing, which would help build trust and brand awareness.


The Bottom Line

Cancel Timeshare has a great reputation of providing results to customers. Because timeshare cancellation is tricky, many companies claim to be experts, but don’t get results. It’s beneficial to choose an organization that knows what they are doing. While the company’s website information and social media brand could be further developed, Cancel Timeshare is a solid offering for household owners needing to move forward from a timeshare nightmare. 

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