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LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2020

BleachBright was founded with the hope of providing teeth whitening products to a wide variety of industries as well as to customers to use in their homes. Currently, it is doing so for the dentistry, day spa, tanning salon, mall, and gym industries. BleachBright wants consumers to get the best product for the best price, so all BleachBright products are manufactured in the United States to avoid shipping and extra manufacturing fees. BleachBright products also follow all OSHA, EPA, and FD&C guidelines and regulations.

In addition to providing teeth whitening products to a number of interested industries, BleachBright also offers the opportunity for individuals to become resellers of its products. Once you become a BleachBright distributor, you will be able to sell what BleachBright claims to be “the world's most advanced L.E.D. whitening kit.”

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The Good

  • Variety of At-Home Products
  • On Location Products
  • Zero-Peroxide Products
  • Becoming a Dealer

Variety of At-Home Products

BleachBright has several different products that vary in price and level of care needed. These products include:

  • ibright — This product gives the fastest results when whitening teeth at home. It includes a tray with 16 L.E.D. lights built in and can be plugged straight into a smartphone or USB for power. Customers can fill the tray with whitening gel and leave their teeth in for 20–30 minutes for 3–4 days in a row. BleachBright says this will make teeth 2–3 shades whiter.
  • NightBright At-Home L.E.D. — This take-home version of a professional-grade L.E.D. whitening light can lighten a smile in 5–7. Customers can brush on BleachBright’s whitening gel and place the light in their mouths for 20 minutes a day. 
  • Complete White Smile (3-in-1 Home Whitening System) — This system includes the NightBright At-Home L.E.D. light, FoamBright toothpaste and cleanser, and StarBright Dual Action whitening and enamel boosting pen. The StarBright pen allows customers to touch up on a specific tooth if they notice any new stains. This combination provides all the products necessary to whiten teeth, maintain the whitening with touch ups, and protect teeth from further darkening. 
  • Home Whitening System — The Home Whitening System allows customers to create their own custom molded teeth trays without having to go to a dentist. The kit comes with all the materials to make custom trays at home and whitening gel to put in them. Customers can then use the custom trays and gel to whiten their teeth for 30 minutes a day and see results in a few days. 

On Location Products

BleachBright collaborates with salons, spas, med spas, tanning salons, gyms, and dental offices around the world. Customers who use its pre-filled L.E.D. Whitening Kit and BB-Cool Advanced III L.E.D. light are guaranteed to see their teeth whiter by two to eight shades. 

Zero-Peroxide Products

Peroxide-based products are not available for home use in some countries around the world, so BleachBright has created a non-peroxide gel. For customers in those countries and those who prefer not to use peroxide-based products, the non-peroxide gel is effective, gentle, and legal for home use all over the world. 

Becoming a Dealer

BleachBright offers the chance for business owners to become resellers of its teeth whitening treatments and services. When a person decides to become a dealer, they receive a special dealer customer service hotline to assist them in any problem they may have. Dealers may also extend the two-year product warranty to a lifetime warranty on BleachBright L.E.D. lights when they place recurring orders. Free product liability coverage is also included, as well as a comprehensive sales manual.


The Bad

  • Customer Service Only During Business Hours
  • No Free Returns

Customer Service Only During Business Hours

BleachBright provides a customer service email as well as a phone number, but customer service representatives are only available during business hours five days a week. 

No Free Returns

Customers can return unopened and unused items within 30 days of purchase, but return shipping must be paid by the customer. In addition, all returns must be sent to the central office in Louisiana.


The Bottom Line

BleachBright offers a variety of products to help customers whiten their teeth in a way that works for them. BleachBright offers many at-home product options as well as some on location. The company works with spas, gyms, tanning salons, dentists, and more as business owners become dealers for BleachBright. Dealers have access to warranties, insurance, and a dedicated dealer customer service hotline.

Many of BleachBright’s products offer guarantees for whiter teeth, but if a customer wants to return an unopened product, they will have to pay shipping on the return. If a customer has questions about a product, BleachBright offers a customer service phone number and email but will only respond during business hours five days a week. 

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Roman Christiansen Pleasant Grove, UT

My teeth were yellow so I tried BleachBright and it turned my teeth white very quickly and efficiently!

4 years ago


Review Source

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Caleb Campbell Pleasant Grove, UT

It made my teeth so white. I have had a lot of bad experiences with other teeth whiteners and this is the best.

4 years ago


Review Source

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Campbell Blair Phoenix, AZ

BleachBright really helped my teeth become white. It didn't even hurt or make my teeth more sensitive.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michelle W Coraopolis, PA

This hurt my teeth so badly. I couldn't drink water without a straw for a few days after because it made my teeth so sensitive. It was awful.

4 years ago