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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021 is powered by H&R Block. This is not a surprise as this is a top tax preparation company in the United States and it has a highly rated software option for those who don't qualify for the entirely free filing process.The site is going to be available to those individuals or families with a total household income of $58k or less in 2013. It provides three ways of accessing support that include the online option, a free local tax help center, and through a service of the National Disability Institute.

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The Good

  • Easy-to-use
  • Checklist feature


The home page for reveals just how simple it is to use the site. Step 1 is to Get Organized, and this is done by using the simple drop down list that explains all of the documents you will need and which can answer most of the common concerns or questions.

Checklist Feature

The checklist is remarkably complete and makes it almost impossible for anyone to forget or overlook documents and details that will ensure the best outcome from their tax return process. Not only does the list review the need for individual documents but also documents for all in the household, all expense and deduction related documents, and even retirement income. Step 2 is to File Your Taxes, and this is a very streamlined and easy to use series of screens that allows the filer to input their data. They are taken to an H&R Block site when they click the "File Now" button, and this walks them through the high-quality H&R Block software. Since it is one of the best around, it means that it is also very easy to use and offers up a lot of information and explanations of the entire process. Within Step 2 are also resources for tracking the returns and exploring withholding in the event of too little or too much being taken. Step 3 is the Use Your Refund section. This offers up tips for students, families, or anyone who has received a refund. It is an extremely beneficial series of suggestions for those who are looking to budget, save money, or learn just what to do with a small windfall that might come in the form of the tax rebate.

The Bad

  • Limited user availability
  • Lack of information

Limited User Availability

One "negative" thing about is that it is limited to those with $60k or less in income. You cannot use it if you have foreign income. If you do not fall into this category, check out our other tax preparation programs.

Lack of Information

The biggest downfall to is that customers can't find information anywhere on their site. Their website doesn't list any type of prices, information on guarantees or audit supports. It's hard to even tell what is included in any of their services. Without knowing any of this information, customers won't be able to see if is a good fit for them. Regardless, the lack of transparency is a huge negative for the company.

The Bottom Line

People with lower incomes should not have to pay high fees to meet the obligation of their annual tax returns. This website ensures that financially-challenged individuals or households can enjoy the benefit of filing online, but without the high costs so often associated with it. If you do happen to earn more than is allowed, you can still enjoy access to the H&R Block run site, but you will simply pay their minimal filing fees. This site is operated by highly rated organizations with the intention of making online "e-filing" accessible to all. The option for visiting "real world" offices is a wonderful bonus for those who do not have Internet access, the computers necessary to use the website, or who would prefer a one on one experience. However, the fact that MyFreeTaxes does not disclose most information related to our Ranking Criteria, we see this as a big red flag. Customers can't easily view pricing, guarantee information or specific details on features. Due to this reason specifically, we would not recommend MyFreeTaxes to customers looking for tax preparation.
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Jamilla Daise Brooklyn, NY

this was fast and only problem is i got less money then last year. and i made more this year and got alot of taxes taken. i didn't even get half back

8 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star star star star

MarieElena Betro Belvidere, NJ

Awesome and easy and i received my refund quickly

6 years ago

star star star star star_border

RJD New York, NY

easy, free, through the New York Public Library.

7 years ago