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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2020

JB Accounting & Tax is an owner-run and founded tax prep firm located in Utah that offers its services worldwide. The company specializes in tax strategies, tax planning, accounting, and a few other unique services. 

The company offers a personalized touch when working with its clients to ensure all needs are met; the ultimate goal being a long-term business relationship.

JB Accounting & Tax can provide other services, but its main focus is tax preparation. This is a helpful asset for a customer in receiving dedicated care.

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The Good

  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Focuses on Tax Preparation
  • Available Worldwide
  • Owner Run and Founded

Excellent Customer Reviews

Across the internet, JB Accounting & Tax has an excellent standing reputation for having a fantastic personal touch with all of the company’s clients. 
Another good thing about the company is that they pride themselves on creating long term professional relationships. Most reviews state that they have been with JB Accounting & Tax for many years and have invited friends, family, and colleagues to do business with the company.   

Focuses on Tax Preparation

Taxes can be confusing, and if someone makes the wrong decision in a filing, it can cost big with the IRS. 

The company's variety of accounting and tax services plays to the customers’ advantage because JB Accounting & Tax knows the industry’s latest standards. The company offers the following services:

  • tax preparation
  • general accounting
  • bookkeeping
  • payroll management
  • summer sales accounting

Tax prep means a strategic approach is taken to managing an upcoming year's tax filings. In this process, software and tax preparers analyze a filer's financial needs to make the best decision in filing federal and state taxes. At the end of this process, a customer receives the optimum tax return (ideally) to save money. 

Available Worldwide

JB Accounting & Tax prides itself that it has clients all over the world in many different industries. This is a unique feature for a company to offer its services on such a broad scale. This highlights the company's unique specialty of creating long-term business relationships with customers. 

Owner Run and Founded

Often as a company grows, ownership changes and more partners are brought into decision making. Thus, sometimes the original passion and goals of the company can be lost and the service a customer receives suffers. This company is owned and operated by its founder Jake Bassett. Having the company owner involved helps a customer receive the best care possible.


The Bad

  • No Visible Refund Policy
  • Missing Visible Licenses and Accreditations  
  • Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown
  • Services Are Not Clear  

No Visible Refund Policy

JB Accounting & Tax does not list a refund policy or allude to that one is offered. This can be difficult for a customer to be interested in receiving services if they are unaware of the risk and ways to protect themself in the process.  

Missing Visible Licenses and Accreditations

There are specific licenses and accreditations that tax prep companies are expected to have in the industry such as Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs),  e-File capabilities, and Accredited Tax Preparer. All of these certifications and accreditations help in keeping specific legal and ethical standards in the industry. 

An Enrolled Agent is registered with the IRS and is authorized on a federal level to practice in all things related to taxes such as audits, collections, and appeals. This status must be renewed every three years with the IRS. 

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is certified by the state and can act on a state level. Along with this certification, a CPA can assist in managing money, financial planning, etc. The federal government does not approve CPAs. 

It is in a customer’s favor to have a company that has both accreditations. 

Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown 

JB Accounting & Tax does not list a clear breakdown of prices for its customers. The company has its number listed for all questions. There is a listed price for bookkeeping starting at $125 but nothing listed for tax preparation. 

Along with not listing a price breakdown, there is not a clear plan for how tax preparation works. Being such an extensive process, this should be clear to the customer from the beginning of what they are signing on for. 


The Bottom Line

In comparison to other tax prep firms, JB Accounting & Tax is a unique firm that prides itself on customer service and building relationships. The firm has a good reputation across the internet with its customers.  

With the level of personal service JB Accounting & Tax offers, the firm would be a good choice in receiving tax prep assistance given that after a consultation, all services are clearly outlined along with prices. Clients should ensure the firm offers everything needed before agreeing to receive service to ensure they are satisfied since there is no publicly listed return policy. 

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