The Tax Memes That Explain Exactly How You’re Feeling

McCall Robison

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

Tax season can be a daunting task you dread every year. The preparation, the apprehension, the actual filing itself, the waiting—it’s the ultimate taxing experience (pun intended). So, how do you deal with such emotions? You read this article and look at a tax meme to express what your words can’t.

When tax season is approaching:

Woman chewing gum
Via Giphy

When you receive your W-2 and wonder where all that money went:

man scratching his head

Via Giphy

When the deadline is approaching and panic starts to set in:

Micheal from the office bitting his lip funny face

Via Giphy

When you’re halfway through filing and almost give up:

Frustrated man

Via Giphy

When you go a little overboard on your deductions and suddenly fear you’re going to get audited:

Man trying not to cry

Via Giphy

When you don’t care anymore because you finally finished:

Man making a hand gesture

Via Giphy

When you’re waiting for your refund to come:

Spanky from little rascals tapping fingers and waiting resting his chin on his hand

Via Giphy

When you finally receive it:

Man dancing in the elevator

Via Giphy

When you suddenly feel rich and think of everything you could spend your money on:

man making snow angels in money on the floor

Via Giphy

And then when you decide you should be smart and save it:

little baby boy making a face

Via Giphy

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