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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2023

Purelight Power was founded in 2019 and is based in Oregon. The solar installation company designs and installs solar power systems for sustainable energy in Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Kentucky, and Washington. 

The Purelight Power solar process begins with a free, no-pressure consultation designed to educate you on whether or not your roof would work with solar panels and how much you could save on your energy bill based on your energy needs. Then, the company designs a solar system to maximize savings and shows you what that system would look like on your roof. 

Purelight Power handles the permitting and inspections process with your city and utility company as well as installing the panels and showing you how to monitor them.

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The Good

  • Free Custom Solar Design
  • Purelight Power Solar Process
  • Purelight Power Performance Guarantee
  • Zero Down Financing
  • Financial Savings
  • CO2 Neutral Company

Free Custom Solar Design

You can get a free quote and custom solar design on the Purelight Power website. You will be required to provide personal contact information, including your address, email address, and phone number. 

Many solar companies have an option on their company website to get a free solar quote, providing you with an estimate of how much it would cost you to go solar. But it is unique that Purelight Power also offers a free custom design based on the information that you provide.

Purelight Power Solar Process

The Purelight Power solar installation process is simple and only involves four steps, ensuring you that your solar system can be installed with ease and speed. The company’s solar installation process includes the following steps:

  1. Consultation — A Purelight Power representative will show you how much you could save by switching to solar.
  2. Design and Savings Report — Purelight Power will create a 3D model of what your designed solar system would look like on your roof
  3. Permitting — All inspections and permits will be handled by Purelight Power.
  4. Installation — Purelight Power hires experienced, local installers to install your custom solar system.

Purelight Power Performance Guarantee

Purelight Power provides a number of warranties, including a 20-year equipment warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty. These are in line with industry standards in the United States.

But where Purelight Power excels is in its performance guarantee. Purelight Power provides a 25-year performance guarantee — if your solar power system doesn’t produce the energy that Purelight Power said it would, the company will pay the difference.

Zero Down Financing

To help make going solar a reality for homeowners, Purelight Power offers financing options, including zero down financing. In combination with state and federal government incentives, Purelight Power’s zero down financing program can help you go solar with nothing out of pocket, allowing you to significantly cut costs on your solar panel installation.

Going solar can be a large investment — the cost to install solar panels can range from $15,000 to $25,000. Because solar panel installation has a high price tag, most solar companies offer financing options, but not all companies offer a zero down payment option.

CO2 Neutral Company

Purelight Power has earned the CO2 Neutral label from Vincotte, a third-party company that inspects, assesses, trains, and certifies businesses based on safety and efficiency standards. The CO2 Neutral label means that Purelight Power has reduced its CO2 emissions and provides compensation for its remaining CO2 emissions.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Solar Brands
  • No NABCEP Certification
  • No Solar Batteries

Undisclosed Solar Brands

Although Purelight Power describes its panels as top-of-the-line and provides a 20-year manufacturer's warranty on all systems, the company does not mention specific solar manufacturers on its site. Panels and inverters vary from brand to brand and can greatly influence the overall price, durability, and energy efficiency of the solar panel system.

No NABCEP Certification

Purelight Power does not appear to hold a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), a nationally recognized organization responsible for some of the most respected and sought-after technician training programs in the solar industry. 

While the lack of certification should not disqualify Purelight Power from consideration, its presence can make the difference for homeowners comparing multiple solar providers in their area.

No Solar Batteries

Purelight Power does not yet provide solar batteries or energy storage as a means of upgrading the solar panel system. Solar storage solutions improve the overall efficiency of the system because they can reduce the home's dependence on the electrical grid and can be used in the event of a grid outage or other emergency.


The Bottom Line

Purelight Power's dedication to clean energy and impressive performance guarantee make this solar company one worth looking into.

According to the company's website, you can save up to $41,000 on your utility bills over time with $0 down when you install a Purelight Power solar energy system.

The solar company provides a 20-year equipment warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty, both of which are fairly standard for the solar industry. Purelight Power also guarantees the performance of its systems for 25 years. 

If your solar panel system doesn't provide the amount of power that Purelight Power said it would, resulting in higher energy bills, Purelight will pay the difference. This is above and beyond what many solar companies offer and encourages a great deal of confidence in Purelight Power's solar energy systems. 

Purelight Power is also a Vincotte Validated CO2 Neutral company. This means that Vincotte, a third party, has certified that Purelight Power has reduced its CO2 emissions and pays to offset the rest. This distinguishes the solar installer from its competitors and demonstrates its commitment to combating climate change with more than just solar energy.

Where Purelight Power falls short is in the details listed on its website, which doesn't specify the company's brand of solar panels and pricing and financing options. You can obtain this information with a consultation with the company.

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Purelight Power Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there's an issue after my solar is installed?

Purelight Power understands that going solar is a big investment for homeowners. Not only does every system the company installs come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee, and 25-year parts and production warranty, but Purelight Power has dedicated Support and Customer Service teams to help address any issues that arise. Help is always just a phone call away.

What does $0 up-front solar mean?

Just what it says: Purelight Power helps homeowners go solar without having to invest thousands (or even a couple) dollars up front. By designing solar to meet each home and homeowner's specific energy needs, the company helps you wipe out your power bill. The monthly payment you pay towards owning your solar replaces that wiped out bill, so your monthly costs don't increase. There will still be a grid connection fee you see on your bill from the utility company, but in most areas the company serves, that's less than $20 per month.

Is this just leased or purchase power agreement solar?

No, Purelight Power only installs solar where the homeowner owns the solar. What the company offers is the option between purchasing solar outright or a system that's financed. It doesn't offer leased or PPA solar because Purelight Power wants homeowners to get the most out of their system, including things like being able to claim the Solar Investment Tax Credit, and the value increase that homes with owned solar can see.

How much do systems from Purelight Power cost?

Because systems are designed for every home and homeowner uniquely, that's not something that can be easily answered. The company also serves a broad spectrum of homeowners, from folks with cottages less that 1,000 sq. ft. to folks who own ranches with multiple outbuildings. So even an average wouldn't really help you know how much a system would cost. That's part of why the company offers a free consultation which includes a personalized design and cost breakdown. Purelight Power focuses on proving that it can help you save money based on your unique energy needs and circumstances.

What happens to solar during bad weather like hail, snow, wind?

Although solar panels look sort of delicate, they're actually surprisingly durable. The type of solar panel Purelight Power installs is rated to withstand hail of an inch in diameter, falling at speeds of up to 50 mph; can withstand winds up to 130 mph (that's a Category 3 hurricane); and holds up under more than 100 lbs of snow per square foot. In the off chance that a storm does damage your solar, the company is there to help. Many homeowners' insurance companies will cover solar, too, so make sure to check with yours.

Is Purelight Power really local to my state?

Yes, the company only works with local teams who live and work where it installs solar. Unlike many larger companies, Purelight Power doesn't work with subcontractors to design, install, or monitor solar. The company know solar works best when it's designed for the specific climate and weather your home will experience, which is why having local teams is valued so much. While Purelight Power was founded in Southern Oregon, across Iowa, Montana, and Oregon, each location is staffed with a local team of local solar professionals who know the ins and outs of solar in that area.

Do systems come with warranties?

They do! The company offers a 10-year workmanship guarantee and a 25-year parts and production warranty with every system it installs. The 10-year workmanship guarantee means that if there's any issue with the work done on your house during installing solar for the first 10 years, Purelight Power will fix it. The 25-year parts and production warranty means that the parts of your system (panels, inverters, racking) are covered from any damage caused by installation error or product failure, and that the company guarantees that your solar will produce the amount outlined in your contract.

Does the company install off-grid systems?

Not at the moment. Because many cities and counties have ordinances that mean homes can't be entirely off-grid, Purelight Power focuses on grid-tied solar. If you're concerned about having your solar grid-tied because of possible power outages for the grid in your area, ask a consultant about installing a generator switch.

Will the company handle the permitting process?

Yes, Purelight Power stands behind its claim to help homeowners go solar easily and affordably. Once you've signed your contract, the company takes over and manages the coordination of any prep work (tree trimming or removal, roof work, trenching for laying electrical lines), as well as all permitting requirements for your city and county. You'll be informed of every step, but you don't need to worry about doing any of it.

Does the solar system have to go on my roof?

While the company recommends rooftop solar since it is more space efficient and tends to reduce issues of shading, Purelight Power also installs ground mounted systems.

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Zachary Smith

So my wife and I got 3 quotes. We tend to go with the company that’s middle of the road. We had a close friend that went with this company so we were already leaning towards PureLight and they were the middle priced company so it was a no brainer. E V E R Y T H I N G was east with this company. The two other companies were a typical sales force. These guys were more professional and confident in their product which spilled over to us. At the time of estimate and install we were in the middle of a pandemic so we had to wait 2 months for install. I loved how they kept in contact and let us know each time we got closer to the day of install. When that beautiful day came, the install was so much faster than we thought it was going to be. The next step was a wait due to the power company so not on PureLight. Once the switch was flipped, we got a super excellent and knowledge sharing cruise through the system and the app. He even showed me what the codes are on the meter. I of course forgot what they mean. Lol. Anywho…..super proud of who we went through and the product we’re rocking on the roof.

1 year ago

Purelight Power Logo

Reply from Purelight Power

Thank you for your review, Zachary! We're so glad we could provide you with excellent customer service while helping you make the switch to solar. Congrats on owning your power, and please reach out to us if you ever have any questions about your system.

Mar. 30th, 2022

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Brian Boivin Medford, OR

Great company to do business with! Very professional and helpful sales staff who answered every question directly. And they kept us informed every step of the way. Sale to turning on the switch takes time but mostly because you are at the mercy of the power company to transfer your meter service (which in most cases they do sitting at a desk in their office). I would highly recommend these folks!!

1 year ago


Review Source

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Mike Watts Eagle Point, OR

Purelight Power installed my solar system and it looks amazing. No exposed conduit, Clean lines, well centered, and a dream to look at. I have been tracking my system for over 2 years now and it has produced over that 1,000 KWH than what I was quoted. I am loving the extra power off my power bill.

9 months ago


Review Source

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Trisha R Portland, OR

CHOOSE Purelight Power if you’re looking into solar energy. My husband and I had a referral from a trusted friend, and began the process of looking into what solar energy could do for us. From the consultation in our home at our leisure, to the installation, and final hookup…exceeded all expectations! They communicated with us about all steps that were needed to complete the job and nothing fell back on our family to cross T’s or dot I’s. The installation was acute on finish time and their team had smiles even through the snowy weather. The county inspector had zero issues with passing Purelight power of Bend and expressed “they did a good job here”. Helpful, Honest, Hardworking!! Trisha R.

7 months ago

Purelight Power Logo

Reply from Purelight Power

Thank you for your review, Trisha! We appreciate the detailed review and we are thrilled to hear our team delivered.

Apr. 10th, 2023


Review Source

star star star star star

Reba Stephens Eagle Point, OR

Our solar was installed as designed - and with little disruption to our day-to-day lives. The staff were professional, courteous and efficient. And they cleaned up when the project was done. We so appreciate the post-install visit that helped us understand our meters and our monitoring app.

5 months ago