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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

MyBlueDish is owned by MyNet LLC and is a reseller of WildBlue and Exede Internet. WildBlue and Exede are both owned by ViaSat, Inc. With that being said, you can expect a lot of the same features that WildBlue and Exede offer but coming from MyBlueDish as your middleman.  

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The Good

  • 3 Mbps upload speeds
  • Liberty Pass and SpeedBoost features
If you like having more than one option for satellite Internet service then MyBlueDish can be the satellite Internet provider for you. Since they are a reseller of Exede Internet and WildBlue, they are flexible in different satellite internet options for you. Since MyBlueDish is a reseller of WildBlue and Exede, you can expect similar prices from those companies for satellite internet. Any prices that you see listed on the site are dependent upon where you live. MyBlueDish offers a considerate number of packages and plans that will range from $39.99 - $149.99. Most of MyBlueDish's plans feature download speeds up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. Their upload speed of 3 Mbps is one of the fastest in the industry which is something to take advantage of if you know you will be using the internet to upload pictures or videos. The biggest difference between every other plan is the features they offer, SpeedBoost and Liberty Pass, as well as the plan's data limit. MyBlueDish packages feature data allowances that offer 12 GB, 18 GB, 30 GB, 150 GB (with their freedom plan) of priority data for a month. Priority data is data that can be used during any time of the day. They even offer a plan that offers 10 - 20 GB of priority data and unlimited web browsing and emails. However, some of these data plans are limited to where you live. Their SpeedBoost feature can be used with your priority data and can get you download speeds up to 25 Mbps which is as fast as having high-speed DSL internet. If you've been using the internet at max velocity with SpeedBoost and run out of your priority data for the month, The Liberty Pass allows you to continue using the internet but at download speeds up tp 1 - 5 Mbps. Even if it's at slower speeds than what you get with your priority data, you'll still be able to browse websites and use email.

The Bad

  • High price for equipment
  • One time activation fee
  • Extra fees
  • Slower download speeds without SpeedBoost
  • No price for additional data
There are a couple things holding us back, however. The MyBlueDish site seems to be lacking with information about the company itself. If you like to do research on a company before you purchase their products or service then MyBlueDish may not be the company for you. If you decide to use MyBlueDish as your satellite internet provider, you can expect equipment to be a bit pricey. At least they offer you a few different options with paying for the equipment but you will either pay $9.99 per month, pay 24 months in advance for $199.99 or do a lifetime prepaid for $299.99. We don't even know if you will actually own the equipment after a lifetime prepaid because it is still stated as an equipment lease fee on their website. MyBlueDish claims to offer free installation for new customers but when you read the fine print, you will see that there is a $149.99 one-time activation fee. We feel that this pretty much eliminates the point of offering free installation or even mentioning it. Please double check with the technician installing the satellite system on your home whether or not the installation is standard. If it is not a standard installation then you could be charged additional fees. Also, there the $9.99 per month lease fee for the equipment that you use. All plans require a 24-month commitment. If you cancel before 24 months then you'll be paying $15 times however many months are left in your contract. Also, if you cancel before the technician comes then you can expect to pay $50 for a restocking fee. Beware of all the additional fees. It would be unfortunate for you to be paying so much more than you were expecting. If you don't end up paying for their SpeedBoost feature then your download speed will be up to 12 Mbps only. This is lower than what most providers offer in the industry which is 15 Mbps. Also, since satellite internet companies tend to have data allowances, it would be nice to know how much it costs for an additional GB of data.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you are someone that will mostly be using the internet at your home for emails and surfing the Internet then you may want to sign up with MyBlueDish and go with their Evolution Plan so that you can have unlimited access to those things. If you need to be uploading lots of pictures, videos, or anything, then you will enjoy MyBlueDish's upload speed of up to 3 Mbps. Remember that they also offer the SpeedBoost feature to give you faster download speeds with your priority data. If you are looking to do more with the internet such as downloading, streaming music, TV, or movies then you will want to take advantage of their freedom plan, if it's available in your area. However if it isn't, then you could be limited to a data plan of only 30 GB per month and download speeds up to 12 Mbps only. You may want to go with another satellite Internet provider because they might offer a higher data allowance/cap. With MyBlueDish, you will have the choice of using Exede or WildBlue as your satellite Internet provider. If having options is something you like then that will be another reason for you to sign with MyBlueDish. Your installation of the satellite dish will be free, but you will have to pay for an activation fee. Please be careful with the fees and make sure you read the fine print on everything before signing up. We don't want your experience to be ruined because of any misinterpretations.
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