For those customers looking for a new apartment, is one of the nation’s leading resources to help them find what they are searching for. They provide comprehensive lists of all the information a renter would need to know about the property they are interested in. This information is presented in a variety of ways to help the customer have a good experience as they look for their new home. is also a great place for professionals to list their properties and find new tenants. Either side of the real estate market (buying or selling) will be taken care of on 

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The Good

  • Information
  • Reviews

Many real estate search companies provide their customers with a lot of information to help them make an informed decision about where they want to live next. Since there is so much out there for customers to read and digest, some of it can get a little lost and the customer might get overwhelmed. But presents their listing information in an interesting, unique way that allows customers to really get a grasp of the property for rent.

The first thing they do for their customers that is different than their competitors is a 3D tour of the apartments. This makes the customer feel like they are really there and they can better get an idea of the layout and size of the apartment. Some listings also come with a video tour of the whole space, which has a similar effect for the customer. This is accompanied by a gallery of high-quality photos of the interior and exterior. All of these combined really show the customer where they might possibly be living. Next there are reviews of the property written by tenants (or previous tenants), which help the customer get an accurate, realistic view of the lifestyle they would have there. These reviews are not sponsored, so the tenant can be open and honest about their experiences. These reviews are probably the most valuable part of the listing as they tell the customer what the property is really like. These reviews are also verified to make sure that only people who have actually lived in the apartment are writing them.

Another really helpful feature offered by is their amenities map. This interactive service allows the customer to choose which kinds of amenities they would like flagged on the map of the area. Only these types of businesses show up on the map, so the customer can learn what is near their new home. The categories of these amenities are:

  • Schools
  • Grocery
  • Bank
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Fitness

This map is very unique to and really will help customers understand the area they are living in. All of these different features offered make stand out as far as the information they provide for their customers.

The Bad

  • Property types
  • Nearby rentals offers their customers a very extensive list of apartments that are available for rent. It is easy for the customer to filter down their search to specific areas or different property needs so that they can quickly find what they need. Once they've found something they might be interested in there is a lot of other information available to them to learn all they can about the property. But all of these great services and features are only available to those customers who are looking to rent an apartment. This severely limits the types of customers that can take advantage of what has to offer. There are no listings for homes, condos or any other type of property that are for rent. There also are no listings for any type of property that is for sale, even apartments. So the customer must be looking specifically for an apartment to rent in order to find what they need on

While there is a lot of great information about the neighborhoods of the listings on, there is no information about the other apartments in the area. That type of information can be really important to a customer as they try to figure out if that particular place is a good deal for their money or not. It would be helpful for customers to have a way to compare the prices of similar units in the same neighborhood, that way they could see where the listing they are interested in stacks up with the others. Some other information like how long the apartment has been available (sometimes even if it is available for sure) would also make the decision an easier one. does give their customers a lot of great information about the properties in their listings, but sometimes are missing some other factors that would help the customer make a choice.

The Bottom Line stands out among its competitors for the information they give their customers as they try to find the perfect fit for their new home. They provide extensive lists of the amenities offered by the specific complexes, as well as the amenities that are in the nearby neighborhoods. All of this information is published in interactive, easy-to-understand and digest formats for the ease of the customer. All of this and the other features they provide are great for customers looking for an apartment to rent. But it is all lost on those other potential customers who want to rent a different type of home or who would like to buy their next home since the only listings available are for apartments to rent.

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December 11th, 2017 American Fork, UT

I think is average compared to the other real estate searches out there, but definitely is a website worth looking into when you're searching for apartments.

Emerald Scott
December 5th, 2017 West Jordan, UT

The site was really easy to use and had good, up-to-date information. It helped me find the best deal on an apartment when I was in college. There were a lot of customization options in the search bar, which was really nice.

Tom Donovan
January 13th, 2017 Atlanta, GA

This is a great site to find an apartment. It has the most up to date availability and there are homes/condos for rent too. The description here on Best Company is incorrect in that it states that doesn't have homes for rent.

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