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LAST UPDATED: October 16th, 2023
One of the most recognized names in the real estate industry, Century 21 is an American-based real estate agent franchise company. Since 1995, Century 21 has been a subsidiary of Realogy, a publicly owned company who also owns companies like Better Homes and Gardens Realty, ERA Real Estate, ERA, and more.The realty industry is helps countless people every year to find a new property or place to live, Century 21 is a major part of that aid. With thousands of independently owned and operated branches, Century 21 serves customers in countries all around the world to find their dream home. These realty offices have been providing services on both ends of the industry, buying and selling, for almost two decades. Customers from every demographic can get help from Century 21 and the specific departments that include global and fine homes. Century 21 has a long history of commitment to excellence and great customer service.

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The Good

  • Neighborhood
  • Demographic Information

When a customer is looking into moving to a new home there are many factors that are important in the decision making process. Century 21 provides a lot of information about the property's neighborhood to help customers decide if it is a place they would like to live. For those customers who have kids, the local schools can be the top of the list of information they will need. Each Century 21 listing includes a comprehensive list of all the local schools and their ratings. All schools in the area show a breakdown of the total number of students, the ratio between teachers and students, and the distance from the property. For those customers who do not have children, or the local schools is not a major concern, Century 21 provides a lot of demographic information about the community. Customers will be able to view a bar graph that shows ages of residents, occupancy types, and transportation to work. This type of information allows customers to see how they will fit in with the average resident. They can also see typical weather for the area in any given month and much more. A comprehensive view of an area can take a lot of the stress of moving to a new area away from a customer and make the realty search process easier.


The Bad

  • Process Time
  • Lack of Alerts

The search for a new place to live can be a very long and stressful one. Once customers have found the property they are interested in, they will likely want to move forward as quickly as possible. The first step to moving forward is to contact the seller of that property, but with Century 21 property listings this step will take a little longer. Century 21 does not provide the contact information for the seller in the listing. Instead, customers must fill out a request form to be contacted by the seller. The seller could contact them quickly or it could take a significant amount of time; there is no guarantee for this time period. Another feature that could potentially slow down the entire realty search process for a customer is the lack of property alerts. This is a feature that is offered by other companies where a customer can get a notification if the status or any information of a listing is changed. A notification helps keep the customer up-to-date and can help them move forward in a timely manner. Without these alerts, customers can miss vital information if they are not able to keep track of all the listings they are interested in.


The Bottom Line

The realty industry has been around for decades and there is a reason that Century 21 has been around for a lot of that history. The services they provide are comprehensive and provide customers with ample help to find their new dream home. Each property listing provides customers with a wide array of information about both the property and the surrounding community. When looking through this information, customers will be able to get a realistic view of the home. All of these things combined help the decision-making process go much smoother for customers, which is the ultimate goal of Century 21.
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Paula LeBlanc Houston, TX

Buying our house has been a nightmare through Century 21, Lake Charles. I'm in the process of filing an ethics complaint, Attorney General complaint and various other complaints against the realtor, Charlotte C and broker, Mike B. I made the mistake of using the seller's realtor, Charlotte C as a dual realtor. First it was, the seller needs 60 days to move, which was fine. It was to be from the time we signed the contract to buy. After that, Charlotte spoke with her seller further and now he wants 60 days AFTER closing. Charlotte sent me an amendment to allow this. I was very hesitant. After Charlotte sent this amendment, she called me on the phone in an effort convince me to sign. I told her we couldn't afford to pay rent and a mortgage while the seller lived an additional 60 days in our house. Charlotte assured me there wouldn't be a problem since we will own the house and we can charge seller/former owner rent. I texted Charlotte what we are paying for rent and we expected seller to pay that amount for the 60 days he would be living in our house after closing. The rent we wanted simply amounted to reimbursent and was extremely reasonable. Rather than respond in writing, Charlotte calls to inform me that she will talk to the seller when it was closer to closing. Well, when we were close to closing, the seller turned out to be very unreasonable. He refused to pay rent because he said ,it's not in the contract! I trusted the Charlotte C to protect us as our realtor. She should have known to put rent in the contract, if it needed to be included. How would I know...I'm not the realtor... Why didn't you put it in the contract, Charlotte? Shame on you. I told Charlotte my intent to contact an attorney and have seller evicted after closing, since he wouldn't agree to a rent back contract. Charlotte gave me the name and number of an attorney, Skipper D to contact. She highly recommended him. I learn later this is an attorney, who has a questionable reputation and was even disbarred for 2 years previously. An attorney who happens to represent that particular Century 21 franchise. I called Mr. D and told him my story. He said he needed a copy of the contract and would call me back with my options. I had Charlotte email him the contract. The next thing I know, he won't call me back and our closing date is coming up. There's a contract deadline for closing. My lender kept telling the realtor that we needed to close. So right after I talk to this attorney (who won't return my calls) and actually represents the broker and his Century 21 agency...Charlotte now begins to claim she can't get in touch with the seller for an extension, or to close on the house. The contract closing date expires on a Friday. Monday after the contract expires, the seller is available again. Coincidence, I think not. This was a strategic ploy to let the contract expire. Partially to protect the seller from eviction and mostly because the realtor didn't do her due diligence by adding rent to the amendment. It has legal implications for Charlotte. After Charlotte and the seller let the contract expire, she and her assistant, Lorie K began to coerce me to sign another amendment, stating the seller lives rent free for 60 days after closing and we don't get the keys to our own house. I was informed if, I refuse to sign, the seller will refuse to sign a closing date extension. (The extension that was needed because of the seller and realtor.) We had been ready to close for 3 weeks prior. If I didn't sign their amendment, we don't get the house. It's basically blackmail. All this occurred while my husband was in the hospital and had just received a liver transplant. We couldn't start from scratch again to find another house and lose money, especially when it is the perfect home for us. I tried contacting the Broker, Mike B prior to closing and after closing via electronic communication. Mike B has never called me. He did briefly respond via email letting me know he stands by his realtor and refuses to reimburse us the 2 months rent which his realtor cost us, while we make mortgage payments on a house we can't live in. Meanwhile the seller has been paid in full for his former house by my mortgage company Mike B has absolutely no empathy that we have been put in a financial bind because of his realtor. My husband and I are both disabled, we are on a fixed income, and have medical bills related to my husband's transplant. We had saved just enough money for our down payment and closing costs. My recommendation to anyone after this experience is to never do business with a dual realtor agent as a buyer. Definitely not with Century 21 Lake Charles. A dual realtor is supposed to be unbiased and not to divulge confidential information from either party to the other. Charlotte C was never unbiased and she divulged my confidence to the seller. That was apparent by the last minute change in the amendment. The agents and the broker have conducted themselves in an unethical manner. Giving a seller 60 days free rent while the new owner has no access to their own property is outrageous and unheard of. We have a house, but we are confined to a tiny 200 square foot rental, while my husband is recovering from major transplant surgery. Meanwhile, the former owner is living rent free in our house while we pay both rent and a mortgage. All due to Charlotte C and Mike B. I'm glad this is my last house purchase because I will never trust another realtor or broker again. BTW, I spoke with another attorney and he informed me that dual agents never represent the buyer. They are required to, but it's always about the seller... which violates the Louisiana realtor ethics commission standards for a dual realtor.

1 month ago

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Larson Riverton, UT

I have always been satisfied with Century 21. I have bought several homes and the agents I have used have been very helpful.

3 years ago

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Thomas Hullinger Pleasant Grove, UT

I have used Century 21 and they are very professional, very helpful through the whole buying process and I plan on using the for the selling process someday.

5 years ago

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MaryAnn Hagblom West Jordan, UT

Sold our home very quickly and went out of there way to make sure they cared about us and our home.

3 years ago