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LAST UPDATED: November 21st, 2022

Petplan is dedicated to providing pet parents with the support and resources they need to keep their pets happy and thriving. For every Petplan policy sold, Petplan donates to the Best Friends Animal Society® Save Them All® campaign to help find pets their forever home. Petplan also donates $15 to the Morris Animal Foundation in memory of pets who have passed on.

Petplan’s innovative approach to pet insurance has gained recognition from the following companies:

  • The Communicator Awards: 3-time winner for excellence in marketing and communications
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Winner of Greater Philadelphia Retail and Consumer Products Category
  • SmartCEO’s Future 50 list
  • Forbes’ Most Promising Companies (three years in a row) 
  • Inc. Magazine: List of 500 fastest-growing companies

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The Good

  • Annual or Per-Condition Deductible
  • Paperless Claims
  • Free Quote Tool

Annual or Per-Condition Deductible

Most pet insurance providers offer an either/or deductible (annual or per-condition). Petplan offers both to make it easier on pet parents and provide financial flexibility. The annual deductible is applied once per policy term to all the covered conditions. A per-condition deductible is applied to separate conditions during the policy term. There are pros and cons to either, but allowing members to choose shows that Petplan considers its customers.

Paperless Claims

Filing a claim with Petplan is exceptionally user-friendly and simple. Pet owners can go to any licensed veterinarian in the United States or Canada whenever their pet has an accident or unexpectedly falls ill. The customer then submits a claim via the app for iOS or Android and will be reimbursed within 5-14 days*.

*Petplan’s terms and conditions state that claims will be paid within 30 days of receiving a complete claim submission (all required medical records, invoices, and signed claim form) However, Petplan boasts that they pay claim typically within 5-14 days.

Free Quote Tool

Potential members can easily find out what their monthly premiums could be by filling out the free quote form. Simply, fill out your pet’s name, dog or cat, breed, and age and enter in the zip code, and an email. Instantly, pet owners will be taken to a page where they can view different plan options and prices. The rates will vary depending on the provided information. However, customers can choose from three plan options*.

Basic Plan

  • $5,000 annual coverage
  • $500 annual deductible
  • 80% reimbursement
  • Accidents, injuries, illnesses
  • Non-routine veterinary exam fees
  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Cancer treatments
  • Prescription medication
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Imaging – Xray, MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound
  • 24/7 Petplan customer support
  • 24/7 veterinary assistance via PetCoach
  • Dental (non-routine)
  • Alternative therapies
  • Referral and specialist treatment

Recommended Plan

  • $15,000 annual coverage
  • $300 annual deductible
  • 80% reimbursement

The Recommended plan includes many of the same benefits as the basic plan. However, there are a few additional benefits:

  • Loss due to theft or straying
  • Advertising and reward
  • Boarding kennel fees
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Death from illness or injury
  • Vacation cancellation

Premier Plan
The Premier plan has all the same benefits as the recommended plan, plus the following benefits:

  • Unlimited annual coverage
  • $250 annual deductible
  • 80% reimbursement

If none of the plan options work for a member, there is a “Customize” tool, so members can alter the plans to their specific needs.

*All Petplan pet insurance policies cover accidents, illnesses, veterinary exam fees, as well as, hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia and chronic conditions like arthritis.


The Bad

  • No Wellness Plan
  • Pre-Existing Conditions

No Wellness Plan

Pet owners looking for policies that include wellness packages or routine care, will have to look elsewhere. Along with the no wellness package, there is no option to add elective surgeries to a plan. This includes the procedures like spay and neuter, de-clawing, dew claw removal, prophylactic gastropexy, ear cropping,or tail docking.

Petplan policies are meant for unexpected vet bills for injury or illness.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Like most other pet insurance companies, Petplan does not cover pre-existing conditions. Simply, if a pet has or had any conditions, whether diagnosed by a veterinarian or not (before enrolling in a Petplan insurance policy), it is considered a pre-existing condition.


The Bottom Line

Petplan is great for customers looking for a pet insurance policy that covers the vet bills for unwanted and unanticipated situations. The free quote tool is helpful for pet owners looking to see what their monthly premiums will be and what they are paying for. Coupled with the paperless claim process, it brings peace of mind to worried pet parents.

However, Petplan is not for those looking for wellness packages or elective procedures. Petplan does not offer any additional add-ons to their policies.

Pets of any age and breed are accepted, and the plans seem to have extensive coverage. Overall, Petplan is transparent with what the plans include and exclude, making it easier for pet parents to select a plan that works for them and their pet.

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Carola Baer Farnborough, HAM

Pet Plan is an Absolute SCAM. You’re premium goes up every year excessively in jumps like £15 to £20. Started off at £35 and eight years later is £105 . They cover absolutely nothing . The £780 dental work was considered cosmetic and not covered . I have stopped the insurance now as the first time I make a claim because my dog got sick, nothing was covered because I had to pay 20% excess deductible which was the cost of the visit and so Pet Plan wiggled their way out of paying anything. I paid and they didn’t . I cannot for the life of me understand why I have been paying thousands of pounds over the years and nothing nothing nothing was ever covered under their terms . Pet Plan are a scum insurance . Put your money in a bank account for your pet and pay for things this way . Note I was paying £105 per month for a £4000 coverage Do you know that a simple scan and test was priced at £8000 so even if you have pet insurance your £4000 doesn’t even get you a test result let alone any treatment . And your excess on a £4000 claim will be £800 . So the actual coverage is only £3200. Meanwhile in four years you could have £5000 in your pets bank account and in 8 years over £10,000 saved for treatment . I massively regret paying into Pet Plan all these years . They only care about making money and not you pet.

1 year ago


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Brian Havre de Grace, MD

We've had this insurance for 10 years, never had a claim, and never knew about the annual pet exam policy. It would have been nice to get an email reminding you to have your pets annual exam. They send email reminders about updating your CC on file, about rate increases, but never once about the one important thing that will void your coverage. This of course is in their best interest because it's their out for denying a claim. Never mind you have paid in for 10 years. As was pointed out, the policy states, as did the reps, no claims will be covered if an annual exam isn't performed, not even for emergencies. This place set me up for failure... it appears their bottom line is your premium, regardless of if you qualify. Technically, if you don't have an annual exam, they won't pay your claim so even though you don't qualify, they are happy to take your premium. Speaking with several representatives made it easy to leave. Horrible unethical business practice!

2 years ago

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Schilz Group Salt Lake City, UT

I signed up for Petplqn for my Goldendoodle, I sent all medical history paperwork, I sent all paperwork for a claim on 6/23. And another claim on 6/29 with all documents sent in. Petplans app states they review claims within 30 days. Not for me! I called to ask why it was taking so long.. agent stated he needed all vets surgery notes in addition to invoices and proof of payment. Sent it.. he also said he needed the invoice again. So I emailed it again per the agents instruction. I just got another request (34 days after claim submission) for the documents I already sent!!! I have another claim, I sent in on 6/29, not being processed yet. The app is HORRIBLE. IT DOES NOT WORK AND ERRORS OUT ALL THE TIME. It took 7 attempts to file ONE claim. Do yourself a favor and pick a different pat insurance.

2 years ago

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Benjamin Brown Pompano Beach, FL

In 2018 I was paying about $800 yearly premium with $200 deductible and 100% coverage. In 2019 they raised the premium to $1289 with a $300 deductible and 90% coverage, and in 2020 they have now raised the premium to $2400. I have now cancelled petplan insurance after being a customer for 20 years. Their price gauging is horrific and keep in mind that the deductible is per diagnosis, not a onetime yearly deductible. They have outpriced themselves and I suspect their goal was to get me to cancel since my dog has a medical condition and I put in many claims for his specialist visits and medication. Buyer beware !!!

3 years ago

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Stacy Irvine, CA

Petplan denied coverage for surgery for my dog, claiming he had a preexisting condition, which he did not. I've been paying for this policy for 7 years, and could have paid for his surgery 10 times over by now. When I called to try to get them to reconsider or file an appeal, they had nothing to offer me but the "opportunity" to change to a lower level of coverage. Ridiculous!! Do not use Petplan. They claim to care but absolutely do not. Check out their Facebook page--there is a reason why they don't have a Reviews section on their company page. I have so many friends and family with pets, including some who work with and in dog rescues, and they'll all be hearing about this. Shame on you, Petplan!

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Linda Riverton, WY

Misleading in their information when signing up...they lead you to believe all pets are covered for all of these things, however they fail to mention if they have preexsisting conditions, they deny coverage...because my little girl had a previous bout with allergies and chest congestion, they denied a visit to the Vet for her allergies...then they tell you about pre-exsisting conditions basically anything I would submit would be denied...she is 5 years old and is bound to have some past problems...they should tell people it is only worth signing up for pet insurance if they are brand new puppies!! Never again will I go to pet plan or will I recommend the pet insurance..

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Chelle Smith Sandy, UT

WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE THEY ARE SCAMMING MANY INCLUDING ME! If I could rate your company it would be a 0! You have basically taken all of my payments but paid out absolutely nothing that you said you would. I would not recommend this company to anyone! And I will be posting throughout the entire social network and on Google. I was lied to when I signed up and ripped off from non-payments.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

cbough1 Belton, MO


1 year ago