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LAST UPDATED: June 16th, 2023

Quell Pest Control is a locally owned and operated enterprise that provides pest control services in the greater Chandler, Arizona area and Dallas/Fort Worth region in Texas. Founded in 2020, Quell Pest Control set out to provide an eco-friendly pest control service for commercial and residential clients looking for a customized solution to critter issues. Property owners can rest assured that all products used are fatal for targeted pests but will not harm the environment, family members, or pets.

The company was started by brothers with experience in the best pest control practices. All professionals that are dispatched to service areas receive ongoing training and are up-to-date on all necessary skills. Field technicians will treat each property with the skill and attention needed to prevent and eliminate pest control problems commonly found in the area. 

Customer scheduling is easily done over the phone, and in some instances, same day service may be available. Depending on the complexity of the property needs, field technicians will analyze current as well as potential pest control issues to ensure maximum treatment coverage. Repeat treatments will be done as needed.

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The Good

  • Desert Climate Targeted Pest Control
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Scorpion Experts
  • Expanding Service

Desert Climate Targeted Pest Control

Since Quell Pest Control offers services in hot weather areas with desert climates, unique pests need to be targeted. Understanding the respective environments, Quell Pest Control offers treatments to get rid of the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps

While many pest control providers offer a more comprehensive pest control treatment list, Quell Pest Control perfectly caters its services to the clients in which the company serves and the specific area's biggest threats. 

Integrated Pest Management

To best treat properties, Quell Pest Control provides an integrated pest management solution — something not all of its competitors can claim. Companies that fail to utilize environmentally conscious products and treatments risk losing clients. Quell Pest Control utilizes IPM methods to both treat current issues and prevent further damage and concerns from becoming a problem. 

Scorpion Experts

Scorpions are an issue in Texas, with 18 different species of the insect found within the state. Arizona has it even worse with 30 different scorpion species roaming around the state. Scorpions are an issue for both residential and commercial clients in both Texas and Arizona.

Quell Pest Control has become an industry leader in ridding properties of scorpion-related issues. In rare cases, scorpions can be deadly and stings can be life-threatening, which means that effectively treating the issue and preventing these insects from returning is vital. 

Expanding Service

While Quell Pest Control was founded in 2020, it has already accomplished a feat that many pest control services that have been in business for years have been unable to do. Quell Pest Control recently expanded its services to not only treat clients in the East Valley of Arizona but also the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. This expansion made sense as the two areas share common pest control issues. A company that has already made expansion efforts within the first two years of service is poised to continue its growing efforts. 


The Bad

  • Common Pest Control Services Missing
  • Undisclosed Pricing Information

Common Pest Control Services Missing

Unfortunately, Quell Pest Control does not target or treat termites or bed bugs. The company does not provide wildlife removal services. Clients in need of these specific pest control services will have to utilize a different provider to treat these issues. 

Undisclosed Pricing Information

Each customer who utilizes Quell Pest Control will receive a completely customized and tailored pest control solution. As a result, pricing information is not disclosed even for an inspect-specific solution. In order to obtain pricing information, prospective customers will need to contact Quell Pest Control and receive a free quote.

Some pest control providers will offer base pricing information or pricing packages depending on service needs making it easy for customers to determine if the service is something that is within the budget. Quell Pest Control does not disclose its pricing.  


The Bottom Line

Quell Pest Control has targeted its effort to eliminate pests commonly found in desert and hot weather areas like Arizona and Texas. In order to provide the best coverage possible, Quell Pest Control offers integrated pest management, something not all competitors can offer. Due to the areas in which Quell Pest Control operates, the field technicians are scorpion experts and can rid properties of these potentially dangerous insects.

Despite only opening operations in 2020 in Arizona, Quell Pest Control has already expanded its efforts to Texas and continues to look for further service opportunities. 

While there are a number of reasons residential and commercial property owners may want to utilize Quell Pest Control, there are limitations to the service as well. For example, there are a number of commonly found pest control services missing in comparison to other providers within the space. Since Quell Pest Control offers a customized service, no pricing information is disclosed and interested clients will need to inquire in order to obtain specific pricing figures.

Clients that are dealing with scorpion and other desert pest issues would likely benefit from what Quell Pest Control offers its customers. Those with more traditional pest concerns like termites or bed bugs will need to look elsewhere for pest control services. 

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dana myers Mesa, AZ

We have used Quell for quite a while at two different addresses in the East Valley. Their service has always been dependable and very responsive to any concerns. Today, as I was getting in my car to run errands, their truck arrived to service our residence. JT greeted me, I opened the garage for him to replace traps, I closed the garage and left to run errands as he headed to the backyard to service that area and finish. We continue to be very pleased with their efficient and effective service!

10 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Monica Savard Gilbert, AZ

I had just moved into my new home when a representative from Quell knocked on my door as I was literally on the phone with old pest company trying to get them to come service my home. I had been on the phone for a half an hour on hold. I hung up and gave the kid a shot. Best move I made. They are great! Very reasonably priced, friendly and professional when they come to my home. Responsive to my requests and best of all.... Great with my fur babies. Highly recommend them

1 year ago