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LAST UPDATED: June 23rd, 2021

Hulett Environmental Services is a Southern Florida Pest Control company founded in 1968. For more than 50 years, Hulett Environmental Services has been bringing quality pest control to Southern Florida residents. Led by founder and CEO Timothy Hulett, a graduate in entomology, the company has grown to serve in more than a dozen Florida counties.

Hulett Environmental Services currently has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and is Green Pro Certified, meaning it has undergone strict examination and quality assurance environmental and green-product focus.

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The Good

  • Healthy Home Pest Control
  • Excellent Termite Coverage
  • Extensive Lawn Care
  • Additional Services
  • Emergency Service
  • Educational Resources
  • Company Coupons and Deals

Healthy Home Pest Control

Hulett Environmental Services uses a “healthy home” program as part of its pest control process. This structure means the company uses pest control that is pet friendly, free of unpleasant odors, and is environmentally focused. For inside pests, the company opts first for gels or other baits to remove pests to avoid large fumigations or sprays indoors. This better protects people, plants, and animals. 

Not all pest control companies take these factors into consideration, which shows Hulett Environmental Services is a step ahead in the pest control industry. 

Excellent Termite Coverage

Hulett Environmental Services offers a truly impressive termite damage plan. This plan is a lifetime warranty, is renewable each year, and can be transferred to a new home if the customer were to relocate. Most notably, this plan offers up to $1 million in damage repairs. The details of the plan are as follows:

  • One million dollars in termite damage repair from structure restoration to repainting
  • Annual inspections and spray treatment
  • Home transferable

Acting as basic insurance (with zero deductible), Hulett Environmental Services promises termite protection for life. 

Additionally, for those who do not wish to participate in the termite protection program, Hulett Environmental Services offers other termite options, including no-tent treatment, tent fumigation, liquid treatment, and baiting systems. These are all effective solutions to eliminating termites in your home.

Extensive Lawn Care

More and more companies are offering lawn care as part of their services, and Hulett Environmental Services is no different, offering great lawn services with a “greener lawn” guarantee. Lawn services offered by the company include fertilization, weed control, cross-contamination prevention, lawn pest prevention, fire ant pest control, whitefly contamination extermination, and spiraling whitefly prevention. 

Additionally, Hulett Environmental Services uses top-notch machinery and equipment when fertilizing or spraying a yard. The company’s current nozzle used to dispense fertilizer is more than three times as effective as other standard nozzles. The company also takes great care to avoid chemical cross-contamination with good sanitation practices and clean machines.

Few pest control companies explain their detailed lawn service care. Hulett Environmental Services is transparent on the lawn care it offers, pointing to an honest approach that likely reflects the quality care and thorough service it offers.

Additional Services

Hulett Environmental Services offers a variety of other quality services, which include bed bug treatments, fly control, rat and mice trapping, mosquito fogging service, and bird solutions, more of which is mentioned below.

Bird Solutions

Hulett Environmental Services’ bird control is a unique offering pest control companies don't typically provide. The company uses a variety of humane methods to prevent birds from nesting or lodging in your home or business, such as setting spikes, netting, an electric system, bird slopes, flashes, or sonic bird repellers.

Emergency Service

As a common gold standard in the pest control business, offering emergency service is a mark of excellence. Hulett Environmental Services does just that. The company promises customers a response within 24 hours from the time the call is placed. 

Educational Resources

Many pest control companies offer education on pests and pest solutions, but Hulett Environmental Services goes above and beyond to educate and inform customers. On the company website, customers can find resources on local pests, seasonal guides, pet-friendly resources, and resources for teachers, including coloring pages, riddles, and bug facts.

Company Coupons and Deals

Currently, on Hulett Environmental Services’ website, customers can redeem three coupons: $50 off pest control for new customers, $100 termite control for new customers, and $50 off lawn spraying and fertilization. While these coupons may be temporary, it is likely the company will continue to add additional coupons. 


The Bad

  • Negative Reviews
  • Limited Commercial Pest Control

Negative Reviews

Hulett Environmental Services has some negative reviews that mention poor experiences during the initial inspection. Things like tardiness, extra charges, or extra inspection appointments being scheduled after the initial appointment were all mentioned. This could be due to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy that Hulett Environmental Services uses, which prevents the excessive use of chemicals or “blanket treatments” by conducting a thorough primary examination before diagnosing the problem and choosing a pest control solution.

Generally, the reviews also pointed to the good service the company provided in eliminating pests, however, customers should openly communicate during the initial inspection to ensure a quality experience.

Limited Commercial Pest Control

Hulett Environmental Services offers commercial pest control for restaurants, office space, retail centers, healthcare facilities, and other properties. It does not mention education or religious buildings, however, that does not indicate that they are not treated. Customers should contact the company before requesting pest control for their commercial space to make sure it is covered.


The Bottom Line

Hulett Environmental Services offers a variety of pest control services for basic and unique pests, including termites, bed bugs, birds, mice, rats, mosquitos, and more. It has an impressive termite protection plan and a variety of non-invasive options for treating both termites and mosquitoes.

What sets the company apart from the rest is its focus on a green, “healthy home” treatment approach and extensive lawn care and fertilization options. The company is Green Pro certified and strives to always use the most environmentally friendly, family and pet safe options when treating pests. 

Customers should be aware of additional initial inspections before treatments are performed and, if a manager of a school or church, should communicate with the company to see if those services are offered.

All in all, customers can have peace of mind in choosing Hulett Environmental Services for their pest control needs in the Southern Florida Area.

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