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Croach® is a family run pest elimination and prevention service company. The company focuses on providing homeowners with tailored pest management and long-term solutions. Croach knows that rats, mice, moles, spiders, wasp nests, and other insects can cause extensive property damage as well as a number of illnesses. Croach's treatments are customized to its customers' needs and are eco-friendly.

Croach assures homeowners that they’ll be pest free, so services are backed by a 100 percent re-treatment guarantee. Croach promises to take care of any bee, spider, cockroach, scorpion, and rodent problem or pest infestation. 

Croach also provides attic insulation and crawl space repair.

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The Good

  • Re-Treatment Guarantee
  • Croach Pest Control Services
  • Additional Services
  • Extensive Blog
  • Career Opportunities

Re-Treatment Guarantee

Croach provides its customers with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Croach promises to provide re-treatments until the pest problem is taken care of, free of charge. If the company can’t resolve the pest issue after two treatments, the customer will be refunded their last payment. Providing this service shows confidence in its pest control solutions and dedication to its customer's satisfaction.

Croach Pest Control Services

Croach states that pest exclusion is just as important as pest extermination. A licensed technician will find, identify, and customize a tailored strategy for each homeowner's needs. 

Upon the initial inspection, customers can expect these services:

  • A licensed technician will perform a thorough pest inspection of the property and discuss findings and potential problems
  • The technician will customize an extermination solution
  • Interior and exterior of the home are treated

One month after the initial service, Croach will return to provide these services:

  • Add another protective barrier to the outside of the property and apply exclusion methods
  • Break egg and reproduction cycles
  • Create a roadblock to prevent future infestations

After that, each regular pest control visit will include another inspection, exterior treatment (to create a liquid barrier), granulation, interior treatment, as well as de-webbing and wasp removal. 

Additional Services

Attic Insulation Services

Croach provides attic insulation services for the Seattle, Washington, communities. Many rodents and pests find their way into a home through the attic and will start destroying the attic insulation.

 These are some benefits customers can expect as a result of Croach’s Attic Insulation services:

  • Reduced costs to heat and cool the home
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Eco-friendly maintenance
  • Ability to maintain desired temps in the home
  • Alleviate the formation of dangerous ice dams
  • Pest control and prevention 

Crawl Space Insulation & Repair

Croach provides crawl space and repair services with pest control in mind, something that many other crawl space repair companies overlook. Croach technicians are skillfully trained in eliminating pest problems but also licensed and experienced in construction. Technicians can provide these services:

  • Identify and fix access openings
  • Repair damaged vent screens
  • Restore or replace crawl space doors and wells
  • Seal entry points and gaps around pipes exiting the home

Croach aims to create a safe, clean, and energy efficient space for all homeowners. 

Extensive Blog

Croach also provides an excellent blog with articles regarding different topics on pests and pest prevention. This can be a great place to become more informed and find some interesting and unique reading material. This blog doesn't just cover the pests that Croach helps to remove but also provides articles on other pests and prevention.

Career Opportunities

Croach boasts being the pest control leader in the Pacific Northwest and a recognized brand in the pest management industry. People interested in working for Croach can apply for several positions online. All that is needed to apply is a resume. 

Available positions include:

  • Service Manager
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Inspector

The Bad

  • Limited Service Locations
  • Undisclosed Information

Limited Service Locations

Croach is only available in four states. It is currently available in limited locations in Colorado, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. This availability limits the customers who can use their services.

Undisclosed Information

While the job openings page lists the available positions, it fails to disclose salary, benefits, hours, or location information. This is often the first thing a job-seeker looks for, and not disclosing this information may indicate that it is not as competitive as the company suggests. 

The Bottom Line

Croach offers the standard pest control services, and some unique specialty services as well, such as attic insulation and crawl space repair. The company’s treatments are backed a 100 percent re-treatment guarantee, which shows confidence in its services. 

However, Croach is only available to residents of Colorado, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Additionally, the specialty services are only available to residents in the Seattle, Washington, communities. Customers should double check that Croach services their area before choosing the company for their pest control needs. 

Croach encourages homeowners to call a customer service representative for questions or to set up a free pest inspection.

Read the Croach customer reviews to see what other homeowners are saying about this company. 

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David Averch

August 12th, 2018 Parker, CO DETAILS arrow_drop_down
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

They get you with "I am doing your neighbors house and wanted to see if you are interested." They do shotty work at best and they have been trying to charge me when they don't even come out but say they do and are not trying to schedule time to come out so I have cancelled and would not recommend them. TOTAL SCAM!!!


Sam Kloes

November 3rd, 2017 Blaine, WA DETAILS arrow_drop_down
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

BEWARE This company is a Scam. Buyer beware. Deceptive sales. Bait and switch and a rediculous hidden contract followed by a threatening extortion letter. Tried to settle with the company directly and ultimately reported to the BBB.


Zach Hamilton

September 27th, 2017 Sandpoint, ID

This is a scam, do not use this company. They will charge your card randomly outside of the agreement. I'm addition, they were here to spray, spoke to me, only sprayed the front of the house then left a door hanger saying they couldn't access the back of the house even though I WAS HOME. Do not trust them with your credit card. We tried to resolve this directly with the company but due to unwillingness to resolve we are forced to open a complaint with the BBB.


Nathalie Lindsay

August 18th, 2017 Vancouver, WA

After agreeing to a contact from the pushy sales guy we could see no results after 3 applications! Still spiders and ants. I swear they just plooped their card on the door mat "saying" they did their job. But having done the contract we saw it thru. Then on the last visit guy says this is last visit your all done. We were glad just to be done... and still saw no benefit - just chalked it up to being swindled. Then a month later knock at the door guy saying he was to spray, we told him we were done and to go away. Then received a letter demanding payment for $200 saying they will send us to collections if we don't respond in 10 days WTF... early termination of contract???? I don't think so. These guys are CROOKS... beware do NOT use them horrible!!!!