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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2023

Burns Pest Elimination is a family owned pest control company that has been serving residents and business owners in Arizona and Las Vegas for more than 35 years. The company's pest control service is backed by an expert technician team, a local knowledge of common pests and pest problem sites, and a satisfaction guarantee.

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The Good

  • Comprehensive Pest Library
  • Realtor Services
  • Available Coupons
  • Yard and Lawn Care

Comprehensive Pest Library

Although Burns covers a relatively narrow service area, the company boasts expertise across a wide variety of insect, bird, and rodent species:

  • Termite control — following a thorough termite inspection, treatment options include solutions from Altriset, Termidor, and Sentricon Always Active.
  • Bird control — includes humane and non-toxic exclusion tools like parapets, nets, and electric track deterrent systems for pigeons and other roosting birds
  • Rodent control — includes exterminator services and traps for field and house mice, as well as pack rats, kangaroo rats, Norway rats, and roof rats
  • Treatment for Roaches — cockroach infestation services include solutions for both American and German cockroaches.
  • Desert insect control — includes treatments for earwigs, silverfish, fire ant and crazy ant species, Africanized bees, crickets, centipedes and millipedes, pill bugs, and more
  • Bed bug treatment — integrated pest management for bedbugs that includes thermal container remediation and specialized pesticide applications
  • Bee and hive removal — the safe removal of bees and other stinging insect species
  • Treatment for scorpions — the removal and elimination of common bark scorpions and other species
  • Mosquito control — includes multiple mosquito species as well as other parasites like no-see-ums

Realtor Services

Burns also provides pest removal and control services for realtors. From apartment units to commercial office spaces to HOA-managed properties, Burns offers eco-friendly termite, rodent, and wildlife removal to ensure spaces are completely pest-free prior to showings.

Available Coupons

One perk for first-time customers is Burns Pest Control's 10 percent discount toward the company's comprehensive termite service. This discount is for residents only and applies to both full treatment jobs as well as one-off spot treatments.

Burns also offers a 10 percent discount on bird removal, which includes both trapping and exclusion services (applies to residents only).

Yard and Lawn Care

Burn's yard and lawn care centers on weed elimination and prevention services. From thistles to dandelions, Burns will do a thorough job at removing all invasive plant species from your lawn. Once the weeds are gone, Burns will go the extra mile to ensure they stay gone by administering its pre-emergent treatment.

Burn's weed service is backed by a worry-free, one-year guarantee.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Not QualityPro Certified

Limited Service Area

Burns Pest Control is available to residents and business owners in the following cities:

  • Peoria, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ
  • Las Vegas, NV

Not QualityPro Certified

Burns Pest Control does not appear to hold a QualityPro certification from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), which awards this designation to pest control companies that demonstrate excellence in professionalism, customer support, employee training, and the use of eco-friendly products.


The Bottom Line

If you live in a Las Vegas or a major Arizona city and are looking for a local company with a long track record of expertise, Burns Pest Control might be a good choice. Homeowners are encouraged to read verified Burns Pest Control reviews prior to reaching out to the company to obtain a free estimate on services.

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Unsatisfactory Phoenix, AZ

I have lived in an independent subsidized apartment complex in Glendale for over four years. This company is their chosen company to spray. I believe the technician dilutes the spray because it doesn’t kill any of the insects, especially cockroaches. After I questioned the first older guy why he wasn’t able to eradicate the problems with the rats, mice and cockroaches bringing mites and sarcoptic mange into the facility to infect tenants and our pets, he told me “what did you expect, this is a 45 year old building. They live in the walls”. When I first walked into this apartment, the stench made me physically ill! It was so bad. I asked the service coordinator what that horrific smell was and after researching her description, it is the result of rats, mice and roaches living and dying in the walls of older apartments over many years. When their bodies break down and rot it permeates the ventilation system and enters the apartments. This is the cause for the constant dirt and sand that blows in from the ducts. With it comes the mites that infest our pets. Sarcoptic mange, which is animal scabies, is then transferred to humans from our pets who share our beds with us causing serious health issues. This is especially dangerous for the elderly. When apartment managers don’t address this serious problem and allow it to fester for years, it puts peoples lives at risk. After the old man retired a young guy named Stephen took over. The first time he sprayed my apartment, he sprayed for ants he said because the upstairs neighbor had ants. He refused to spray my apartment for the actual issues I had and still do, which are roaches, mites, gnats, earwigs, crickets, spiders and flies. It would not be the first time he sprayed for ants either. The manager and staff have been harassing and retaliating against me since I moved in here. She tells Stephen not to spray for the pests in my apartment despite me showing him proof of every type of insect I killed in my apartment. Instead, he is argumentative, disrespectful and unprofessional toward me when I ask him simple questions why he refuses to spray for what I’m dealing with and not what I never had like ants. I have long suspected mites and bedbugs and other insects Stephen refuses to treat my apartment for. After the neighbor who shared my wall with me passed away was ignored for a month, I notified management about cockroaches crawling in my electrical sockets from exactly where he was found. She continued to ignore me until others began noticing the stench too. She told both Stephen and I in my apartment, how he was going to spray mine and all four apartments for cockroaches that day. Then, he was coming back the following month to do a followup spray for them. She assured me it would “take care of them”. Instead, Stephen told me he did not spray my apartment for roaches that day. He sprayed for ants again! He also did not do a followup spray the following month either as promised. He was only there to do an inspection he told me. He went through my apartment taking pictures of everything I have. He opened cabinets and drawers I have never used because of the roach infestation in my apartment and took pictures of the inside and outside. He did not even recognize what roach feces and urine trails look like. I had to educate him on what he was looking at. He went into my bathroom taking pictures and even asked me if I showered! When I question him about what he was really doing he became agitated and argumentative with me. None of what he was saying and doing felt right. I felt like he was being complicit with management and conducting an illegal inspection of my apartment under the guise of doing a followup spray appointment. I was never notified by the manager the plan changed from a followup spray appointment to this intrusive inspection by Burns Pest Control. When I called the manager after Stephen left and told her everything that just happened and asked her why he didn’t spray as she promised me or why he sprayed for ants instead of roaches the previous month like he told me, she said she didn’t know why. When I saw Stephen again the next time he came to spray he acted like it was just a miscommunication. Another time when I requested an inspection for bedbugs because of the bites all over my body and my poor cats, they sent a dog to get up on my bed! The dog was not cooperative at all. He only wanted to sleep. The woman kept making excuses for her dog saying, he smelled my cats and since he doesn’t like cats that was why he wasn’t responding. Then she said it meant he didn’t smell the bugs. Next, she said the piles of sand and dirt with the black round bugs I swept up all over the floors were just human skin and pet cells. She went over to her poor dog and began pulling his fur out to try and prove it. When I asked her about the black eggs in the piles of sand and dirt she didn’t know what they were. This stuff is everywhere in the complex. It’s in every apartment, both laundry rooms, in the hallways and both lobbies and all over the walls and ceiling of our apartments. Everyone has been given a different story about what it is. We vacuum, sweep and mop daily but no matter how often we do, it’s always worse each day. I never did trust this company because everytime they sprayed my apartment it never killed the roaches or anything else. They were still crawling on the walls unfazed, out of the vents and the cabinets. There has never been any reason for them to be drawn into my clean apartment. Yet, this company has had years to kill them. They are so bad in the laundry rooms, I have to bring a full bottle of soap and water to spray them with as I enter the room. They come out in droves to literally greet you. It’s disgusting to live here! I had never seen a roach until moving in this place. I have had to give everything I own away. You can’t touch anything roaches have been on because they defecate and urinate on everything they touch. The fact that Burns is not certified causes me concern because of my pets who are extremely important to me.

8 months ago

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St St Maricopa, AZ

The Reviwer, Paul was very good at finding the issue and setting up the service, and service was done, but the Main factor is the Pigeons are still here bad and the only answer is they will leave eventually (it's been a little over 2 months now) and maybe more serviceis needed however another few will be charged...Not good for for Me and Not goid for business.

6 months ago

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LaureneAllyce Chaney Mesa, AZ

We've had Burns for multiple years and they did pretty well. The past year has been awful. Constant turnover of techs, techs showing up hours later than scheduled, techs stating they treated the yard when we were not there, yet we keep the gates locked. We've had it written into our file that no one is to do service unless we are home to unlock the gates; On numerous occasion, we've been told this information is not in our file; yet, we did have 1 tech that called to let us know he was coming, and wanted to make sure we will be home because of the note to our file! We have discussed issues multiple times to only find promises have not be kept. Even to the point of being told we didn't get a service because the manager changed our service without notifying us. Prices have continued to increase and even when we do get service we have webs returning shortly after. Also, their techs are never prepared, having to fill their tanks once they arrive, using our water and hose. We are in the process of looking for another company that will be more reliable and prepared!

3 years ago

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Paul Phoenix, AZ

They do a timely service and are very customer focused

6 years ago