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LAST UPDATED: December 17th, 2023

Axiom Eco-Pest Control has helped homeowners and commercial properties eliminate the discomfort caused by various pests and rodents. Since 2008, Axiom Eco-Pest Control has established a solid reputation of offering top-of-the-line customer service and a quality product. 

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control service has garnered attention for nearly a decade. The company has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award from 2011–2012 and again from 2016–2020. Axiom Eco-Pest Control was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America from 2018–2020. The company also received the Best Pest Control Services award from, and it was named a finalist for the Torch Awards for Ethics by the BBB in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Axiom Eco-Pest Control will be as accommodating as possible with customers, offering flexible scheduling, year round guard, and both interior and exterior treatments and shields. By offering regular follow ups, customers can rest assured that pest problems will be kept to a minimum.

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Pest Services Offered
  • Eco-Friendly Products Used
  • Residential and Commercial Properties Treated
  • Guaranteed Treatment

Wide Range of Pest Services Offered

While some pest control companies will target certain insects or specifically focus on larger rodents, Axiom Eco-Pest Control has a service that eliminates nearly all pest issues. Axiom Eco-Pest Control services are designed to fit the property’s needs, these include:

  • General Pest Program — Provides year round protection against ants, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, and more. The general pest program is backed by the Axiom Eco-Pest Control Guarantee.
  • Flea Treatment — Reduces or eliminates the fleas on a property by focusing on both adult fleas and eggs. A comprehensive inspection will be conducted both inside and outside to treat the areas with a pet-friendly product.
  • Rodent Elimination — Axiom Eco-Pest Control is well-equipped with the tools needed to combat the issues rodents present.
  • Cockroach Treatment — Cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions, give off a distinctive smell, cause damage to a property, contaminate human food sources, and spread disease. Axiom Eco-Pest Control offers a comprehensive cockroach treatment that flushes out cockroaches. The company will even set up monitoring stations and baiting in extreme circumstances.
  • Mole Treatment — The mortal enemy of yard-lovers and gardeners, moles will destroy yards by building tunnels and mounts. The Axiom Eco-Pest Control mole treatment will eliminate the food sources eradicating the problem.
  • Mosquito Treatment — The Axiom Eco-Pest Control treatment can be a solution to the nuisance and danger mosquitoes cause.

Eco-Friendly Products Used

One of the biggest draws to the Axiom Eco-Pest Controls service is the products used to combat pests. One of the most common complaints of pest control customers is the lingering smell or residue left by best control products. The products that Axiom Eco-Pest Control uses do not leave a harsh smell or residue. All products used are both family-friendly and pet-friendly treatments. In fact, the treatments used by Axiom Eco-Pest Control are less toxic than toothpaste or table salt.

Residential and Commercial Properties Treated

Axiom Eco-Pest Control will treat and service both residential and commercial properties. While some pest control companies will only take on residential projects, Axiom Eco-Pest Control offers both. A team member from Axiom Eco-Pest Control will come out to the property to provide an accurate quote for services.

Guaranteed Treatment

Axiom Eco-Pest Control services are backed by a service guarantee. The company also guarantees that the products used are “green” and are environmentally friendly. Not all pest control companies offer both guarantees, but Axiom Eco-Pest Control does. Some companies will use green products but do not offer a service guarantee while others do not guarantee the products used but back the service offered.

Axiom Eco-Pest Control offers the following guaranteed treatments:

  • Interior Treatment — Axiom Eco-Pest Control will never use messy sprays and the product will not leave a harsh odor. Customers will be able to leave their home or office as is as the company uses noninvasive treatments. Furniture will never need to be moved or shuffled around. Additionally, if an interior in-home pest control treatment is ever needed before the next scheduled session, Axiom Eco-Pest Control will come back and do it free of charge.
  • Perimeter Shield — The perimeter shield is designed to act as a protective barrier around the property by eliminating pest breaching points and targeting nesting sites. Perimeter shield treatments are weather proof which keeps ant and spider infestations from occurring. 
  • Year Round Guard — The Axiom Eco-Pest Control treatments are designed to combat the pests that “in season.” The company will treat accordingly and guarantee regular follow ups throughout the year to keep pests at bay. After “control” over the pest problem has been established, continuous perimeter protection will be used to maintain the results.

The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Pricing

Limited Service Area

Some DIY pest control services and national pest control companies can treat nearly every property across the country.

Unfortunately, Axiom Eco-Pest Control is not one of them just yet. Presently the company offers services in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Tennessee. Anyone living or residing outside of this area will need to look elsewhere for pest control services.

Undisclosed Pricing

While Axiom Eco-Pest Control will come to a property and provide a quote, there is no baseline or foundational information about the company’s pricing. While the company offers a wide variety of services, there is no way to know how much those treatments will cost until a quote is obtained by a potential customer.


The Bottom Line

Those who live in the pacific northwest as well as Colorado and Tennessee should definitely consider Axiom Eco-Pest Control for pest control services. The company offers a premium service at a fair square foot cost. Axiom Eco-Pest Control provides quality green treatments to combat some of the worst pest and rodent problems a homeowner or commercial property can face.

That being said, those that do not live in this service area will need to look elsewhere for their pest control needs. The price for Axiom Eco-Pest Control services is also unknown, so prospective customers will need to set up a time to receive a quote. While Axiom Eco-Pest Control claims it does not charge a premium rate, that number remains undisclosed.

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Sidney Delaplaine Vancouver, WA

Technicians are knowledgeable and thorough with their treatments. They answered all my questions about why ants keep coming in during heavy rain. They also fixed one of my vent screens to keep rodents out of my crawl space then placed tarps inside to make sure there were none down there.

2 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Darren Bartlett Beaverton, OR

Axiom said they were getting in the yard but all they did was granulated it which just washed away in the rain

1 year ago