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LAST UPDATED: September 25th, 2019

QuickerCash.com is a short-term or payday loan matching company that uses a network of lenders to connect borrowers with funding options. Their focus is on providing applicants with a short decision time and quick funding of loans from $100 to $1,000.

Because QuickerCash is not a direct lender, they do not give final approval or control the specific terms of a loan, such as final loan amounts, interest rates, repayment terms, renewal options, or additional fees; as such, they do not have very much information available about these conditions on their website.

Their services are available to applicants from all states, but the specific regulations of each state will also determine the specific loan terms. QuickerCash.com began operating in 2010 and is maintained by Engage Traffic, located in Kansas.

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The Good

  • Matches Lenders with Borrowers
  • Quick Application
  • Advice for Customers

Matches Lenders with Borrowers

Using a network of lenders, QuickerCash.com assists borrowers in securing payday loans, cash advances, and payday advances, which are all different names for essentially the same type of funding. They focus their advertising on several key points:

  • the privacy of applying for a loan from home instead of in a store
  • the ease of applying online without needing to fax anything in
  • the speed of the application, approval, and funding
  • the flexibility of using the loan for any need that arises
  • the availability of funding for almost anyone, including those with a poor credit history

Quick Application

QuickerCash advertises a free, quick, 5-minute application with approval being received in as little as 2 minutes. If an application is initially approved, it will be matched to a lender immediately. Final approval must come from the lender and QuickerCash cannot guarantee that every application will ultimately be approved. In order to apply for a loan, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • proof of employment
  • receive a monthly income of at least $1,000
  • have an active checking account
  • have an email address
  • be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen

While the decision about loan amounts, interest rates, repayment terms, renewal terms, and additional fees ultimately rests with the lending institution, QuickCash.com advertises loan amounts that range from $100 to $1,000. The full amount of the loan is usually due on the applicant's next payday, but the repayment terms will vary according to the lender's guidelines, the date of the next payday, and the applicant's state of residence. The interest rates will also vary depending on the state, loan amount, and repayment term, but will be between 261% and 1304% APR.

Advice for Customers

QuickerCash.com offers advice to potential customers and cautions them against taking out a payday loan if they don't need to. They provide several suggestions for ways to improve finances generally, such as cutting back on spending, working with companies to work out a late payment schedule, and looking for help from other resources. They also have information about learning to budget, checking credit reports annually, and repaying debt.


The Bad

  • Third Party Lender
  • Possibly No Active Staff
  • Customer Support

Third Party Lender

Because QuickerCash.com is a loan matching company, applicants should be aware that their personal information will be shared with at least one other institution, and QuickerCash has no control over what those companies do with it. Potential applicants should be aware that by applying for a loan through QuickerCash's services, they may, at the very least, receive unsolicited phone calls or emails from other companies.

Possibly No Active Staff

Although the QuickerCash.com website is functional and continues to process loan applications, there are several indications that the company itself does not have an active staff:

  • The Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy pages were last updated in March 2011.
  • The website copyright date is still 2012.
  • The overall safety of QuickerCash's website may also be in question, as it appears that their encryption software is out of date.

Customer Support

QuickerCash.com provides only a mailing address (care of Engage Traffic) and an online email form for contacting their customer service department. An auto-generated email reply is immediately sent out and a longer form email is sent out later. There is no phone number provided at all, which can make getting immediate help very difficult.


The Bottom Line

QuickerCash.com is payday loan (or cash advance, payday advance, and fast cash) service that matches borrowers to funding through their lender network. While they do not have final approval or control over the loan terms, they specifically advertise loans from $100 to $1,000 with interest rates that range between 261% and 1304% APR.

The company offers customers some financial advice and information and caution them against using payday loans. The QuickerCash website does not seem to have been updated in several years and without a phone number to contact customer service, it is difficult to tell whether it is an active company anymore.

However, because the website it still functional, applicants should expect to have their personal information shared and to be matched to a lending company.

Potential borrowers should be aware of these facts and proceed with caution when dealing with QuickerCash.com. It is difficult to recommend QuickerCash at this time. Best case scenario would be to use a payday loan company that you can reach in-person or by phone. 

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