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LAST UPDATED: July 28th, 2021

Green Star Cash is a payday loan matching system. The company has a network of financial institutions willing to lend money to individuals short term. Potential customers fill out an application with all relevant information and receive offers from multiple lenders (financial institutions) with their terms and rates. 

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The Good

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Work WIth Bad Credit
  • Lender Matching Platform

Quick Turnaround

Once customers have submitted an application, connection to a lender and processing of the loan takes less than an hour. Funds are received within 24 hours (weekends and holidays may delay this). This expedited turnaround is important for customers who need additional cash for urgent purposes and is a differentiator compared to other companies like HomeStreet Bank.

Options for Bad Credit

Green Star Cash can still find lenders to offer a loan if a customer has poor or no credit history. A steady employment or income history is needed however. A recent bankruptcy may hurt or diminish chances of a loan. Many customers who meet this criteria may still qualify for a higher approval rating with Green Star Cash compared to more traditional lenders who weigh credit as the basis for approval.

Lender Matching Platform

Green Star Cash is a lender matching platform, which means that the company does not actually fund any loans, but pairs customers with lenders. This means that customers can receive multiple quotes or offers from lenders and choose the best option by only filling out one application. This saves customers a lot of time, effort, and stress. 


The Bad

  • Loan Amounts
  • High Interest Rates 

Loan Amounts

Payday loans are only up to $1,000. There are payday loan companies that offer higher amounts, up to $5,000, so this is a rather small amount of money. Loan terms are also short, around four weeks. Other companies offer longer terms (up to two years). Customers should weigh the ease of access to capital and turnaround time against these smaller loan amounts.

High Interest Rates

As with other payday or similar loans, interest rates will be high. However, the rate will depend on the lender as well as the state customers are located in and local laws. In order to receive a quote for interest rate and fees, potential customers must fill out the application and then review the proposal from each lender. 


The Bottom Line

Green Star Cash offers payday loans to those who need financial help quickly. The fact that applications can be filled out and submitted online is very convenient. The application review is quick and contact is made immediately with financial institutions willing to lend money. Multiple options and a quick turnaround make Green Star Cash a great option for many. Customers have the opportunity to review offers and choose the lender that best fits their needs. The fact that Green Star Cash will work with bad credit is also very beneficial. As with any payday or short term loans, customers should carefully choose the lender that best suits their needs. 

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