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ACE Cash Express is headquartered in Irving, TX and was founded in 1968. They provide check cashing, short-term consumer loans, bill pay, and prepaid debit card services to consumers with good, bad, or no credit. They focus on serving consumers who want an alternative to traditional banking services to gain convenient and immediate access to financial services.

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The Good

  • Alternative credit reporting
  • Quick application process
  • No early pay penalty

ACE Cash Express makes it easy for consumers with good, bad, or no credit to get a loan and boost their credit rating with alternative credit reporting agencies - they do not report to traditional credit reporting bureaus.

The application process is quick and can be done online. You will need an active checking account that has been open for at least one month, a working phone number for them to call you on, to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen, and to show a verifiable source of recurring income payments. ACE Cash Express does require that they be able to contact you by telephone for verification purposes before your loan is funded, and that you can be contacted after work hours. If your application is received by 12:00 noon CT and verified by 3:00 pm CT, you will receive your money the next day. If it is after 12:00 noon CT, the money will be available two business days later.

The term of your loan is state-specific, and ACE Cash Express tells you in your approval email when your repayment date is. The average term is 14 days.

Repayment of the amount borrowed, plus fees and the APR interest, is automatically debited from your account on the specified payment date. Those who choose not to enroll in automatic debit are given a one-day grace period from their payday to deposit a check for the full amount owed.

ACE Cash Express does not charge a penalty if you are able to repay the loan early. In some states you may also be eligible for a refund of all or part of the finance charge if you repay the loan on time. Also, no past due interest is assessed for late payments.

The ACE Cash Express website is user-friendly and easy to navigate - menus and dropdown features are straightforward and intuitive. There is a member login area where you can manage your loan and, if needed, renew it.

The Bad

  • Fees and penalties
  • High APR
  • Lack of transparency

Fees and penalties charged by ACE Cash Express vary by state of residence, so it may be difficult to assess how much you may owe ACE Cash Express. There are fees for late payments and insufficient funds, and your loan can go to collections and impact your credit score with alternative credit reporting agencies if you fall behind in payments. The fees are $15.00-25.00 for late fees and $10.00-30.00 for insufficient funds. In addition, you will pay loan fees for borrowing the money and, in some states, an administrative fee on top of that.

APR with ACE Cash Express are high compared to some of the other payday loan companies: they can be as high as 65.35-1409.36%. This information is listed in the fine print on the website and is based on state, loan term, loan funding date and other considerations. Paying such high APR in addition to repaying the debt may make it difficult to get ahead financially. With so many differences varying between states, it makes it difficult to research loan options.

The amount of states that ACE Cash is available in is unknown. This lack of transparency is yet another example of a lack of communication. In order to get pertinent information on ACE Cash loans, it is pretty much required to contact them directly. This can make it difficult and time-consuming for interested consumers.

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The Bottom Line

ACE Cash offers some information about interest rates, fees and repayment expectations on the site. However, specific amounts and terms will vary by state; borrowers will need to confirm how much debt they are accruing and what additional costs they are subject to before finalizing their loan paperwork. ACE Cash Express has over 40 years of experience in the payday loan industry and is still going strong today.

With all that being said, ACE still leaves a lot of answers unknown. With a huge APR range, customers have to solve the mystery of their own loan details by contacting ACE Cash directly. You cannot argue against their experience in the field, but it is recommended that you do some thorough research before choosing ACE Cash for your Payday Loan needs.

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