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What Is a Payday Alternative Loan (PAL) and How Can It Hel...

October 01, 2019

What is a payday alternative loan, and how can it help me? If you are among the millions of Americans struggling with a...

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What Is a Loan Rollover and Why Is It Scary?

September 25, 2019

"It is important to know that millions of Americans rely on payday loans each year to handle emergencies." says Carey Zi...

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What Is Alternative Credit Reporting and How Does It Affec...

September 25, 2019

When you apply for a nontraditional loan, alternative credit reporting agencies (CRAs) are often used. But what is an al...

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    New Year, New Job: Expert Strategies to Boost Your Q1 Job Hunt
    This is part three of our three-part post-holiday season job search series. Read part one and part two here. So you have had your New Year’s kiss and you need to find a new job soon if you expect to ever pay off your st...
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    New Year, New Job: Q1 Networking Tips from Experts
    This is part two out of three in our post-holiday season job search series. Read part one and part three here.Job hunting at any time of year can be stressful. While we wait for The Secret to take effect, we have to take act...
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    New Year, New Job: Experts Tell Us What It Is Like to Job Hunt in Q1
    This is part one of our three-part post-holiday season job search series. Read part two and three here.Whether they are out of work or looking to upgrade their paycheck or career, many people are on the hunt for a new job af...
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    Budget Basics: Wait for a Sale
    This holiday season, most consumers say that when compared to last year, their household finances have improved or held steady, while 26% say that their finances have worsened. Only 22% plan to spend less than they did last h...
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    5 Payday Loan Mistakes That Will Cost You Thousands
    It's not like anybody loves taking out a payday loan. In fact, few industries are less popular than payday lending. Starting earlier this year, the U.S. Congress and state governments began a relentless barrag...
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    3 Ways Payday Loan Companies Can Come Back From the Dark Side
    More than ever, our financial lives are full of tough choices (see our recent post about using persona loans to pay off student debt). Take payday loans, for instance. Take one look at the interest rates that payda...
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    FCC Brings Charges Against Brokers in Payday Loans Scheme
    The oft-criticized payday loans industry got another black eye on Wednesday, only further hurting its weakened reputation. Yesterday, the United States Federal Trade Commission announced that it has filed charges against a da...

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